December 2018
Attention Clubs:

The $20 BCBSMN Blueprint for Health Fitness Discount program is not
going away in 2019 - however some employer groups will be moving to a new Fitness Incentive Step-based program, but not all the groups. Groups that move over to the step-based program will not be eligible for the
 $20 Fitness Discount Program.

Customer Service Quote of the Month:  

"Don't win the argument to lose the customer."
~ J. DiJulius
Attention Clubs:

On Monday, October 29th, NIHCA sent out a club-facing communication to all clubs that submit for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota members.  BCBSND is changing many components of their program, starting soon.  

  1. BCBSND will no longer be offering a $20 reimbursement program each month - instead, eligible BCBSND members will receive points (not reimbursements) for working out 12 times a month at your facility.
  2. Starting January 1st, 2019, BCBSND Health Club Credit program will be a 9-month program only. January-September workouts will be captured and rewarded as points only, not reimbursements. In October, November and December of 2019 workouts will no longer need to be submitted going forward.
  3. In order for BCBSND to provide timely reporting of incentives earned to employer groups for tax withholding,  November & December workouts will be delayed and rewarded in January 2019 as points, not as $20 reimbursements.
  4. Yes, BCBSND will require each eligible member to complete a 2019 Authorization online. 
Lastly, if you have any BCBSND members that didn't get submitted or reimbursed for any January-October 2018 workouts, the deadline has expired to do any resubmitting for these folks. October 2018 was the last and final month to capture any past workout months for your BCBSND members.  
NIHCArewards Reminder:  

As we approach the end of the year, it is very important to check if you have members that have not received their reimbursement money.  This can happen when members change bank accounts or have invalid bank accounts.  Please look under  Reports  - select  Reimbursement History Report  - select  Jan - Oct 2018  as the Month/Year - lastly, choose Reimburse to Account, select  NONE - Search .

This will pull a report of any members who have funds waiting for them as of this year, 2018.  Please do your best to contact that current or old member, and update their banking information in NIHCArewards.  Once the banking is updated, the funds will process within 10 business days automatically.   Please call NIHCA if you need assistance with this .

"This Year is Going 
to Be Different" Part II
with Robert MacPhee

Avoid the News Years Resolution Cliché - Learn how to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase sales, retention, engagement member results by helping them effectively address the mental and emotional side of health and fitness.
In this webinar, Robert will share a profoundly simple model that will help you, your staff and your members to understand how, when it comes to health and fitness, our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us literally determine our results. For any prospect or member who is frustrated, has tried to get in shape before and failed, who has succeeded for short periods of time but then slipped back into bad habits or who does not have supportive people in their lives this approach will be a game changer.

Thursday, December 13

FREE Webinar for all fitness staff.  Another opportunity to learn!
New NIHCA Partners

As of 1/1/19, both Avera Health and Bind are rolling out new fitness reimbursement programs for their eligible members.  Please click on both links to view the details.  

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