SOS Nominated for Non-Profit of the Year!
SOS has been recognized as a leader in our community! Being recognized as a finalist for Non-Profit of the Year at the Greater Louisville Inc.credible Awards was an honor that makes our staff and supporters very proud. In 2020, SOS stepped up and answered the call for help in unprecedented ways - and it wouldn't have been possible without YOUR support.

Watch our Health & Hope Presentation below to see the impact SOS created around the world and in our city in 2020!
SOS in the Community
In just two years, SOS revolutionized the way we support our community with our Local Health Program. Now, we're expanding that the program throughout Kentucky. This week SOS delivered thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies and hygiene items to 16 organizations in the Owensboro area.

Erica Wade at The Center in Owensboro said "This truly will be a game changer for so many of our local service organizations!" The explosion in support from SOS to social services, nursing homes and low-cost medical facilities means we can change lives in every way possible in our neighborhoods and around the world.

Can we support your organization too? Email us to see how we can help!
SOS Around the World
We received the good news this week that the second baby, Baluku, has been born at the Mama Sabina Community Health Center in rural Uganda! In the last three months, Mama Sabina has provided a safe, clean space for the delivery of two healthy babies! Mom and baby are happy and healthy and we can't wait for more amazing stories like this in the New Year.

In the Season of Giving we've continued to provide live-saving humanitarian shipments to multiple countries worldwide. This month we're supporting a rural community in Zimbabwe that's has lacked any medical support during this years pandemic. As the vaccine is distributed across Africa in the coming months, the medical items we send in the interim are vital for treating patients.
Lauren Yeheri Muhindo (above) born October 2020 .

Baluku and mom (right)
born just this week!
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Matching Gift Opportunity!
Your year-end gift will make TWICE the difference
These stories of Health and Hope cannot happen without you - your gift will help write the next story. SOS has been given a matching gift up to $10,000 and If you give before December 31st, your year end, tax-deductible gift will make TWICE the difference!

SOS is a Louisville, Kentucky-based nonprofit organization that meets critical healthcare needs in impoverished communities at home and around the world by collecting and distributing surplus medical supplies and equipment.

These stories of Health & Hope can not happen without your support.

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