DrChloe.com Newsletter | December 2018
December 2018 Newsletter

Happy holidays to you! I hope you have had an amazing year. As the holidays move into full swing, I am excited to share with you some tips on managing stress-- even though the holidays are (hopefully!) a time of joy, we still often encounter a few sticky spots... so feel free to check out the tips below in my quotes from Bustle-- or just share them with a friend if you're lucky enough to have zero holiday stress issues!:) Also below you'll find a repost of my blog on 7 things to let go before the New Year!

I'm also THRILLED to share some great news about an upcoming book. As you may know, I self-published a dating book in February of this year. It wasn't something I expected, but that sort of ended up leading to an actual book deal with a world renowned publisher... the book will be about my tips and experiences working with intelligent, motivated people-- including how I used my own tips to help myself when I was first starting my practice.

Finally, I wanted to offer a special gift of 100% off (ie FREE) for products on my website for a limited time. More details below!

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Peace be with you and your family during this holiday season.



Dr. Chloe Carmichael PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Do you know what to let go of before the new year? Here are 7 great ideas!
7 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year - Dr Chloe...

What if you had made that one career move you've always wondered about? Spoken up more at last week's meeting? Been less critical on that first date? Waited for him to initiate the relationship talk? Like many people, you may be familiar with...

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Latest quotes and tips on family, holidays, dating & relationships, stress, and anxiety!
How To Destress When You’re Around Family All Day & Not Used To It, According To Experts

One of my quotes:
Make sure you schedule breathing time for yourself... Even if you’re not a member of the gym nearby, get a day pass or something, try a new yoga studio or a massage, but schedule some kind of solo time for yourself to decompress a little bit.

How To Manage The Holidays If You Have Anxiety, According To Experts

One of my quotes:
" You don’t have to do this, but if you want the anxiety to stop, it’s worth it to carve out 15 minutes ... so you have something to talk about with them. "

How To Deal With The Holidays If You're Not Religious But Your Family Is

One of my quotes:
There’s a tipping point, and it’s different for each person, where you’d say to yourself, ‘Family is important, but so are my personal standards and I’m opting out of this one.

Is This Classic Relationship Test Actually True?

One of my quotes:
Take some of that stress with a grain of salt, because there’s a lot of extra situational stressors that are related to the travel .”

Clingy Partner? Here's How To Set Boundaries

One of my quotes:
" There might be something about that person that actually drew you to them... people typically don't just become clingy overnight... Clinginess always comes from somewhere, like your partner's past relationship. "

More great news to end a great year!
I'm SUPER EXCITED to announce that I have just signed my first book deal with Macmillan Publishers! Please watch out for my book called Nervous Energy. More details to come!

I'm SO THRILLED and happy to be on the Women's Health Advisory Board! It is group of top health luminaries and experts who are altering the wellness landscape and industry!
It's December! Time for Annual Performance Review. 
How to Take a Performance Review
Watch Dr. Chloe's video on how to navigate a performance review so you can get the most out of it and answer the three most common questions on how to better manage office politics. Turn a stressful experience into an experience of growth and upward mobility in your career!

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