We are so grateful to all for an amazing Turkey Trot!
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November in Review
Turkey Trot Wrap up
Photos from Calvin Jones and Claire Saunders
Video from Jack Fedele
December Calendar

The Start of the 2017 Turkey Trot On Thanksgiving Day
See below for more pictures and details.
November in Review at Zack's Place
Turkey Hats made with Caitlin

On November mornings we saw a movie at Pentangle, had band class with Mark and Kathleen, fitness classes with Bari, we visited the HOP and Swas Miss Nelsom is Missing, we cooked with Holly, we went bowling at Maple Lanes, we swam at UVAC, we trained for the Turkey Trot, we went to the LOH and saw the "Chicken Dance", we went to King Arthur Flour and learned how to make pizza, we had science class with Corinna, farm programs at Billings Farm, we went to Montshire Musuem and made crafts with Kitty.

Mid-day we had Halloween Tales with Emily at Billings Farm, art class with Caitlin, Bonnie, Lolly and Sarah, we made pottery with Fiona at ArtisTree, we had Nutrition classes with Vincent, library visits with Holly, book club with Anne Swanson, and hung posters with Kitty.

In the late afternoon we watched films at Billings Farm, danced with Jennifer, had yoga classes with Tita, Lalita, Jamie, Amanda and Jess, and sang with Kerry. We read books with Bettyanne, Phil, Anne and Diane.
Bari has been keeping us fit for 12 years!

Singing with Norm Frates Sr. and Joanne
Look at us hanging posters....do you think anyone knows there are going to be a Turkey Trot!!!
I think someone is looking over Tanner's  shoulder!
We love bowling! There were 35 participants there this Tuesday!
Vincent makes nutrition fun and delicious!
Zack's Place learns about hot air expansion by making kites at Montshire
Denise and Rhianna making pizza at King Arthur Flour!
Marissa and Andrew display their delicious pizza. King Arthur donated the class to us and we loved it!!!

Oh My Goodness! The Trot was an amazing success!
It was our largest trot ever with 1670 people registered and we raised over $80,000. More than anything it was a remarkable morning with sunshine and surrounded by giving people who walked, ran, rolled and volunteered. We could not be more blessed than to live in this community and the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. This trot will help us with our programs for the entire year of 2018. Thank you for helping us have a great center and a great year of programs.

Jack Fedele has the event on film. Watch to see an amazing trot!
Jack Fedele has the event on film. Watch to see an amazing trot!

Photos compliments of Calvin Jones
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Special Thank you to all of our Sponsors!

Thank you also to some late sponsors
Casella Waste Management
The Dillon Family
Tyler, Simms & St. Sauveur, CPA's, PC
Heart Rock Kitchen
Foley Distributing

And a special thank you to all of our volunteers including the Woodstock Rotary, Automatic Rooster Band, Woodstock Interact Club, Woodstock High School Basketball Team, The Seely Family and all working the refreshment table,  Haley Symonds, Zack's Place Parents, Board, Friends of ZP,  our photographers and videographers, Jack Fedele, Calvin Jones Claire Saunders and Lizzy Miller and my amazing family!

More pictures below taken by Claire Saunders:

Pictures Taken by Claire Saunders
Food donated by Price Chopper and beverages donated by Claire Mayock from Heart Rock Kitchen and paper products donated by the Seely Family.
Elm Street Bridge
Start of the race
National Anthem
Haley was amazing!
The Heartland Diner Team
My awesome volunteers at registration
Calvin Jones taking family photos.
Automatic Rooster gets us fired up every year!
Alec Fedele and Jake Merrill get the size right everytime
The Interact Club helps again!

Turkey Trot Results
December Calendar
December 2017
1 10:15 Leave for The Hop "Air Play" 11:15am Return at 12:15p
Arrive at 1PM
2PM-Art with Caitlin
3PM-Sell Zack's Place Holiday Cards at the Library
4 10:30AM-Walk to the Gingerbread House at the Woodstock Inn
Also bring new holiday cards to Woodstock Inn, Pharmacy
1pm-Pottery at Artistree
3PM-Dancing with Jennifer
5 11A-Science with Corinna
12:45P leave for Billings Farm Film Festival KEDI return at 2:30P
3PM-Yoga with Amanda
4:15 reading wiith Diane
6 11am Fitness with Bari
1PM-Crafts with Sarah
3PM-Singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Bettyanne
10am Bowling at Maple Lanes
Pizza Party not gluten free
Return 1:00P to arrive ZP at 1:45P
1PM-Sell Zack's Place Holiday Cards at the Library
3PM-Yoga with Jess
11am Ginger bread house making with Sarah
1PM-Art with Caitlin (decorating ugly Christmas sweaters)
2PM- Book club with Anne Swanson
3PM-Dancing with Jennifer
10AM-Movie at Pentangle
12:30Ppm-Pottery at Artistree return 1:45P
3PM-Dancing with Jennifer
12 11A-Holiday Decorating with Holly
1PM-Science with Corinna
3PM-Yoga with Jess
4:15 reading wiith Diane
13 10A-Make Corn Chowder and biscuits for lunch
1145A-Special Guest Lunch with Jane Kitchel and Board Members.
1PM-Making ornaments with Dianne Oconnor
3PM- Holiday singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Bettyanne
14 11am Ugly sweater decorating
(Jeff will help assemble )
1P-Cooking with Sarah
3PM-Yoga with Amanda
11am Fitness with Bari
1PM-Art with Caitlin
2PM- Book club with Anne Swanson
3PM-Music band with Kathleen and Mark
18 11am-Hanukkah with Kitty
12:30P-Pottery at Artistree drop off at Billings Farm
2p-Space Odyssey billings farm film feastival return to ZP at 440P
19 11A-Science with Corinna
1PM-Nutrition with Vince
3PM-Yoga with Lalita
4:15 reading wiith
930AM-Star Wars at Pentangle Return 12PM
1pm- Fitness with Bari
3PM-singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Bettyanne
10:30a- holiday farm program at billings farm
1pm- Yoga withTita
3:15P-Making Christmas cookies with Sarah, Marissa and WES Student Council
11am-Music band with Mark
1pm-art with Lolly and Bonnie
2PM- Book club with Anne Swanson
3PM-Dancing with Jennifer
Closed for Holiday
Closed for the Holiday
11am Fitness with Bari
1PM- Crafts with Kitty
3PM-singing with Kerry
415P-Reading with Bettyanne
10am Bowling at Maple Lanes Return at 12:00P arrive Zp at 1Pm
2PM-Making Thank you cards with Sarah
3pm-yoga with Jamie
29 11A-Library with Sarah
1PM-Art with Caitlin
2PM- Book club with Anne Swanson
3pm-New Years Eve Dance Party