December  2019
The 3 C's:
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Management guru, Tom Peters, said, "Culture will eat strategy for breakfast every day." Learn why the three C's - more than anything else - will determine your member and employee retention and your financial success.
Learn systems that can be implemented to produce amazing results!
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November NIHCA Spotlight WINNER!
Congratulations to Le Sueur Community Center

"Why I love NIHCA" 
I love NIHCA because they know you by name and facility instead of just being a number. They remember to do the little things in life to just make your day a little better or to help you resolve an issue. When Courtney called our facility a few weeks ago, she was doing her job and I was doing mine as well but she went a little further and sent me this postcard!  
It is the little things that matter the most in life; this made my day. Every time I have gone to a NIHCA event, I have come away with so many ideas and inspirations; I can't wait till the next event. Thank you for valuing your customers.
~ Jenny Trimbo Le Sueur Community Center

CONGRATULATIONS Le Sueur Community Center -- you have won $100!

Next Spotlight to be released in January

 Chapter Three:  "Breakin' The Law"
One morning while prepping for work, our morning lifeguard came by my office with a complaint she received from a swimmer.  The complaint was of an elderly gentlemen (term used lightly), pulling his trunks down and sitting in the spa.  Low and behold, we find out that this person is a well-respected businessman and lawyer in our community. 
Well, once we brought this information to our police chief, we were asked to review all the surveillance tapes from other mornings for 2 months. Each and every time he used the facility, he would go directly to the spa and repeat the same pattern.  All of these dates and videos were turned into our local police for further investigation.  The unlawful lawyer was found guilty for  public  indecency.  Needless to say he (and his wife who was a regular morning class patron) are no longer members at the facility and moved out of town.  The morale of the story is, the hot tub rules state, All pool users must wear appropriate swim attire -  keep your clothes on and follow the rules, people!

~ We Can't Make This Up! ~

Discontinuation of the BCBSMN Fitness Discount Program (FDP)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBSMN) has decided to end the $20 Fitness Discount program for all groups and all BCBSMN members nationwide as of 12/31/19.  This means your BCBSMN members will no longer receive a $20 monthly reimbursement starting January 2020.  You will have the opportunity to check your reports and do any resubmitting for 2019 workouts through June of 2020.  BCBSMN members are encouraged to keep their gym memberships to meet their daily step goals.  If your members have question(s), please have them reach out to BCBSMN Customer Service  directly.

To read the announcement from BCBSMN, CLICK HERE    
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