Infertility is a multifaceted problem that requires a multidisciplinary approach. What most women don't know is that a physical therapist trained in visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy can be one of the most effective resources to obtain a positive pregnancy test. Let me explain how.

All of the organs in your body need to move. They need to have mobility. Your organs are not just floating around in your body, they have ligamentous-like attachments to other structures. If an organ cannot move well within its surroundings, then dysfunction occurs. Trauma, illness, surgery, poor diet and emotional stress are some of the most common causes of physical restrictions and, therefore, a loss of mobility. When this loss of mobility occurs, your organs lose their innate motility. Motility is the vitality of the organ. It can be felt by a trained hand and restored by a trained therapist who releases the physical or emotional restrictions in the ligamentous attachments to the organ or within the organ itself.

Women who have difficulty conceiving or women who are about to start trying to have a baby should see a physical therapist trained in visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy. The uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes have several attachments. A properly trained therapist can release restrictions in these tissues and restore normal mobility and motility, thus making these organs ready for their role in conception and pregnancy. It really can be that simple. However, visceral therapists are also trained to release the primary restriction in the body on that day. The body is truly all connected. Often, restrictions elsewhere in the body need to be released before the uterine ligaments, ovaries, or fallopian tubes can be effectively released. Sometimes, the uterine ligaments are fine and are not restricted but there is another tissue restriction higher up in your body that prevents normal mobility and motility to the organs below. All is possible and all is treatable.

Diet can also play a large role in fertility. In a new book, "How to Conceive Naturally. And Have a Healthy Pregnancy After 30", authors Christa Orecchio and Willow Buckley give you a plan to get your body ready for conception with a preconception detox. Their book also gives information on natural ways to boost your fertility, supplements beyond a prenatal vitamin, and fantastic recipes to support your new way of eating. When that positive pregnancy test comes, their book gives you the best foods to consume for each trimester to nourish yourself and create the healthiest vessel possible. It is available on and a must read for anyone who is about to start a family.

Eating properly for conception and seeing a physical therapist trained in visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy can be an incredibly effective plan for a healthy pregnancy and newborn child. Even if fertility treatments are still needed, your body will be better equipped to receive the fertility support. I hope this article will give hope to those women who feel hopeless and have already been down the path of fertility treatments and that it will empower all women with a more natural approach to conception.

Kim Zevin, DPT

After having my first child, I had the pleasure of becoming a pelvic floor patient at Comprehensive Therapy Services. I have worked at CTS for more than 4 years, so I had certainly heard of pelvic floor therapy but never experienced it for myself. For those who don't know, your pelvic floor is the area of your pelvis that runs from your tailbone to your pubic bone. It is layers of muscles that help support your internal organs and assist in bowel and bladder function. The most common pelvic floor dysfunctions are incontinence, pain with sexual intercourse, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, post-prostectomy pain, and general pelvic pain. All of these are extremely common but, sadly, frequently go untreated.


Most people are curious about the world of the pelvic floor but are fearful of starting treatment. Physical therapy on your pelvic floor is taboo, scary, intimidating, and most of all, deals with the mysterious and most secretive parts of our bodies. I am here to say I survived, and I graduated! Once you start, you realize that it is really straightforward and not intimidating at all.


Here is the process:


1. Meet your awesome Physical Therapist and be escorted to a private room where you can voice all your concerns. This is the place where all your worries can be shared without fear of judgment.


2. Your Physical Therapist will assess your posture, the strength of your core, and your hip and leg coordination. This may include assessment of your low back and hips depending on your issues.


3. Your pelvic floor will be evaluated for strength and coordination. This can be an internal or external exam. The best is an internal exam, though the entire exam is governed by the patient's comfort.


4. Here is the most important part: your Physical Therapist will tell you the cause of your issues or discomfort. Your Physical Therapist will describe what is going on mechanically that is causing your pain, incontinence, etc. She will help guide you on what to do next. There are a variety of reasons for pelvic floor issues, so do not assume that kegels are always the answer!


5. You will then schedule follow-up appointments. At each appointment, your Physical Therapist will help you with your impairments and help you each step of the way.


Not so bad, right? I only needed three sessions, and I was pain free and ready to rock! Similar to orthopedic injuries, the faster you seek treatment, the faster you will heal. If you are having any pelvic floor symptoms, it is better to seek professional help right away.


Remember: CTS is available by phone at 858-457-8419, and email at, for any questions or concerns!


Happy Healing.


April Douglas, DPT, MTC


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