Christmas-time can be extremely stressful, so a little thought beforehand about managing your expectations - and those of your guests - will go a long way to making things more harmonious.

Each family member will behave like they do every Christmas. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment and expect that it will be any different this year, because it almost certainly won’t be!

If you are "having" to invite family members that you don't particularly get on with, don't let your attitude towards them cloud the day for you and your other guests. Endeavour to be as kind as possible and allow them to have their say without going into reaction or over-thinking their comments.

Don't be a martyr on the day and become frazzled and upset behind the scenes because you feel you have to do it all. Accept help with gratitude. Involving others in the preparation, cooking, serving and clearing-up helps you just as much as it helps them to feel useful and a proper part of the day. Consider too that they might otherwise see you as the perfect host and when it's their turn next year they are terrified of not matching up to your high standards!

Do enlist the help of your partner, children and close family before the big day so that the responsibility of the day is shared - including the management of awkward moments, uncomfortable conversations and alcoholic over-indulgence!

Do set out to enjoy your day. Manage it with love, self-compassion and understanding and remember to give thanks for everything that is going well rather than concentrating on the things that aren't.

Happy Christmas and blessings of love, joy, compassion, abundance, health and well-being for 2019.
Did you miss Susan Fairley's first hugely successful E-CAT class? If you did the next one is scheduled for Saturday 23rd March in Detling, Kent.

Things are moving fast in the Universe and E-CAT's follow-on, the ASCENSION PATHWAY, has already been received by Susan and is scheduled for Sunday 24th March.

Don't miss this opportunity to l earn, with loving guidance from Susan, how to move through the Pre-Ascension Stages, the Ascension Portal and the Post-Ascension Integration Process.

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A chart with useful items for general dowsing purposes:

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SuperConnect classes
SuperConnect5 - 21/24 February - Edinburgh
SuperConnect1 - 7/10 March - Brussels
SuperConnect2 - 28/31 March - Detling
SuperConnect1 - 16-19 May - Detling SuperConnect3 - 22/25 August - Detling
SuperConnect4 - 7/8 September - Detling
SuperConnect 5 - 31 Oct./3 Nov. - Detling
For details please visit our website
SuperConnect1 class in Detling,UK
22nd-25th November 2018

We had a wonderful and inspiring SC1 class thanks to the truly beautiful group of souls who gathered together - all asking questions and sharing their insights, learning, awareness and understanding.
Much old stuff was resolved and a great deal of clarity was given on a myriad of different issues. Many have already seen real change in their lives, or have had others notice a big difference in attitudes and demeanour.
Some student comments:
“Thank you so much for everything. It was such a lovely four days, spent with really beautiful people. I absolutely loved it. I definitely want to do all of the other classes.”
“Thank you again for such an amazing SC1 course which was just what I needed. Thank you also for your continued support: I’m so grateful to you. I am looking forward to my next two courses with you.”

7th-10th March
Brussels, Belgium

SuperConnect1 will take place in the Schaerbeek area of Brussels - easily reached by train, tram and bus.
It will be conducted in English and will be hosted by Valentina Delmonte, an Italian Ayurvedic practitioner and strong advocate of the work of SuperConnection.
SuperConnect1 explores your fundamental spiritual nature, teaches you how your energy field interacts and affects everything around it, and about your Oneness with the energy of the Universe. You will learn how to establish your own SuperConnection, that is, how to connect and work with your superconscious mind to create better mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.
Click here to download the Brussels flyer.
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If you have any questions, please email me .
21st-24th February
Livingston, nr Edinburgh, Scotland

SuperConnection is coming to Scotland!
Be among the first to learn SC5 and take your skills out to others.
SuperConnect is a very popular, effective and easy to learn system. As well as utilising the dowsing charts of SC5 to release old patterns, the bodywork elements in the module can be incorporated into your other hands-on practices.
The class will take place at the Choose You Yoga Studio, South Livingston, EH54.
Click here to download the flyer.
Click here to book your place on the website.

If you have any questions, please email me .

Other SuperConnect modules will be coming to Scotland during 2019.
Linda Turner
Master Instructor
United Kingdom
Alice Foehn
Master Instructor
Hong Kong