December 2021
Live, Work, Thrive
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From the Community Development Partnership
A Word From Jay...

A year ago, I think that all of us were ready to bid farewell to 2020 and we had great hope that the impending availability of a
COVID-19 vaccine along with new leadership in Washington would lead us back to some sense of normalcy in 2021. For all of us at the CDP, 2021 has been far from normal. It has, however, been a year of some impressive accomplishments as we have worked to help businesses get back on their feet and supported our community in addressing our even more acute housing affordability crisis.

  • In August, we were thrilled to gather at Halcyon Farm for our Summer Evening on the Farm Event and raise a record-breaking $275,000 to support the programs and services of the CDP.
  • Over the past year, we have granted over $450,000 to 41 small businesses owned by low to moderate-income business owners through the Community Development Block Grant awarded to the Town of Truro. And we added another 57 businesses in securing over $2 Million in funding from state and federal programs.
  • Our proposal to develop 46 units of energy-efficient affordable housing with our partner, Preservation of Affordable Housing, was selected by the Town of Wellfleet to make significant progress in meeting the community’s need for more affordable housing.
  • Along with our partners, the Homeless Prevention Council, we will receive $1,000,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds to address the short-term housing needs on the Lower Cape made even more challenging by the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds will allow us to launch a resource center to assist homeowners in building accessory dwelling units.

In this issue of our E-news, you will read about other accomplishments from the past year made possible by the generous contributions from individuals and businesses on the Lower Cape. It is my hope that you will be inspired to generously contribute to our efforts to build a diverse year-round community of people who can afford to live, work and thrive here.

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season
Continuing to Support our Local Businesses
The spring of 2021 brought new hope to our small business owners after a difficult summer in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The ever-changing health and safety guidelines and seasonal staffing crunches made for an unpredictable summer, however, the resilience and ingenuity of our small business community shined through. 

In their own words, we share their stories:
Last January, local fisherman Sam Fuller started planning to go into business for himself and he knew he would need some financial assistance. He reached out to the CDP’s business and credit department on the advice of a friend and fellow fisherman, and applied for a small business micro-loan. With the loan, he was able to purchase and renovate a fishing boat and buy equipment to get his operation up and running. “The other business I run is pretty simple, so all this was pretty new to me; it was great to have someone there to help.”
Nola Glatzel closed Earthstar Play School, her brand-new pre-k school in Truro when the pandemic hit in 2020. She reached out to the CDP for guidance on receiving a CDBG forgivable micro-enterprise loan to help cover expenses, make up for lost revenue, and even help pay an assistant which allowed her to create a safe, fun environment for her students when the school reopened. “Getting one of the CDBG forgivable loans is helping me come back,” said Nola. Despite the struggles over the last year, Nola is optimistic about the future. “I was able to fill all the spots just through word of mouth!”
Safe, Stable, and Affordable Housing
We continued to manage 100 affordable and community housing rental units, providing safe and stable housing to residents of the Lower and Outer Cape. Our Housing Rehabilitation program provided funds to residents of Eastham, Truro, and Provincetown for critical home repairs, ensuring their homes remain affordable for future generations.
Back in 2014, Dale and Lelibeth were starting their family and trying to move out of Dale’s parents’ home. They struggled to find a home they could afford. Fortunately, they decided to apply for and were accepted for, an affordable unit at Thankful Chases Pathway. Their stable and affordable rent over the next seven years allowed them to save money, and in the spring of 2021, they were able to purchase a home of their own. “We are looking forward to settling down and enjoying our own house and growing into it,” says Dale. “Thankful Chases made it possible for us to save the money,” says Lelibeth. “We loved it there,” says Dale. “It’s a good neighborhood and you have nice neighbors. We are going to miss it.”
When Valeriy Yadrov immigrated to the United States and settled on the Outer Cape, the region’s housing challenges quickly became apparent. He decided that his best option would be to purchase a home, rather than continue renting, but housing prices were quickly climbing out of reach. In 2021, he applied for the Town of Wellfleet’s Housing Buy-Down program run in partnership with the CDP, which helps subsidize a home purchase in exchange for the purchased home being deed-restricted as affordable. In the spring, Valeriy was selected as the recipient of the buy-down and by the end of summer had purchased a home. “I couldn’t believe it, I felt very grateful to the organizers, and realized I made the right choice picking Cape Cod as the place to live.”
Jo Johnson is a lifelong resident of Truro and owner of Hairbenders Salon. When she purchased her current home from her family, she knew it needed repair. But when the pandemic hit the Cape, keeping Jo’s business afloat was the priority. Jo applied for a CDBG Covid-19 small business loan through our Business and Credit Program and also decided to move forward with a Housing Rehab application. “Getting my records together was overwhelming at first,” she says, “but after breaking it down, it wasn’t that bad.” Jo did receive a Housing Rehabilitation loan which allowed her to replace almost all her windows, a sliding door, and several dangerous lighting fixtures. “I’m so pleased to work with the CDP and it has helped me on so many levels.”
Canal House
The CDP, in partnership with the Homeless Prevention Council, manages Canal House, the Outer Cape’s only sober living facility. The home provides a drug and alcohol-free affordable independent living environment for eight individuals in recovery.
For those battling alcohol or drug addiction, the Lower Cape’s housing crisis often exacerbates their struggle. Unstable housing along with a history of drug and alcohol abuse can make it more difficult to find a rental, even for those who are now sober. Derek Morgan was struggling with addiction when he moved to the Lower Cape from Worcester, 20 years ago, but in 2019, he recommitted to his sobriety. After a recommendation to consider moving into the CDP’s Canal House, Derek is now thriving and, in the spring of 2021, Derek was selected as the new House Manager. “Being the supervisor is another gift of recovery. It is a chance to give back what has been given to me.”
This is What our Supporters Had to Say
Thank you for supporting the work we do to make the Lower Cape a place where we can all live, work and thrive! Here is what some of our supporters shared about the CDP this year. 

“I never realized there is such a network here on the Cape and that is so important. There is a true entrepreneurial spirit here that we may not have tapped into as visitors. Now that we are residents, our connection to the community has intensified.”
“Although we had already been supporting the organization, we now came to the CDP as a leader in this area and as a way to learn more about the critical housing problem facing the region. The CDP has grown significantly in its outreach, competency, and stability, and it is recognized as the go-to place when it comes to housing and economic development issues.” Anne says she and her husband Cecil support the CDP because “this part of the world is not going to survive by just purely loving it and the CDP is trying to keep the people who want to live here working and those who want to work here living in a stable and safe place.”
“The CDP has been so effective over the past 29 years. They have done a great job adapting and meeting the needs of the Lower/Outer Cape. You’ve found talented people, with lots of energy and enthusiasm and put them in positions to succeed. And that is why I continue to support the CDP.”
Let's Hear From the Staff
We asked staff to share some of their memorable work moments from the past year:
(Business & Credit)
“I started reaching out to businesses to distribute loan funds and many of them told me they had such a good summer, they no longer needed them, and I should save them for someone who did.”
(Development & Communications)
"It has been amazing to see the outpouring of support the CDP has received from the community, despite how difficult this past year has been for many people. It really says a lot about how important and necessary our work is."
(Housing Rehab)
“My phone has been ringing off the hook from homeowners who received our Housing Rehabilitation flyer with their property tax bill. This highlights the need for the program in our communities. I’m grateful we’ll be able to help 25 homeowners improve their homes this program year.” 
Please consider a donation to the CDP to help us create sustainable futures for more families on the Lower Cape. You can use the donate button below, or mail a check to:

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The CDP still has tax credits available for the 2021 Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) program. Through this program, donors who give $1,000 or more are eligible to receive a tax credit worth 50% of the total donation amount. For example, if you donate $3,000 you would receive a credit worth $1,500.

If you would to make a CITC donation in 2021, or are interesting in learning more about the program, please contact Nina Cantor, Chief Development and Communications Officer at or 508-240-7873 X25.
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