MFSUS December 2017 National Newsletter
Holiday message from your MFSUS Outreach Coordinator
Happy Holidays ...
Wow, another year has passed us by.

You may have noticed a different look this month. The National Newsletter will be going out quarterly starting January 2018.

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers from coast to coast.

We thank you , families for your feedback and support this year.

Please keep in mind all of our CAF members who are deployed or away from their loved ones during this holiday season.

Wishing you all a safe, happy holidays, and a very successful 2018!!

From our families to yours, thank you for your service.

December Holiday Calendar
Healthcare in the US
Did you miss our Healthcare Online Meeting in November? That's ok. We recorded it for you! Watch this recording to get the most up-to-date information on Tri-Care, Allianz Glabal, and healthcare access and billing.
Post Secondary Education
T hinking of growing your brain? Interested in applying for post secondary education in Canada?

Check out some of these great resources.

2 . Royal Military College - take a look at the different programs offered as well as the distance learning options.

3. Scholarships: Finding the hidden dollar - listen to this recording for great info on how to apply for scholarships online.
Happy Healthy Holidays
Shared article from PSP OUTCAN Physical Fitness Coordinator Todd Cirka .

This holiday season, make it a point to indulge...in healthy living. It’s a great way to connect with the pleasures of the season. And there is so much to enjoy – time with friends and family, the smiles that being active brings, and let’s not forget the wonderful food! So say goodbye to holiday guilt and hello to healthy indulgences.

Your holiday party plan

Will you be going to a lot of parties this holiday season? Lucky you! Enjoy the good times and great food without holiday weight gain. Click here to read more.

Mark your calendars now for our upcoming online programs in the New Year! We have three exciting, guest speakers bringing us valuable information! 

5 Key Steps to Strengthen Your Finances
And Create Better Options For Your Family
 With Financial Literacy Educator, Author, and Speaker Doris Belland
Need to better understand how to strengthen your finances, protect yourself, and create better options for your family? Come learn how to rock your finances!
Emotional First Aid
With Licensed Social Worker Megan Read
Looking for tools to help increase resiliency and self esteem to minimize the impact of “everyday hurts” to your emotional well-being? This is a one hour course you should check out!
And watch social media , online meeting calendar and newsletters for more info and to register for these upcoming, two, 3-part series:

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst Lindsay Drennan will be sharing:
Behaviour Issues In Young Children: What I can control!
February 2018
Eating Habits in Young Children:
How to get my child to eat something other than pasta!
March 2018
Watch these 7 classic military movies this holiday season.
Holidays in Whidbey
A military spouse in Whidbey Island is excited to share her passion for cooking. She shares her Classic Cut Out Sugar Cookies, but with a twist! No eggs and no dairy!.
Download this tasty recipe here . You will be impressed. She writes a blog and is happy to share a fun fact that her vegan, big mac recipe has been pinned more than 11,000 times on pinterest!

Check out plant based recipes at www.plantbasedkindness.com
Your "Go to" Resource
If you and your family have any ideas, questions, comments that you would like to share    with the MFS US Team, please forward them to   Outreach . We want to hear from YOU!!

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