I love to buy Christmas presents. And I’m good at it. I found this pan (photo below) from Big Lots and made a cinnamon roll wreath. I posted it on Facebook and I had an avalanche of questions. Yes, it was easy! Tested the pan several times and, yes, I did share with my husband. Even my grumpy neighbor smiles at me now. 

Use your favorite sweet bread or roll recipe. Give this as a gift or just an extra fun way to serve a treat on Christmas morning.

And as far as gifts? I buy almost everyone I love a cookbook! It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Friends and family can enjoy reading and cooking all year. My top pick for this year is  Jubilee by Toni Tipton Martin . It’s humbling to read my friend Toni’s history-laden and amazing cookbook. You can’t go wrong gifting this book.