December Newsletter - 1st Week             Dec 1, 2016
Hello and welcome everyone! Thanks Giving has slipped past us and we are now entering the December holiday situation. I love to share joy with others during this time of year. I also really enjoy the opportunity to connect with family and friends. However, I do find myself struggling with the commercialism and expectations. I decided to change up my Christmas this year! I don’t want a holiday situation..... I want a celebration! I’m going to share with you some of my ideas that are bringing more peace and abundance into my life.

I’m writing this letter on Giving Tuesday. I was able to donate to four animal charities today. It feels like I’m celebrating Christmas early. I know even a small gift will make a difference and it is also sharing a whole bunch of positive energy with the world. It was brought to my attention that big companies like Patagonia are donating large amounts of money for good causes. When we take steps to recognizing abundance being shared world wide, it opens the door for personal prosperity.

  The act of giving is tremendous!
If it is not feasible for you to make a financial donation, give in another form. Spend a few hours volunteering somewhere. Or maybe you are on the receiving end of a generous gift. Truly, whether we are receiving or giving, it all brings abundance and joy to our personal vibration. 
  The key is to celebrate the act of giving and receiving!! 
I also decided with my immediate family, that we each get one gift and one experience for Christmas. Our 16 year old has chosen a hammock
for when she goes back packing. She chose a family hike as her experience. This is simplifying Christmas and also allows us to spend
time together as a family.
Another little trick that I have, is sending wellness and love to those in need. When I see people and animals suffering, my heart goes out to them. I visualize sending them healing and love. I just imagine healing energy entering them at the top of their heads. I also send prayers of awareness and compassion for all. I know this has a positive effect for us universally.  
Last but not least, if you are alone during this time, reach out! Make  contact with groups that can help you, or maybe you can help them.
This is the time to connect with old friends and family and make new
friends. This can even be an online group or church. Check out my
friend Max Ryan’s love in action group on Facebook.

In closing, I just want to share how I have witnessed abundance come
into my clients lives in so many unexpected ways. I believe this is
occurring because they are learning new life skills for creating the life
they dream of. Several of them have even had major financial windfalls,
and even funnier is that many of them have real estate success. So
keep an open heart and celebrate freely this season of joy…
May we all take part in compassion, abundance and joy this Holiday season!

I am donating a portion of every one of my sales this December.
If you purchase a reading or coaching package from me
a portion will go to Farm Sanctuary.

Messages from the Universe

Universal messages  I have been shown…  
These are messages that will potentially resonate with many people.
I see a lot of political unrest in China.... I’m not sure when this will happen, but a much younger feeling more global community will try to have a rising in China. This younger more free China won’t happen for some time. It is in the making though. I also see some type of fire/explosion in China.. There will also be fighting on both sides of China…. Almost looks like China is in the middle of it. This fighting doesn't amount to much. 

We will see many more protests and peaceful protests in our country… One thing that is very reassuring, is that all across the world there is a younger generation that really works together to achieve world peace. This movement is in it’s infancy, but it will become much stronger. 

With everything I see, I never know for sure
when or how it plays out.

I do know it’s all meant to be part of the shift. I also know that we don’t have to take part in what we view as tragic or unfavorable. I view it as potential. I do pay attention to this stuff when I make my travel plans, but I’m not loosing sleep over it. It’s almost like watching part of a movie. It’s an opportunity for me to look at things very objectively. It’s also an opportunity for me to send love, and pray for awareness and compassion. I know we are taking part in something monumental. So we get to practice visualizing peace and prosperity and connecting with the highest good of all. Ultimately, we have a choice in what we personally are connecting to. 

I believe you would not be reading these words unless love, compassion and awareness were in your heart.

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