December 2020
Greetings Everyone and Happy Holidays !
Can you believe it! December is finally here, the last month of 2020. Gosh, I can remember we all had such high hopes for 2020 in January and then it was so scary for 4-6 weeks there we didn't know what to think. Even though the COVID numbers have gone back up, at least there isn't the panic feeling about the scary unknown. Let's all hold a place within ourselves to take ownership of the situation to the best of our ability which, in reality, is what is really needed.

Last year I expressed some resistance in wishing people Happy Holidays instead of the traditional Merry Christmas. It is with great joy that this year I honestly feel and understand the love and thoughtfulness of the greeting Happy Holidays. The joy of wishing happy holidays truly is acknowledging all the holidays celebrated in December. The celebrations start basically from the first day to the last day of December but more notably I guess would be the beginning of Saint Nicholas Day on the 6th (or 19th in some countries) which is actually a part of Advent and when Santa Claus or Saint Nick entered the picture. Then there is the Pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice on the 21st. honoring Nature, also known as Yule in ancient times by the Germans and Norse culture, thus the yuletide greetings. From there on it comes fast and furious with the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, also known as Chanukkah, our celebration of the birth of Jesus with Christmas, Kwanzaa in the African-American heritage, and we can't leave out Boxing Day which is celebrated on a scale equal to our Christmas in a number of countries that were originally a part of the British Empire. Always the day after Christmas, this holiday was basically created to make sure everyone, no matter their stature, can have the opportunity to celebrate the joys of Christmas in their own special way. So you see, by wishing everyone Happy Holidays you're really covering your basis plus spreading a whole lot of love, joy and respect.

Usually I would encourage you to get creative with the 12 days of Christmas and suggest making a list of 12 things you are grateful for, 12 resolutions or even 12 goals for 2021 to begin manifesting these things into your lives. However, I think this year, to help everyone feel a little more grounded with all the unstable energy around us, let's make that list about 12 accomplishments you've had this year. They can be specific or in general. Number 1 can be just surviving 2020, that's an accomplishment right there. Maybe you still have a job, a roof over your head or have someone special who still loves you. What about your family? Your kids? Anything you still have this year is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Show yourself that even though things may feel bleak in some areas of your life, there are so many other parts of living that you do have control over and not any one thing can make or break you.

So, let's dedicate some time and energy this month in the act of joy. It has been hidden from our sight and yet there is joy within our lives no matter what's going on physically. We just have to remember to look for it and not take it for granted.
Please everyone, stay safe and healthy and once again, just for the joy of it, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Karen and the Staff

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Nature's Treasures Celebrating 20 Years in 2020
Karen Richards, the owner of the spiritual rock shop, believes in the healing power of her crystals. “A lot of being close to nature is vibration,” says Karen Richards as she slowly taps a tongue drum with a wooden mallet. Sound waves reverberate throughout her store, causing vibrations that you can feel in your chest...

Business Spotlight: Nature’s Treasures
Nature's Treasures is designed, as described by owner Karen Richards, to be a blending of science and spirituality. It's a business that fosters community — through the retail shop, activities and special events that take place on Nature's Treasure campus, and now, more than ever, through the company's online store and virtual connections.

It's been 20 years since Richards started the business, which has become a community hub, both in its hometown of Austin, Texas, and online. Undoubtedly, Nature's Treasures is the product of years of hard work, planning, saving and investing, and collaboration. Still, it is also the result of dreams...

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The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge
December Birthstone Blue Topaz
December is a month of giving so there is no wonder it has three beautiful birthstones. The most predominantly known is Blue Topaz but you also have Turquoise and Tanzanite to choose from, too. This year we are featuring Blue Topaz as our December birthstone. Learn more about Blue Topaz as December's Birthstone, its healing properties and uses on our blog.

Read on to learn more HERE
Unakite: Stone of Vision
Unakite is a beautifully cheery stone that is perfect to feature in December. It just has that Christmas look to it! And, it being a heart stone, it brings a good reminder during the holiday season that it is just as rewarding to give from the heart as it is to receive. Learn more about Unakite, its healing properties, metaphysical meaning, and uses here on Nature's Treasures Blog.

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Meet Our Staff
Skyler S
Skyler grew up in Austin, Texas and is currently in college studying to be a sign language interpreter. You might see Skyler in the Rock Depot or Retail Showroom working on projects or helping customers. Still fairly new to the metaphysical community, Skyler continues to grow in understanding of the many facets of crystals at work and enjoys reading, helping design projects, and drawing while at home.

"It's hard to choose, but my two favorites are probably Singing Quartz because of the beautiful chiming sounds they make and Blue Lace Agate because of the peaceful energy it brings to communicating while in the workplace."
Featured Agate - Dryhead Agate
Dryhead agate is from a remote area in southern Montana near the border with Wyoming. The area is in the mountain ranges between the Big Horns and Pryor mountains just west of the BigHorn River.

This agate is considered by many to be the best banded agate available from the United States. The material is a bit hard to collect due to the rugged terrain. Because of this mining operations ceased in the late 1990s because the cost of mining was not considered feasible due to the price of the agate being produced.

The agate was first found in the early 1950's as float, material on the ground and in streams. It was traced to its source and mining began in the late 1950's as a fee digging area. This was run as a fee digging mine until the early 1980's when commercial production began. After years of escalating cost the operations were shut down.

The mine is still there and the chance to mine agate is still up for grabs. For the adventurous person with a little extra cash it would be a fun, although a hard, adventure.
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The Nature's Treasures Community Events Center is undergoing renovations! Our Auditorium will be largely the same, but we will be offering a new and improved Studio space in 2021!

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Deborah Dahmen - Holographic Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, Past Life Regressionist
Fri. Dec 11
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Healing Arts Festival and Market
Sunday, December 6th
11a - 6p

The Hilton Garden Inn
8101 Pat Booker Road

Meet & greet talented artisans and practitioners from all over Texas. This community rocks! Although Nature's Treasures will not be there, you're sure to find great gift ideas for the holidays!

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Be On the Lookout! We Need Your Help!
Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your support during our reopen and for being a part of our community. We are currently looking to you for help with preventing shoplifting and theft from the store.

We have had a series of Rock Yard Break-Ins all perpetrated by the same individual(s). We have multiple police reports on file. The main individual has been consistently stealing our Selenite Logs, Lithium Quartz Clusters, and Amethyst Clusters among other assorted gems/minerals in the early morning. On their last break-in, he brought a female friend with him. If you recognize them or our products being sold, please contact [email protected] with any information.
Feb 2019
wearing pikachu-like beanie w/ ears, skinny jeans, and leather jacket
June 2020
wearing a long hooded cardigan w/ tails; very thin
June 2020
showing dark hair, between 5'8"-5'10" tall
Around 8 Selenite Logs have been stolen since February of 2019. They are approximately 18" long and 4" in diameter
Around 4 Lithium Quartz Clusters are believed to be stolen since June of 2020. They have a lilac color and range in size from 4-10" in diameter.
Aug 2020
with a female accomplice; approximately 5'6"-5'8" and possibly light brown curly hair
Aug 2020
wearing tank top and black capris or 3/4 leggings
Aug 2020
wearing light colored tights and large camp-style backpack; head covered in dark scarf
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