December 2016
Greetings from Our Wonderful World! The Holidays are just around the corner, and we've got two heartwarming stories that personify this special time of year. "Santa Clause Through the Ages" traces the history of Santa, and Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights explores the sacred meaning of this ancient Jewish tradition.   
Of course, great food is a big part of the Holiday season, and special thanks to our Green Goddess for her "Make Room for Mushrooms." Like humans in the way that they can produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, mushrooms are the only produce item that can be called a good source of vitamin D. They are also high in different kinds of B vitamins, which is great for your heart. And yes, the Goddess has included a mouthwatering recipe!
Speaking of the Goddess...She has also penned a most timely story: "Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving," which discusses the amazing health benefits of essential oils. And while we're discussing health, thanks to Sean Herbert for reminding us about the blessings of one of Mother Nature's most important food groups in "The Magic of Sprouts."
Switching gears for just a moment, OWW Media wants to congratulate the 2016 Palm Beach North Woman of the Year Award winner, Kim Jones, who was honored recently along with three finalists: Rebecca Doane, Laura King and Maria Marino. All four of you have set the bar high and inspired many of us to reach out and serve others.
Sammy Frens has written a fascinating story, "Reflections of Thought Through the Mirror of Water," which explores how our thoughts and words have the power to transform our physical surroundings. We've also got some amazing photos that must be seen to be believed. 
Last, but not least, kudos to Jan Davisson for another first-class job in Curtain Up, which features everything that's On Stage in Palm Beach County.   
Well, that's it for now. On behalf of OWW Media, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Here's a list of what we've just added to our site: 

  • "Curtain Up" - Theatre guru Jan Davisson with the latest on what's On Stage in the Palm Beaches.
Until next year,

Sharon & Glenn
Mushroom Recipe      
Here is an excellent recipe using the versatile mushrooms that are very powerful boosters for our body.  Read more.

Pearls of Wisdom
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The Magic of Sprouts!
Today, people are rediscovering the raw power and life-force energy supplied from sprouts.  Read more.

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