Creating an Environmentally Ready Generation
December 2017
Fires, Waters, Awards & Public Hikes
So many post-fire challenges face our community: debris flows, chemical run-off, sediment storage of toxic chemicals, agricultural impacts, and social equity. At the Center, we are working with our partners to identify the next steps, bringing those needs to back campus, and helping faculty and students get involved. Stay tuned for Spring fire projects.

Year of Transformation
Take a peak at the 2017 Annual Report
Working on outdoor real-world projects prepares students of all ages to work together on environmental solutions. In 2017, learn about projects and student experiences in our 2017 annual report. SSU students worked on 105 environmental challenges facing our community, exploring issues from all angles: social sciences, politics, the arts, land use planning, restoration, and technological solutions.
1,460 SSU students
961 K-12 students
665 community participants
251 volunteers
125 workshops and retreats.

Watershed Studies
The WATERS Collaborative , funded by the Sonoma County Water Agency, gets SSU students and faculty involved in investigating regional water challenges. We are pleased to announce seven Fall faculty awardees who are getting their students involved:
Flooding dynamics of Copeland Creek:
Owen Anfinson (Geology), Sonoma County Water Agency, City of Rohnert Park, City of Petaluma

Generation of electricity and cleaning of winery wastewater using microbial fuel cells: Mike Cohen (Biology), D’Argenzio Winery
Amphibian and reptile responses to rainfall and fire: Derek Girman (Biology), Fairfield Osborn Preserve, Pepperwood Preserve
Nutrient loads of sediments and suspended solids in the Laguna de Santa Rosa: measurements for a water quality credit trading program: Jackie Guilford (Geography, Environment, and Planning), Sonoma County Water Agency, Laguna Treatment Plant
Degradation of pharmaceuticals in waste water treatment plants:
Mark Perri (Chemistry)
SSU campus Copeland Creek restoration project: Wendy St. John (Geography, Environment and Planning) Sonoma County Water Agency, SSU Facilities, Water Resources Board
Weathering and landslide susceptibility of the Sonoma volcanics:
Laura Waters (Geology), Sonoma County Parks
Talk to Students About Their Projects
May 2nd, 2018 for the SSU Research and Creativity Symposium at the SSU Student Center. Everyone is welcome.

Public Hikes
As we work together to build a new and safer future, remember to take advantage of the healing powers of nature. Sonoma County is blessed with a rich diversity of outdoor organizations that are eager to help you reconnect with nature and learn more about our fire-adapted landscapes. We invite you to join us for the last Osborn Preserve public hike of the Fall season.
Fairfield Osborn Preserve, Saturday, December 2, from 10am – 2pm (or earlier). Starts promptly at 10 am. No registration necessary. Director, Dr. Claudia Luke