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News For Everyone

De-Stress Your Holidays

How to Take the Stress Out of Family Gatherings

Get tips for helping your kids be at their best and have fun, too!

Holiday Clean-Up 101

How adults with ADHD can organize and decorate their home — without getting overwhelmed.

6 reasons why ADHDers Don't Like the Holidays

Not happy about the holidays? Find out why and what you can do about it.

Holiday Tips to Reduce Stress for Children

Learn how anxiety, tears and meltdowns can be prevented with a bit of insight and planning.

How to Handle the Holidays After a Death in the Family

"Grief can make special days harder." That's true for children, too.

How to Travel with a Dyslexic Child

Thinking of sunny beaches for the holidays? Tips on making travel enjoyable for your child with dyslexia.

News For Parents

If you would like to participate in this study, contact Dr. Meadow Schroeder at the University of Calgary at 403-220-6173 or email her at schroedm@ucalgary.ca.

Reading to Fido can help improve reading skills

A Canadian team of researchers headed by Corinne Syrnyk of St. Mary's University in Calgary, have discovered that if your child reads to the family dog, their literacy skills improve more than if they just read to you.

News For Adults

"As many as 2 million Canadians live with ADHD, deeply affecting their lives and those around them. Despite the prevalence of ADHD, there is still inequitable access to care. There are deep misunderstandings about ADHD throughout society, including with medical and educational professionals.

Earlier this year, CADDAC in partnership with CADDRA – Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance - released our proposed path to improving care for ADHD in Canada with the Action Plan: Creating Equitable Access to ADHD Care in Canada.

If you support this plan, CADDAC is asking you to take 1 minute of your time to join the campaign."

Join the Campaign

News For Educators & Professionals

Professional Development for Teachers

The Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta’s 2022-23 Science of Reading webinar series starts today!

Dec. 5 - May 2023

Cost: $150

In this 7-part webinar series, Inside Dyslexia & the Lower Reading Rope, take a deep dive into Dyslexia and then learn "concrete strategies for strengthening the lower reading rope as we delve into literacy assessment, tying phonemic awareness into phonics, orthographic mapping for reading and spelling, and then we wrap it up with a district’s comprehensive approach to SOR literacy instruction and intervention."

Register here

Do you want to better understand, teach and support the complex learners in your classroom?

Learning Disabilities in the Classroom is a Graduate Certificate or part of a Graduate Diploma program focusing "on the diverse learning needs of students with Learning Disabilities."

  • Online
  • 4 courses
  • 1 year
  • Apply until March 1

Learn More

Are you interested in improving your ability to teach reading to students of any age?

The Structured Literacy and Reading Science Graduate Certificate program offers a "disciplinary focus that will advance educators' self-efficacy in the knowledge and skills relating to reading development, reading difficulties, and structured literacy instruction."

  • 4 courses
  • 1 year
  • Apply until Jan. 31
Learn More

News For Employers

Mental Health for Leaders

Listen to Lindsay's podcast interview with Chris Turner of Neuro Advantage about ways of embracing neurodiversity in the workplace.

Lindsay Recknell, of Mental Health For Leaders, is a CMHA-Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor in Calgary who closes "the skill gap for you as a Leader or HR professional, up-leveling your career by teaching the mental health skills you need to know to feel knowledgeable and confident about mental health at work."

Neuroinclusive Holiday Tips for the Office

The holidays can be stressful for everyone but if you are also neurodiverse, the added expectations at work can be overwhelming. This Forbes article offers tips on how to ensure all of your employees feel that office cheer.

The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network is a collaborative initiative of a broad group of organizations, which is operated through Foothills Academy and supported by an Anonymous Donor at the Calgary Foundation.

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