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A Letter From Len and Kristen
Greetings Friends of the Tattered Cover, 

We came to Colorado to begin our journey as the new owners of Tattered Cover nearly one and a half years ago.  As you might remember, we're in the midst of a two-year ownership transition with Tattered Cover's long time owner, Joyce Meskis. Joyce and her staff have been welcoming, patient, and all around wonderful partners in this endeavor. We came in with a lifetime of book industry knowledge, but still, everyday is like a sip of water from a fire hose. In other words, there's a lot to learn, and the team here at TC is making it easy. 

But it's not just the staff. We've been welcomed and made to feel a part of this community by you, our valued customers. It's a rare day when one of us doesn't have a conversation with a customer about the future of the store. 

There are myriad opinions about Tattered Cover; from how we handle events, to which books to stock, to what to do with our coffee shops. But all of them -- ALL OF THEM -- have been conveyed with love for this wonderful institution that Joyce and her team have built. And all of them have been shared in a way that makes us feel truly welcome. The level of support we've received as the incoming owners is, quite simply, humbling. 

With the holidays upon us, we wanted to take a moment to not only thank you for being our customers, but for making us feel so welcome. We know what an incredible honor it is to become stewards of the Tattered Cover, and it's all the more meaningful knowing we have so many friends with which to share the adventure. 

Thank you. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and joyous holiday season, 

Len Vlahos and Kristen Gilligan

Upcoming Events
We are delighted to present numerous author signings and other special events throughout the month of December.

Monday, December 12, 7:00PM-9:00PM

We are delighted to welcome Jamie Horton, acclaimed actor, director, and writer - currently an Associate Professor at Dartmouth College - for our annual holiday reading. We'll celebrate the spirit of the holidays with warm drinks and yummy treats provided by the Tattered Cover Cafe, as Jamie reads from several holiday classics. While this even is free, guests are encouraged to help us celebrate the spirit of giving this holiday season by bringing a new or gently used book as a donation to our annual Children's Book Drive which benefits Reach out and Read Colorado.
  Writers Respond to  Readers 2017
January 28, 8:45AM to 5:30PM 
Join us for an all day event offering amazing of literary conversations with a diverse group of acclaimed writers and readers.

Our 2017 author lineup:

Richard Russo, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of  Everybody's Fool and other acclaimed books.

Eleanor Brown, author of  The Light of Paris and The Weird Sisters.

Kevin Wilson, author of  The Perfect Little World and The Family Fang.

Brunonia Barry, author of  The Fifth Petal and The Lace  Reader.

vib green
by Zadie Smith

"Two young aspiring dancers meet in ballet class and form an instant bond, brown girls in a sea of white. Their intense friendship and ensuing divergent paths provide fodder for a rich and compelling narrative that takes the reader from a London council estate to an unnamed African nation, and deep inside the glamour and drudgery of show business. The unnamed narrator finds herself in the inner circle of an international star; her best friend Tracey, a gifted and charismatic dancer, seems destined to be a star in her own right. You know on page one that all does not go as planned and Zadie Smith's extraordinary gifts as writer and storyteller will keep the reader enthralled as their stories intertwine and unfold. A new novel by Zadie Smith is always a highly anticipated literary event and she absolutely delivers with Swing Time." - Cathy Langer, Director of Buying
by Tahereh Mafi

"I would love to put this fabulous book in every mid-grade readers' hands.  It has such a glorious swirl of fantasy, family drama, emotion, adventure, suspense and ... did I say fantasy?

Our main character, Alice, lives with her mother and the focus of her mother's attention, her triplet younger brothers. Alice's father -- the parent she loves and feels loved by -- has disappeared.

Alice was born without pigment into a town full-to-bursting with color. She tries hard not to mind, but it hurts, feeling so ugly surrounded by such overwhelming beauty.

Alice's determination to find her father takes her on a wild adventure to the mysterious land of  Furthermore, with only a boy named Oliver to accompany her.  As Alice's journey unfolds, she comes to appreciate her own beauty, though it is different from the norm.

Hints of  The Phantom Tollbooth and wisps of  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland swirl delicately and deliciously throughout the book, which I found intriguing.

I hated for the book to end. It is truly a masterpiece of writing for the mid-grade crowd, but older people will love it, too. Wow!" -  Jocelyn Gebhardt, Children's Book Specialist
Autographed Book Collectors' Club
December 2016 Selection

by David Szalay
The Tattered Cover Autographed Book Collectors' Club is a club for the true collector, the ardent bibliophile, and all lovers of the printed word. Members of the ABC Club receive one signed first edition chosen by our buyers and events staff each month. Selections represent both fiction and nonfiction.

Dom's Book Club

Dom Testa is an author, advocate for children's education and the host of Dom in the Morning on Mix 100.3. he loves reading and we love sharing his book reviews with you. Check out  his blog and happy reading!

This month's selection is  The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.

Mention Dom's Book Club when making your purchase in-store to receive 20% off the current selection.
7News Book Club

Meteorologist Lisa Hidalgo not only knows the weather, she knows great books,and is an avid reader! Check her picks each month and read along with Lisa!

This month's selection is  A Christmas Carol: The Original Manuscript Edition, by Charles Dickens.

Mention the 7News Book Club when making your purchase in-store to receive 20% off the current selection.
Staff Recommendations

"This is an amazing book that tackles a difficult subject. The recipient of this year's National Book Award,  Stamped from the Beginning runs the risk of turning off readers who might (wrongly) assume that it is a history of pain and suffering. Instead, Kendi offers a beautiful story on the evolution of ideas. He traces the lives of five prominent historic figures, showing us how racism was born and how it changed in their lifetimes. This book explains the subtle and often confusing distinctions between assimilation and anti-racism, encouraging the reader towards the latter in a way that isn't off-putting or intimidating. An amazing read for anyone wondering how we got to now." - Becca C. , Marketing
by Fredrik Backman

"Well, in Whoville they say -- that the Grinch's heart grew three sizes that day."  Dr. Seuss

"There is a lot of the Grinch in Frederick Backman's ' Ove,' and also some Gru from 'Despicable Me.' In fact, as the the story unfolds, the only living thing that wants anything to do with the 59 year-old Swedish curmudgeon is the neighborhood stray cat. But as the chapters pass, more and more is revealed about Ove. His early days are harsh to be sure, but his path leads to a tender and bittersweet romance with the only love of his life. But his days, he feels, are nearly over -- until the new neighbors move in and run over his mailbox. She's Iranian and he's, well, Ove. His greatest compliment to anyone is 'You're not entirely without hope.' The new neighbor has her work cut out for her, but she's up for it even while several months pregnant. A Man Called Ove was so funny and touching that I had to put it down several times just think about it. So many customers and friends recommended this book to me, and so I'm recommending it to you. As I toured my neighborhood the other day picking up trash and guarding against possible malfeasance, I thought, 'My gosh, I'm Ove.' You probably know one too." -  Pete S., Union Station Manager
by Paul Murray

"I have been a fan of Paul Murray since his debut novel,  An Evening of Long Goodbyes. He delivers again with The Mark and the Void, a hilarious story of what happens when artists decide to stop starving and perhaps try to make a living. Claude Martingale is an unsuspecting 'everyman' who works at an investment bank. Claude's life is moving along in a rather nondescript way until he is approached by an author who claims to be interested in writing a book about a man just like him. The author's name? Paul Murray. Instead of greeting this with suspicion, Claude lets his ego get the best of him and invites the fictional Murray into his life only to discover that the life of an artist isn't as beautiful as one might think. Full of hijinks, art theft, and a lot of desperation,  The Mark and the Void is one of the funniest books I've read in years." - Alex H., Aspen Grove
by Edith Wharton

"Edith Wharton's beautiful classic of life in New York at the turn of the century tells the story of Lily Bart. She's enjoyed her independence, but is a woman of a certain age and has little to rely on other than the generosity of a wealthy aunt. Teetering on the brink of poverty in a world where working women were not common, Bart attempts to navigate her male-dominated social sphere without losing too much of who she is. A surprisingly strong main character makes this novel a tour-de-force, perfect for modern women who find themselves forced to make difficult choices about what they are willing to do to get ahead. I love this book, and want to read it again and again." -  E.A. VyeLodo
by Adam Hochschild

"For a few months in the summer of 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona and much of surrounding Catalonia and Aragon became the site of a giant experiment in how to organize a more just and humane society. Anarchist trade unions took over almost all industry and public services, running them as worker-managed collectives.  Rifle-bearing women took to the barricades alongside the men to fight both the Fascists and authoritarian Communists.  Luxury hotels were converted to 'People's Cafeterias,' and all were invited to eat, regardless of ability to pay.  This is one of the many stories (See chapter 4), expertly recounted here, of the great clash of ideas and ideals fought out in the Spanish Civil War, the 'dress rehearsal' for WWII. Told with cinematic sweep and an admirable objectivity, Spain in Our Hearts is a thoroughly engrossing history, as seen through the eyes of a handful of Americans and Brits who traveled across the sea to fight for freedom." - Ryan S., Receiving
by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

" Once again FBI Special (and he truly is special) Agent Aloysius Xengu Leng Pendergast finds himself at odds with life-threatening circumstances and a foe as evil as they get: his brother Diogenes, warped in early life by an unfortunate event and now a consummate criminal with no conscience and formidable skills. If you are the kind of reader that enjoys a “cracking good yarn” you will love this thriller. Not destined for the Pulitzer or the Nobel, perhaps, but an awful lot of fun to read! Filled with literary references, poetic quotes (all attributed, thank you), historic and scientific background and arcana, these fictional doings are loaded with information of the kind an assiduous reader will mentally store and remember later. They are, in my opinion, the best kind of escapist fiction. Fun, but with substance behind the greasepaint." -Eric B., Friend of TC
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Our Books to Give catalog is an ideal way to pick the perfect holiday book for friends and family.
Our annual book drive starts today!

Each year during the winter holidays Tattered Cover collects new and gently used children’s books to be distributed by  Reach Out and Read Colorado ’s pediatric literacy programs. Throughout December collection boxes are displayed in all three Tattered Cover locations. The goal of the drive is to collect books for very young children, ages 6 months to 5 years. We, in turn, donate one book for every 10 collected.
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