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We Not Me

The research shows the power of inclusion and going from "I" and "Me" to "We" is especially relevant to today's workforce. Below is a framework from the U.S. Surgeon General on how "we not me" and inclusion play a role in addressing workplace mental health & well-being and organizational success.

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The Latest News:

  • TLG welcomes Karine Dieuvil as Creative Operations Manager. Learn about Karine's creative journey.

  • TLG to welcome group of students from Fulton County Innovation Academy for a leadership seminar, led by VP of Leadership Development Tim Huff.

  • TLG President & CEO Tino Mantella nominated for Ann Cramer Volunteer of the Year Award.

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  • G-MAN: Edgar Hoover and the Making of the American Century by Beverly Gage

  • We Not Me: In Sports, Business, and Life by Rich Janor & Shelby Bobosky

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  • This Friday, TLG welcomes Lara Hodgson, CEO of NOW Corp and Author, as our final WIL speaker of 2022!

  • Read Susan Hitchcock's latest SHEroes Next Gen Spotlight: Natalie Flanders. Natalie has received numerous awards and recognition for her work with preteen, teen girls, and women providing mental, emotional, and physical healing.

  • We're celebrating 20 years of Women in Leadership! Become a part of the longest running Women's Leadership program of its kind - 2023 memberships and tables are available now!

  • Get a sneak peek of Anne Quiello's newest podcast that is devoted to developing leadership, especially in women. Join Anne in 2023 as she hears from leadership experts who will share their leadership journey, stories, and wisdom.

From the Experts: We Not Me


Figuring out the “how” of moving toward an inclusive, “all-voices and all-brains” culture will be a continuing question, but changing leadership attitudes and behaviors will be key. In our current business culture, changing the “tone at the top” is one of the fastest way to change the culture, and I’ve seen the power of that change so many times. I think we learn best from role models, and there is immense power at looking at how others have done it...


Tino's Corner

Killing the "I"

By Tino Mantella,

President & CEO, TLG


From my birth (thanks, mom and dad) to education, athletics, parenting, and career - everything I have done has been influenced, ideated, and supported by others. If you feel the same way, it begs the question – why hoard the credit? There are a multitude of reasons...


Featured Articles:

Frances Hesselbein, Renowned Longtime Leader of the Girl Scouts, Dead at 107. Her Final Advice to CEOs: 'Focus on How to Be'

By Jennifer Pellet,

Written for Chief Executive


Throughout my career, I have always fallen back on a single principle: To Serve is to Live. This is my battle cry,” said Hesselbein. “This principle represents a philosophy tested over a long, long journey, and it is as fresh and compelling today as it was when I first adopted it many years ago...


"She (Hesselbein) could run any organization in the US."

- Peter Drucker


Public Chaos. Collateral Damage. Mass Exodus

By Bill Dickinson, RCC, D.Min


Twitter certainly continues to make national and global headlines.  And I’m going to suggest for some very unhealthy and even toxic behaviors or decisions. There is a new owner at Twitter, but not a new leader...

What Does Inclusive Leadership Look Like?

By Dr. Cherry Collier,

DEI-B Expert and TLG Strategic Partner, Personality Matters


It’s all about allowing that one person’s differences to be celebrated, and not having to show up exactly like you that really gets to inclusiveness and collaboration because you are valuing who they are...


We Not Me: Seasonal Thoughts from Scotland

By Gavin Cargill,

Guest Writer


We not Me! is a simple, pithy, and memorable slogan very worthy of exploring and adopting. Having said that it is also worth reminding ourselves that ‘workable’ simplicity is normally underpinned with complexity and even perplexity. However, pursuing the We not Me! path can lead to a place of positive fulfillment to everyone’s benefit in the workplace, the family, and society at large...

Tis the Season! Happy Holidays, from our Family to Yours!

"In keeping with our theme for this month’s Newsletter (We Not Me!), I'd like to make a toast to our TLG team and family. Though not often recognized, without their support TLG could not have thrived in the way it has over the past 35 years!”

- Bob Turknett, TLG Co-Founder and Co-Chair

Coach Spotlight: Dr. Nicole Harp, RCC

Dr. Nicole Harp, aka, the creativity whisperer, is a successful coach, consultant, and author. Dr. Harp is currently a Senior Consultant with TLG, but also an Executive Coach at Personality Matters Inc., working hand in hand with President & CEO Dr. Cherry Collier (her sister). Dr. Harp works alongside her clients to unleash their full potential through a human-centered approach called Design Thinking which encourages collaborative, transparent, and iterative partnerships. We recently caught up with Dr. Harp to learn a little bit more about this approach, what the attributes are of an inclusive leader, and to discuss her latest children's book, Just Right Jillian...


Founders' Reflections

Robert (Bob) and Lyn (Carolyn) Turknett have been at the forefront of the Leadership Development Industry for over 35 years. Get their latest perspectives, insights, and content by visiting Founder's Reflections on our site!


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