December 2019
22nd Annual New England Resident Service Coordinators, Inc. Conference

2020 Vision for the Future
May 6-8, 2020
Omni Mount Washington Resort
Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

Registration and accommodations open in January.

Start planning by reviewing the workshops with your supervisor. Determine which sessions you would like to attend so that you are ready to go when registration opens on January 23rd!
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Meet the 2020 NERSC Conference Keynote Speakers
Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - Motivational Keynote
Motivation: A Funny Thing
with Tim Clue

Residents have struggles that are unique to their circumstances. Many suffer from isolation, or are afraid of being judged because of their situations, including poverty, low education, or poor health. Connection, transparency, and trust are a new currency that can help you encourage this population to become active and involved in today’s culture. Tim’s reinvention of motivation as trust and connection is the game changer that inspires teamwork, engagement and collaboration both with your residents as well as with colleagues. His drive to connect the disconnected will reveal how finding the comfort in discomfort is the catalyst for all growth and change. Attendees will find Tim’s hilarious and dynamic approach reflective of the highly demanding and fast-paced world in which we now work and live. For more information on Tim, please visit

Sponsored by the Schochet Companies

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - Educational Keynote
Self-Care: Renewing the Joy in Our Work
with Donna McCarten White
Providers often have limited knowledge of the impact of compassion fatigue and lack skills needed to foster self-care practices. This presentation is designed to explore the concept of compassion stress and moral residue. The goal is to equip those who provide care to others in any realm , with the knowledge and skill needed to identify their experiences and create prevention and personal intervention plans. The result is to renew a sense of wellness and restorative wholeness in their professional work and life systems.
Topics will include: 
  • What is Compassion Fatigue and Moral Injury?
  • What are the causes of both?
  • What is the personal burden of CF and Moral Residue?
  • How do I create a personal plan for self awareness?
Friday, May 8, 2020 - Inspirational Keynote
The Owumi Legacy: Living an Inspired Life presents
Keepers of the Flame
with Judge Milton Wright
Lighting the Flame - a lifetime journey begins with one step. 
The Flame enlightens, gives warmth and shows the way. Your work as a Resident Service Coordinator helps residents discover and follow a clear path to a healthy life, healthy family and healthy community. 
The Flame must constantly be rejuvenated and your commitment of service to the underserved, provides sympathetic guidance requiring them to renew their inner flame. 
The Flame is impartial. It lights and burns the same for everyone. Similarly, as judges must be impartial, RSCs must treat everyone with dignity, respect and should expect the same in return. 
The Flame can burn you. The RSC role is not that different from a judge in that boundaries have to be set, and relevant consequences applied when boundaries are crossed. Boundary setting is not only beneficial to the people that you serve, but it is also important to your own health and well-being as servants. 
The Flame is your legacy. Long after the politicians have stopped politicking. Long after the judges, like myself have retired and moved on to obscurity, your clients will remember what you did for them when they didn't know what to do, when you were the flame to light their path. 
Sponsored by Claudia L. Owumi in memory of her husband, Cheif (Dr.) Joseph A. Owumi, Sr.

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Submitted by NERSC Board Member, Jesus Diaz, Rhode Island Housing
We've featured a few articles over the past year highlighting the experience of first-time NERSC Conference attendees. This month, we've asked Jayme Bonds, a NERSC Veteran, to share a little bit about herself and what her advice is when it comes to attending NERSC.

Name: Jayme L. Bonds
Title: Senior Community Coordinator
Company: WinnResidential

Property Portfolio: WinnResidential has grown by earning a national reputation for excellence over three decades, now ranking as the 5th largest multifamily manager in the United States, as well as the largest manager of affordable and privatized military housing. We manage more than 100,000 units at more than 550 properties in 22 states and the District of Columbia, including more than 50,000 units of affordable housing.   Our portfolio features small buildings and large communities, and every type of multi-family housing, from public and mixed income to market-rate and luxury, from urban and suburban garden-style and high-rise apartment communities to office buildings, hotels, and retail spaces. In addition to overseeing properties we own in 11 states, we are trusted to manage properties owned by more than 70 entities including private developers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, financial institutions and government agencies.

How many tenants do you provide services for: 9 sites, 2,000+ residents

What types of services do you provide for your community:
I bring a wide variety of resources and services to residents in need, by reaching out to providers, agencies and organizations that can meet individuals needs to sustain comfortable environments, safe decent and affordable housing and services to maintain individuals quality of life.

Number of years in the field: 34 years

Number of years at your current job: 10 years

Other related work experience/education:
I received my Master's of Human Services in 2014 and in 2017, my IPCed Personal Care Aide Certification. I've always been informed by residents that I have my PHD-(Public Housing Degree) because I'm so passionate about paying it forward working in the residents services field for many years. One of my greatest passions is were I work with elderly and disabled to sustain independent living for as long as they can, bringing supportive services to them as needed, With the family sites I bring educational, employment and daily service network opportunities to the table, and with everyone I come into contact with at my sites I bring employee engagement to create a united cohesive community. When I'm out of my work setting I mentor students through Choices4Teens to create a safe haven for out of school time. I'm also a minster of the gospel assisting and providing guidance to the wounded and downtrodden.

Who provided you the ability to attend the NERSC Conference?
The company that I am employed by is Winn Residential and the company is a big supporter of NERSC and takes pride in its Resident Services Department, now Connected Communities, being trained at the conference each year.

What did you remember about your first NERSC Conference experience?
When I first attended the NERSC conference it was like a "WOW" factor seeing all of my peers come together. I encountered some old acquaintances and made new ones as well, it made me happy to see so many folks as passionate as myself in one place. I felt gratitude to be able to receive such knowledgeable training and when it ended the anticipation to return the next year was even greater than when I started.

What advice would you give a first-time attendee for next year's conference?
I would say if resident services work is really your passion, remember that the struggle is real! Make sure you know that knowledge and wisdom are power and we're learning about life each and every day, so keep in mind that the "each one teach one" model remains a life long journey, for both residents and ourselves.

You're from Massachusetts. What do you love most about your state?
I love how the state of Massachusetts has strong support systems when it comes to providing services(i.e. for the elderly, handicapped and disabled). I love how there are so many programs that become available for rising long-term issues that plague the communities. I love the fight in the people young and old that want to make change and unify when in crisis.

What is something people should know about you?
That I have a passion for the less fortunate, and that I am one of the less fortunate that was able and willing to strive for more in my life pulling myself together with the help and assistance of others in the community. Allowing room for me to try to pave the way for others that would desire to follow in my foot steps. On my journey being one of the less fortunate I became a teen mom, having to drop out of school in the 9th grade not being complete, getting married increasing my family and having to mother four children and a grandchild. I wasn't able to obtain my degrees, bachelors first and then my masters, until I reached the age of fifty. This was the most important thing that happened in my life to show my children and grandchildren to never give up. I share my story with residents that are facing some of the same challenges. I believe I will be in resident services for the rest of my life, because I love to make people happy.

Anything else you would like your NERSC friends to know about you?
I have been honored to be apart of the MARSCH board since 2009, being a member, and then the Metro Boston Regional Rep, to Vice President and then becoming the President for two years. By request of the RSC's in the Metro Boston Region, I'm back to being the Metro Boston Regional Rep. I've also been honored with the opportunity of being on the Planning Committee of NERSC, which I feel when given the chance and opportunity to apply, every RSC should try being apart of.
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