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Deborah Wilder
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Charter Schools are Subject to Prevailing Wages
California has been expanding the charter school concept for over nearly two decades. Today there are regular schools and charter schools side by side. Sometimes the contractors (and even school officials) are confused when construction work has to be provided to the Charter School site and buildings. In California, Charter Schools ARE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. They are funded by the State; and, the school district which charters the school has to provide a building for the Charter School if one is not already available. While there are various provisions of the educational code that Charter Schools do not have to follow, they are none the less a public entity and any funds used to contract for improvements are subject to the same prevailing wage rules as a regular school.
Someone recently told me that their school had received a large private contribution to upgrade the school's track and fields. Because the school district is the entity which awards the contract to the contractor, all of that work is covered by prevailing wages. The fact that there is a private contribution to a public entity does not change that the contact is awarded by a public entity (which requires prevailing wages). The same is true if a school district is using 100% federal grant money to purchase new modular classrooms. The fact that the school district is the entity awarding the contract will trigger California prevailing wages (and federal if there is federal money involved).

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QUESTION: I work for a nonprofit and we are applying for a grant from the State to do some clearing of timberland. Does the grant have to state that prevailing wages apply?  

The answer can depend on which state you are from, but the general answer is no. Many states presume that if you are requesting grant money from the State you are sophisticated enough to know that prevailing wages might apply. However, your question also raises a coverage issue. Many states, including the federal government, do not considered the clearing of timber as part of a work of improvement covering prevailing wages. There are a few states that might. So, depending on what the money will be spent on, might require getting clarification the State's Department of Labor.

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