MAP @ the Pfaff December Newsletter 2019
Dates to Remember:
Reminder: Due to hip surgery, Kurt will out for at least a week beginning Dec. 2nd. If your child will be absent from MAP, please call the office (508.359.2168), email Leah Gilbode at or Annette Gallagher at

12/5, 12/10
- Early Release Day
Theme:   Arcade Days

12/6/19 - H o l i d a y Stroll
Please join us at the annual event. 

-Early Release Day
Polar Express for K-1 site
Theme: Winter Wonderland

Theme: Holiday Gift Making

1 2/20
 -Early Release Day
 Theme: Merriment and Yankee Swap
12/23 - 1/1/20
-MAP Closed for Winter Break.

1/2- Back to  School & MAP

1/17- Early Release Day
Theme: TBD

1/20-MAP Closed
        (M.L.K. Day)

*** Please keep an eye out for our February Vacation Sign Up. MAP will be Open from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Tuesday 2/18--Thursday 2/20. 
We are closed 2/17 for President's Day and we are closed to kids 2/21 for a teacher's professional day.

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November In Review:

 Leah ended our STEAM project month with Math, incorporating fun projects that involve both numbers and strategy. The kids used geometric shapes of their choice and matched them up to form beautiful works of art. They also designed 3D sculptures out of craft sticks and managed to create a 21 sided shape, called a Icosikaihenagon (eye-kosi-ki-heni-gon). On our first half day of November, we had "MAP Rocks", where we had several activities centered around music and talent! Kids had the opportunity to create their own unique instruments, design their own rockin' wardrobe, and put it all together in our MAP's Got Talent Show! 
Desiree followed up with her project week, "Falling Leaves" where kids created an unbeleafable range of gorgeous projects like crayon leaf rubbings, cards designs with leaf cut outs and leaf "snowflakes". Katelyn offered her project week, "Trash to Treasure", exploring the several ways one can upcycle, restore, and turn something ordinary into something extraordinary! Kids repurposed, reused, and recycled bottle caps into decorative pins, rocks into a tic-tac-toe set, and turned literal trash into treasure! We ended the month with gearing up for the Holiday Stroll and a Pay It Forward day before Thanksgiving.

November Enrichment Days:
 Eric showed a video from the What Would You Do? show in which a man being harassed by a smoothie bar employee about not being able to read what was on the menu. Kids were shocked to realize that, depending on an individual's upbringing, they may not have had the same opportunities some have now to go to school and learn how to read. It also encouraged kids to be kind to others despite their differences!
Nov. 15: Desiree introduced MAP kids to an exciting video on the reason leaves change colors in the fall. Fun fact: It isn't because it gets "colder", but because they lack necessary nutrients from the sun and we see less of the sun, as winter approaches!
Nov. 20: Katelyn gave a small presentation along with a video on how much trash our country throws away each day (220 million tons) and encouraged kids to expand their perspective on what our trash can be turned into!

Second Round of Clubs have begun.
Tom's "Dungeons & Dragons" Club on Monday : The kids are loving the opportunity to react to adventurous stories and deciding how to react with the powers earned in the game. Tom does an amazing job with the storytelling piece, adding humor and creativity.

Katelyn's "Crafty Cupcakes" Club on Tuesday : During "Crafty Cupcakes" club kids are limited on time so need to work together to figure out how to effectively distribute responsibilities and get the job done! Members have had the challenge of recreating some challenging cupcakes decorations, designing an admission ticket for Carnival day, a stack of delicious pancakes for Breakfast day and oceanic mini cupcakes for Under the Sea.

Maddie's "Pickleball" Club on Wednesday had to be postponed due to the Park & Rec  youth basketball in the main hall. This will give some of the kids the opportunity to focus on their presentation of the Polar Express. Maddie will run Pickleball Club later this year.

Nicole's "Yarn" Club on Thursday : Nicole's Yarn Club has begun several projects such as weaving and creating pom pom animals, such as puppies, lions, and more. 

*New* Funtastic Friday, Nerf Wars : Our second Funtastic Friday theme for the next three weeks WAS nerf wars! The gym is divided and set up as war zone. Kids and teachers alike have had a blast going head-to-head in an ultimate nerf showdown! Our next Funtastic Friday theme will be: Foodie Fridays in which the kids will experiment in the kitchen!

November Mappy Birthdays: Michael F. (Nov. 16),  Patrick F. (Nov. 16), Tahlia E. (Nov. 19), Reya E. ( Nov. 19)

Holiday Stroll: 
MAP @ the Pfaff will be selling some great MAP-made gift items at the Holiday Stroll this coming Friday (Dec 6th) . We will be donating part of the proceeds to an organization of the kid's choosing and purchasing something for the program. Our MAP craft table is located in the periodical room in the public library. We hope you have time to stop in. There will also be crafts to make and take.

Upcoming Events:
Dec. 18 Polar Express Performance:
For several years, your kids have enjoyed MAP's traditional version of the Polar Express, performed by their former MAP teachers.  MAP @ the Pfaff created our own tradition in which the Pfaff kids perform the Polar Express for the MAPsters at the K-1 site.  It's a magical event full of music, dancing and hot chocolate. This event will take place on Wednesday, December 18th early release day. Hopefully, your child will be involved.  Feel free to join us for a MAPtastical journey.

Winter is here!!!
As the cold and snow moves in, we like to take advantage of a great opportunity to play and build snow forts. Please encourage your child to come equipped with snow gear.
MAP's Snow Day Policy:
When the Medfield Public Schools are closed, MAP cannot provide care, and will be CLOSED.
For the complete SNOW DAY and EMERGENCY CLOSING POLICY - Please go to our web page for more detailed information.


Special thanks to all of the families who came out and celebrated with us at MAP's 30th Birthday Party! Great food, families, friends, fun games, and a good time was had by all! We also celebrated Gaye Shannon's 30 years at MAP as our Executive Director! What an amazing night! Thanks to Annette and the MAP board for putting it together.


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