~A Touching Story ~

“I’ll never forget the moment when my son asked me if he could stay up late to finish reading a book. This was my 'aha' moment and I realized how much vision therapy changed his life. After vision therapy, he started reading not because he had to, but because he wanted to. Vision therapy changed how he learned and processed visual information. I believe it gave him the foundation to reach his full academic potential. Not only did his visual system improve, but his confidence also grew exponentially.”

  ~A very grateful parent!
Reflecting on Patient Graduates in 2019

We are very proud of all our patients and our vision therapy graduates. Our patients work so hard to reach their full potential. We are delighted to see them progress and improve their visual abilities. 
Vision Therapy = SUCCESS!
Mexico Mission: Glasses For Kids
Did you ever wonder what happened to all those used eyeglasses collected by your local optometrist? Did the metal get melted down? Did the lenses get reused or recycled? Were they given to the needy? Well the answer is…they get sent to other countries where optometrists, opticians, and other helpers set up vision clinics! In fact, Fox Vision Development is privileged to be part of one such mission in Mexico.  

Thank you, your donations made this possible
Arctic Fox
During the month of December patients will be encouraged to show off their creative side in decorating an Arctic Fox and or Snowman to be on display in our lobby for all to see.
Thank you for Hosting
Fox Vision Development is grateful to all who hosted Dr. Fox as a speaker this year. We appreciate the opportunity to educate others about the life changing impact of vision therapy.
Looking for a Speaker?
Dr. Fox is an expert in the field of Developmental Optometry and currently scheduling training and workshops for the upcoming year in 2020. Dr. Fox has lectured internationally and provides hands-on interactive workshops.

If you would like to learn more about our workshops email drfoxassistant@gmail.com  

We are happy to help!

Holiday Closures

In Celebration of the holidays Fox Vision Development Center will be closed
December 24th, 25th & New Years Day
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