Miranda Meyer Pop-In

Show Dates: Nov 25 - Dec 4th

Closing Reception:
Wednesday, December 4th
Come meet and visit with Miranda and
enjoy some light refreshments

Miranda Meyer was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa. She began her photography career as a girl, taking pictures of the family cats with a 110 Instamatic. She bought her first real 35mm camera when she was 15, with money she had earned detasseling corn. She majored in art and photography at the University of Iowa. Her favorite course was one in which she and her classmates walked around studying trees.

After graduating she worked as a photographer for the Michigan City News-Dispatch and the Cedar Rapids Gazette, but grew tired of being assigned to chase tornadoes, of which she is deathly afraid. From there she went on to work as a staff photographer for the University of Iowa. After her department closed she began her own freelance work.

Though Miranda enjoys photographing many different subjects, her principal interest is flowers. She strives to capture and elucidate intricate structures and surface textures, and, in her best work, subverts expectations to discover characteristics—elegance, dignity, pathos, shyness—that elude even a close observer. She is careful to avoid sentimentality and sensationalism. She passes on riots of bloom and frames her subjects alone, isolated and vulnerable. Tulips and lilies and irises distill to themselves, revealing an otherworldly beauty, a startling unfamiliarity, as though we are not seeing flowers we have lived with for centuries but strange, luminescent organisms newly-discovered on the ocean floor.
Our First Friday event for December will feature work by Austin, TX artist

Lauren Briere
Lauren has painted over 300 charming robots which play on the viewers emotions. We're not kidding when we say there is a robot for every occasion and everyone on your gift list! Lauren's Pop-In shop will feature additional items which include umbrellas and matted and framed prints. Inventory on the specialty items is limited so make sure to stop in before we run out!

Show Dates:
Friday, December 6th - Jan 1st.

Lauren Briere, in her early 30’s, watches too many movies and eats popcorn as a meal more often than not. She grew up in Wrentham, MA and got her BFA in illustration from Mass Art in Boston. She works in Austin, TX now and runs multiple projects from home. Her professional artist’s resume consists of work ranging from children’s book illustration, designer rain umbrellas “Over Our Heads’, animated music videos (two of which for the awesomely sweet band, The Weepies), and quirky painting series made for her own amusement. Robots. Lots and lots of robots. 
Exclusively offered at Lauren's Pop-In Shop:
Celebrating 35 Years!
In honor of our 35th anniversary, we will be recognizing several of our longest running artists. As a thank you to our valued patrons, we are offering a 10% discount of our featured artist's work for the entire month.
December's Featured Artist:
Jan Gjaltema
All of Jan's creations are handcrafted and fabricated - none are cast. He works with inlays of abalone, mother of pearl and resin in many different colors as well as with precious stones. In the late 1980s and early 1990s he did work in matte finish oxidized silver, and in the mid 1990s he created an extensive line with the combination of rosewood and silver. In the early years of this century he also worked with hand torched translucent enamel, and later fashioned a line with a glass/silver combination. In 2008 he presented a new jewelry line with silver and black obsidian, aventurine and rose quartz.
The very private, some say reclusive, Jan D. is probably the only well-known jewelry designer that does not display his creations at craft and trade shows. Like many other well-known artists, his designs have often been copied but never duplicated to his high standard of craftsmanship. All of Jan's work is hand-signed.
*Enjoy a 10% discount on Jan's work throughout the month of December.
Jane Allen & Linda Hershey:
Stocking Caps
Make an original! Stocking caps are a fun, practical, warm and cozy project. Easy to do in three straight seams. Great for adults and children, the hat and scarf is created in one piece. You'll go home with a finished piece and the knowledge to make more for friends and family. Even a polar vortex would be no match for these super warm creations! We hope you'll join us!

About the Instructors:
This course will be taught by Cedar Falls, IA residents Linda Hershey and Jane Allen. They are registered nurses, friends and lifelong sewers with a passion for design and luxurious feeling fabrics. Together they have created a unique line of clothing, Go to Garments, that is both stylish and also extremely comfortable.

*All levels of experience are welcome in this class.

Date: Saturday, January 18th
Time: 2p-4p
Registration: $30

Materials to bring with you:
2/3 yard of fleece material, 60 " wide (This is standard width)
*If you want contrast bring 2/3 yard of one color plus 1/4 yard of another color.

Materials Provided:
sewing machines, thread, pins, scissors, and pattern.

Please click HERE to register
IAG's December Schedule:
First Friday: Dec. 6th from 5p-7p. with painter Lauren Briere
Pop-In: Nov. 25th - Dec. 5th with photographer Miranda Meyer
***Closing Reception: Wednesday, Dec. 4th 4p-6p
Pop-In: Dec 6th - Dec. 24th with Lauren Briere
Class: Saturday, Jan. 18th. 2p-4p Stocking Caps with fabric artists Jane Allen & Linda Hershey
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