Bring on the snow...
December 2022
Give the gift of movement & bliss this holidays!
Spin, Yoga, Snowshoe & Massage
Spin, Yoga & Sculpt Sessions (8 weeks)
For Jan/Feb we will be doing 8 week sessions since the studio upstairs is still being occupied while the house is competed. Thank you for your patience as we continue to move through the build process (and wait for windows!).

For those with class passes, you can use your remaining towards the cost of sessions below or wait until after March when more classes open or a refund by emailing


DATE: Week of Sunday Jan 16th - Friday March 10th (8 weeks)

  • Yoga Session $144 +hst (8 weeks)
  • Spin Session $120 +hst (8 weeks)

  • 7am Spin (Virginia)
  • 4:30pm Happy Hips Deep Stretch (Virginia)
  • 6pm Yoga Flow (Virginia)
  • 7:30pm Unwind, Stretch & Restore (Virginia)

  • 7:00 am Spin (Virginia)
  • 9:00am Spin (Kelley/Virginia)
  • 12:00pm Gentle Flow & Stretch (Virginia)
  • 6:00pm Interval & Hills Spin (Manda)

  • 6:00 pm: Spin (Kelly)
  • 7:30pm Gentle Happy Hips To Restore (Virginia)

  • 9:15 am Upper Body Sculpt & Core (Virginia)
  • 12:00pm Lunch Gentle Snowshoe (Virginia)
  • 6:00pm Snowshoe Hike (Virginia/Erin)

  • 9:15 am Happy Hips (Virginia)
  • 10:45 am Gentle Hatha 50 + (Linda)

** no session, you pay individually for each class via booking system.
  • 8:00am Spin (Virginia)
  • 9:15am Spin (Virginia)

  • 9:15am Spin (Kelly)

**Please note - once you register for a session and it confirms it will run, we will send you a link for payment. Need 4-6 people for classes to run.
Sacred LOMI Massage ***SPECIAL PRICE
We are super excited to offer LOMI Massage with Stacey White (RMT) this December.

For December only, we will offer a special discount on this therapeutic relaxation massage to give you a taste of what it is all about.

I have personally tried one and they are so magical - you need to try it! If you need to silence your busy mind, trust me this will do it! Just what we need during December chaos.

Special Price: $100 +hst (usually $135) for 60 minutes
Wed Dec 7, 10-2
Wed Dec 14 10-6
Wed Dec 21 10-6 

Sacred Lomi Massage Description
Sacred Lomi massage is a deeply relaxation full body massage developed by ancient Hawaiians, passed down from generation to generation. The massage is performed on a heated massage table with coconut oil and is a powerful form of bodywork using "dance" of the hands. During this dance, the therapist peels away layers of pent up tension and emotions allowing a natural healing to take place.

It varies from other massages as it uses this rhythmic dance around your body to help the mind find stillness. All muscles and fascia are worked on in a random sequence that the client will not be able to antcipate, thus turning off the mind. The "dance" sequence is determined by what the therapist feels your body needs.This is the beginning of the peeling process. As the therapist works in this rhythmic way, the client's conscious mind is not able to follow the movements of the practitioner. When this happens, the client stops thinking about the massage and starts to relax completely and the peeling process of all the layers of stress and tension within the body continue to melt away.

Lomi can go deep into the muscle tissues as well. If we think of muscles as a stick of butter, we can easily understand that you can not stick your fingers into a hard stick of butter. But, if one warms the butter first and your finger pass easily into it. Lomi warms the muscles and relaxes them, allowing the therapist to go as deeply into the muscular body as necessary. This causes less discomfort during the massage, as well as post massage. This whole process will help peel off layers of both physical stress, but more importantly emotional stress.

Stacey White, RMT
Specializing in Sacred Lomi Massages
Stacey's passion is to help people experience the healing power of therapeutic relaxation. As a RMT since 1995 she has treated people of all ages for a wide range of conditions and is expereinced in many massage techniques. She uses this knowledge to deliver an exceptional experience of therapeutic relaxation to all of her clients. Come see for yourself!

Massage Bookings will open tomorrow. Email for an appointment at or the link below (it will be live tomorrow evening)
Swedish Massage
Looking for a deep tissue release? Barb (RMT) is back with more hours in December to satisfy all your needs. Her soft yet firm touch has people craving we are bringing her in for every Thursday. So EXCITING.

Every Thursday in December from 10am - 7:30pm.

Book now before it is too late.

Cost: $100 +hst (1 hr)
All massages will be done in a beautiful air spacious room with candles, soft music and blissful ambience. Have a tea or hot chocolate while you wait, or stay longer and chill in our reception area with a book deep in the woods.

Escape the mall, lists, kitchen, work and all the other things that pile up! Destress with Barb in a space that oozes CALM. Her magical hands coupled with her soft nature leave you feeling LIFTED. She is an experienced practitioner who takes great pleasure in helping you experience a blissful state of stress reduction through muscle release.

Massage Bookings will open tomorrow.
Email for an appointment at or the link below.
Snowshoe Session 2023
"Move, Sweat & Release Tension"
Registration and Payment is open now. Class is filling FAST.

January is the month that gets dark quick and the cold sets in. Ignite your evening with others and have that motivation to get outside!

Date: Thursday Jan 12th, 2023 - Feb 23rd, 2023 (7 week session)
Time: Thursdays at 12:00pm or 6pm
Location: Vicki Tree Studio each week
Investment: $84 +hst

** there is an option to come for 5/7 nights if you let us know before the session starts. This option is $60+hst. Use code SNOW2023 at checkout after emailing us the dates you will be away.
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