ANSWER:  First, my advice is not to dabble in prevailing wages. Either decide you are going to do prevailing wages and invest the time and effort to come up to date on all requirements, or do not do it. Prevailing wage is more than just paying a wage rates. In California, it includes mid-project increases in wages, overtime after 8 hours a day, special premium rates for work on Saturday, Sunday, holidays and shift work. Penalties of up to $200 per day per work for any underpayment of wages and a $25 penalty for overtime violations. Then there are apprenticeship requirements that are very specific and penalties of $100 per day are imposed for inadequate compliance with these requirements. This is a disaster waiting to happen for a contractor who sometimes wants to wander into prevailing wage projects. I do not want to dissuade anyone from performing prevailing wage projects. However, you and your staff must be committed to getting it right.

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