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December 2014 - Issue 115
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Director's Corner: Your Learning Path: A Framework for Creating and Considering Learning Environments
Feature Article: A Personal Investment
SMPGs: The Heart of SENG: With Thing One and Thing Two, Thing Three Must Make Do!
Talking Circles: 2014 Wrap Up
Gifted Blog Reviews: 2014 Wrap Up
100 Words of Wisdom: Amy Harrington



by Maddy Casper, age 9


I try to think of myself as someone regular, 

but everything I do

It affects it all.

I tell myself-

Get back

Up and be yourself,

You can be anything you want to be

And fly.

Just fly.

I don't fit in with most

People, so I guess I'm just


But that's okay,

I'll just fly

To where I fit in.


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Dear SENG Friends,    


We are a busy family, and I'm sure you can relate. Sometimes that makes it hard to fit in all the fun pursuits, and, this holiday season, I tried to compromise on one or two of those activities. However, while having gifted kids makes life a constant challenge, it also serves to keep us on our toes. The children were not amused by my attempts to conserve their valuable time and insisted that the traditions proceed unhindered. Of course, they were right. What is life without those special moments, and how did the children perceive that so much more clearly than I did?


Don't make the same mistake I almost did. Make time for the special moments and for the children that make them so special.



Deborah Simon 


Deborah Simon
Interim Administrator

Your Learning Path: A Framework for Creating and Considering Learning Environments

by Kate Bachtel


Normalizing the experience of being an outlier while simultaneously facilitating connection to community is a challenging paradox to navigate. Whether you explore homeschooling, unschooling, public, independent or blended learning program options, the search process can feel overwhelming.



In Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach us About Spreading Social Change, Nick Cooney shares, "Effective activism starts with a specific goal and ends with measurable results" (2011, p. 26). In the absence of data, we can fall victim to perceptual biases. This article will help you craft your own learning objectives and evaluation practices. Read More... 
A Personal Investment 

By Deborah Simon 


You know those professional driver courses...the ones where you can slalom and drive on two wheels and generally do things that require a helmet and harness? Raise your hand if you wanted to take one. Go ahead, raise the hand, no one's looking but me, and my arm is waving wildly already, so you're in good company.

Now, WHY do we want to take that course? Pleasure? YES! Taking your life into your own hands has a bit of an adrenaline rush, doesn't it? Especially when they make you sign away just about every right you have before you can touch the steering wheel. Honestly, I've seen mortgage paperwork whose stack was thinner. Read More...

Molly McLeod

With Thing One and Thing Two, Thing Three Must Make Do!

by Molly Isaacs-McLeod


Do you have more than two children? Do you ever feel that third, or later, child gets short shrift? Is your third or later born child "along for the ride" with few activities of his own? These trends hold true for many families, gifted or not, with more than two children. In gifted families, the third child enters an intense and often already stressed environment.


Do these comments/sentiments sound familiar?


"We're really not sure this one is gifted." or "Reexamining your sense of normal." Read More... 


Talking Circles: 2014 Wrap Up      


by Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn


Take some time during this holiday season to look back over the dynamic articles featured throughout 2014 in our Talking Circles column.


"Our children live in an ever-changing digital world and their digital footprint will move with them throughout their lives." Stacia Taylor and Krissy Venosdale, "Digital Feet in Global Soil: How to Help your Gifted Learner Safely Navigate the Internet." Read More... 



2014 Wrap-Up  


by Carolyn Kottmeyer and Amy Golden Harrington 


Take some time during this holiday season to look back over the list of blogs we've reviewed so far in 2014. Then take some time to  suggest other blogs for us to look at! 

"Paula's posts are short and sweet, and full of valuable insight for "rainforest mind" adults.  Recent topics include empathy, multi-potentiality, and your What-If brain." Your Rainforest Mind: Guidance for the Excessively Curious, Creative, Smart & Sensitive by Paula Prober. Read More... 

100 Words of Wisdom: Amy Harrington

In approximately 100 words, experts from 
around the world offer their perspective on some aspect of giftedness. View and share the online version.

Parenting gifted children is a unique challenge, which I zealously embrace.  We are the noticeably eccentric family wherever we go, and our strong personalities have been known to make people's head spin. We don't really go with the flow and my children don't blend in. Their personalities are overt and they exude their brilliance the way most people breathe. I have one child who lives in his head and one who is guided by his heart. They are both wholly original and dexterously challenge all societal expectations. Complex children are rarely easy to parent; however, they sure make life more interesting.



Amy Harrington, Esq. is a SENG Model Parent Group facilitator, homeschooling advocate and an eclectic unschooler of two profoundly gifted children. She is an attorney, writer and blogger (Gifted Unschooling Blogspot) who is passionate about the future of self-directed education. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Atypical Minds which provides coaching and guidance to gifted families in their quest for alternative education and school accommodations.


Amy has helped families with gifted and twice-exceptional children from all over the world transition to home education and has guided them to seek appropriate assessment, treatment, counseling, and school accommodations. She is a multilingual transactional attorney and a former internet entrepreneur, interested in educating teachers, school counselors, and parents about the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children.

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