December 2018
December Music Notes
HOLIDAY WARNING: This one has some info in it you don't want to miss! Recital programs, and 2019 studio policy updates. Thank you for taking the time to look over, we appreciate you, and are here to serve you in the best way we can.
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Winter Recitals!!
We are so, so, so excited to see the students perform! All of them have worked so hard on their pieces. We encourage you to bring family members to support their hard work and to enjoy their musical progress.

We will be having a refreshment table set up in the back for everyone to bring a treat to share.

What to bring:
  • A finger-food or cookie tray to share at our reception table for AFTER the performance is finished.
  • A camera.
  • Any music your teacher may need, although all pieces must be memorized in order to perform!
  • Your instrument.

Attire to wear :
  • Anything from business casual to fancy dress up! Anything nice and above ordinary. No jeans or shorts please.

When to arrive:
  • It is important for us to keep on schedule so PLEASE come 10 minutes early so your musicians can settle in, get their instruments ready and you can get your seats.
  • Please be aware that we have several recitals throughout the day, so if there is a performance in progress when you arrive, please be patient for it to completely finish before entering the theater.

Where to go:

Recital Program Draft:
  • This can be viewed by going to our website at or simply by clicking this link. Recital Programs. Please let us know if any corrections need to be made. Unfortunately, we can no longer switch recitals around, as these programs are firm. Please let us know if you chose not to attend, last minute, as we do wait for each of our performers to arrive before beginning our programs.

Volunteers Needed: Please let the office know if you can help in any way.
  • Friday, Dec 7th @ 4:30pm Load equipment at TMT studio.
  • Friday, Dec 7th @ 5pm Unload at Margarita Middle and help set up equipment and chairs
  • Friday, Dec 7th @6:40pm Set refreshment table and hand out programs, 2 people
  • Friday, Dec 7th @ end of recital, Pack up leftovers at refreshment table, 2 people
  • Saturday, Dec 8th @ 9:40am-10am, Set refreshment table and hand out programs, 2 people
  • Saturday Dec 8th @ 11:40am-12pm, Set refreshment table and hand out programs, 2 people
  • Saturday, Dec 8th @ 1:40pm-2pm, Set refreshment table and hand out programs, 2 people
  • Saturday, Dec 8th @ 3:40pm-4pm, Set refreshment table and hand out programs, 2 people
  • Saturday, Dec 8th, @ 5:40-6pm, Set refreshment table and hand out programs, 2 people
  • Saturday, Dec 8th @ 8:30pm, Pack up leftovers at table, 2 people
  • Saturday, Dec 8th @ 8:30pm, Help take down decor, 2 people
  • Saturday, Dec 8th @ 8:30pm Break down equipment, load cars
  • Saturday, Dec 8th @ 8:45pm Meet at studio and carry equip back up to TMT.
  • Sunday, Dec 16th @ 1:00pm, Set refreshment table and hand out programs, 2 people
  • Sunday, Dec 16th @ 3:00pm, Set refreshment table and hand out programs, 2 people


 Music Master Incentive Program
Congratulations to all our hard working musicians! Many of our students improved tremendously with their practice habits at home.
We will be entering all signed off practices into a drawing the week of our December recitals for some great prizes!!
New Classes in January, 2019! Click on class titles for more info.

Theatrical Voice: Instruction in the blending of acting and singing; work on singing scenes, costume and prop integration; individual and troupe recital performances; exercises developing acting and voice. These classes are offered in both private and group settings.

Audition Prep Classes:  Classes on presentation, poise, projection, memorization, and putting together a fantastic and confidant audition that fits your voice and personality.

Music Production/Recording/Composition: Learn how to compose, record, mix, and produce your own music, using top of the line equipment. Upload your songs to popular sites and share them, or save them in your own memory archives. These classes are both private and group, and ages 8+.

Musikgarten: Lets get the 2-4 year olds going on some group music, so they can get a kick start into what private lessons will feel like! Musikgarten is movement, singing, dancing and exploring instruments, in a "Mommy and me" type setting.

Group Beginning Guitar: This is just what it sounds like! Have fun learning guitar while making some great music with friends. Groups are 3-4, ages 6+. Groups are set based on age.


Our invoicing system has changed: We are no longer sending out monthly invoices, as tuition is due on the first of the month, and is the same every month. We are not interested in spamming you with monthly invoices :)
From January and beyond, you will only receive an invoice if it falls in the following categories.

1) Something that falls outside of regular monthly tuition, such as books or equipment.

2) An adjustment or credit that needs to be made to your tuition due to Temecula Music Teacher not being able to deliver a scheduled lesson because of illness or a mistake on our part.

3) Tuition is overdue. On the 10th of the month, we will send out overdue invoices that were all due on the 1st.

We did update our policy for the 2019 year, which can be looked over by clicking on this Studio Policy link. Major changes are as follows...

  • All payments are due on the first of the month, not on your first LESSON of the month, so please prepare accordingly. (See the last bullet point to make life easy)

  • We are implementing a $25 late fee for any monthly tuition owed after the 15th of the month.

  • All charter school students must provide proof that funds have been submitted by the 1st of the month. See details on how to do this in our studio policy.

  • Makeups will all need to be given within the same month (or within the next week, if your cancellation was the end of a month) of your "illness only" cancellation.

  • A REMINDER...your current monthly tuition will always stay the same for as long as you are enrolled in consistent monthly lessons. Any specials or deals we have offered, including our tuition from prior to June 2018, falls under this stipulation as well. If you decide to "take a break" for any amount of time, a month or longer, we do not "save lesson spots" and you be welcomed back in at what our current monthly tuition is. In the future years, as tuition naturally goes up, yours will not, as long as your stay current and consistent in your lessons with us. This is a reminder of what our past "deals and specials" have offered, and not a change, although now it is an addition to our policy under "Discontinuation of lessons". Many will take December, or the Summer months off, and we do not want this to come as a surprise to you. Our current listed tuition since June 2018 is $110/month.

  • Auto pay is available for recurring payments, and can now be paid on your invoice from the luxury of your own phone or computer!! You can also set up auto pay in person, in our office. I's about time :)
Musician Spotlight
This month's Musician Spotlight is one of our pianists, Bailey Lawler .

Music caught Bailey's attention when he was 10 years old. Out of all the instruments it was the piano that spoke to him and stood out from the other instruments... he is drawn to the sounds it makes.

He has been taking piano lessons for two years now and his teacher is Ashley.

Bailey has always enjoyed listening to music. In fact, it was listening to music that made him want to explore the challenge of playing songs on the piano. He feels that music allows him to express his feelings and when he plays it makes him feel happy.

At the moment his favorite song to play is "Canon in D".

Listening to music not only made him want to learn to play it, but it also created an interest in composing his own. Already, he has composed several original pieces.

Bailey likes to listen to all styles of music, but he tends to be drawn more to rap music. His favorite song currently is "Drowning" by Kodak Black. Who knows... maybe we will hear rap songs composed by Bailey in the future!

Bailey really has a natural affinity to music. Even though he is playing piano, he does see himself playing the clarinet in the near future. Our studio is thrilled to have talent like Bailey Lawler. We are so excited to see him grow and expand in his musical experiences.
Teacher Spotlight
This month's Teacher Spotlight is Adrian Ceja .
We are so happy to have Adrian as part of our staff. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge in drums, guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, and ukulele. He is a great example of how music is a life long gift to oneself. He still enjoys playing in a rock band and performs all over Los Angeles. He has been teaching in our studio since last year and is in high demand.

How old were you when you first started learning music?

A: I was nine when my mom put my siblings and I in piano lessons, but I'd say that I first got into music when I joined my 6th grade school band at age eleven (as a percussionist).

What was the first instrument you learned?

A: The first instrument I learned was piano.

What drew you to music?

A: As a young kid, what drew me to music was the fact that I could learn songs by simply looking them up on YouTube and taking the time to learn them. I was fascinated with learning my favorite songs from video games and movies.

What music do you teach at the studio?

A: I am most comfortable teaching rock music, yet I teach anywhere from country to pop to classical.

When did you start your band?

A:  I started my band in November of 2016.

What do you play in the band?

A:  I am a guitarist, singer, and songwriter in my band, "The Extrangers". 

Why do you like music?

A: I love music more than I could ever put into words. When I am up on a stage playing, I feel complete.. like I can do anything and be exactly who I want to be. Music is exciting and beautiful and angry and sad... and sometimes frustrating! (Ask any music student!) It gives me a way to express my emotions as something more... and that is why I like music. 

More than music theory knowledge or scale memorization, THIS is what I strive to pass on to my students. A profound love for music and an unquenchable thirst to keep on learning.

Instrument Spotlight
This month's Instrument Spotlight is the Snare Drum .

What family of instruments do you belong to?

SD : I belong to the percussion family. My cousins are any other drum. However you can usually find me in a drum set with the bass drum, floor tom, and hanging rack toms.

Where do you come from?

SD : It's interesting... every culture, every civilization has had a form of a drum. Maybe because it is a pretty simple form. However my form, having a metal or string stretched across the bottom to vibrate when the top is struck, became popular with the Swiss mercenaries of the 15th century.* Originally I was called a "tabor".

What does "snare drum"mean?

SD : The use of the term "snare" refers to a string, metal, or gut string stretched across the bottom/underside of a 10-16 inch drum. The drum has a head (top part for striking) and an underside head that has the snare stretched across it. The snare vibrates when the top head is struck.*

What are you made of?

SD : Old snare drums were made from rings of wood stacked and glued together, a skin stretched across top and underside, and the snare placed across the bottom. Today, most snares are made from fiberglass and metal with synthetic heads and metal snares.*

How are you played?

SD : There are two main ways to play me. I can be part of a drum set and placed on a stand to the side of the drummer. Or I can have a strap attached to me and the drummer marches while playing me.

What are some fascinating facts about you?

SD :Originally in the Middle Ages I was used in battle or with an army. Different patterns called "rudiments" were used for different commands. In the Revolutionary War I was used to lead a march or to follow up in the back setting the pace with rudimental drumming. In the 1800's the American Army used rudimental drumming for dinner time until the Bugle replaced me. Now I enjoy being part of drum sets in all kinds of bands.
Musician Advancement
Big SHOUT OUT to our awesome musicians!!
  • Shyah Phillips moved up a level!
  • Daniella Perez moved up a level!
  • John Manlambus moved up a level!
  • Sierra Vaughan moved up a level!
  • Manya Sanchez moved up a level!
  • Destiny Gomez moved up a level!
  • Gracie Mohr moved up a level!
  • Iseah Montreuil moved up a level!
  • Katie Landrum for being chosen to sing "God Bless America" for Veteran's Day!
  • Megan Park, Katie McChesney for performing with the High School Bands on Veteran's Day, as they presented their field shows!
  • AJ Thomas, Sterling Sand, and Kaden Birtell for their TVHS Marching Awards!
  • Sophia Wociecovski for her City of Temecula "Reflections" award!
  • Maggie Toth and Sophia Wociecovski for a great "Seussical" performance!
Studio Reminders

  • CHRISTMAS MUSIC BOOKS are here!! If you would like to purchase one for your student, email us at OR let the office know and we will place your student in the correct level. Most books are between $7-$12, and it is a fun way for children to practice their sight-reading over the holidays.

  • CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS: December 23rd-January 4th We wish you and your family a wonderful winter break, and hope that your family will enjoy the gift of music over your extended family time. From our music family to yours, you are OUR gift this season!

  • Auto-Pay is available for all students. If you would like to add your credit card info, please talk with someone in the office. For many, it is easier than remembering cash/check each month, and makes our billing easier on our end. If you are interested, let us know!

  • Reminder: If you are not going to be at lessons, please try to remember to inform the office as it is incredibly helpful in order to offer those times up for other students to get makeup lessons in when needed. Makeups are for illness only.

  • Our Facebook page has a lot of announcements and fun videos/photos. Like our page, and keep up with the day-to-day announcements and educational articles we are posting. Click on the link here to take you straight to the page. Temecula Music Teacher Facebook Page