December Newsletter - 4th Week            Dec 29, 2016
What are you waiting for? 
Hello and Happy New Year
to everyone!  

As I start this newsletter the year is winding down, but 2016 still has a lot of energy left to explore. This afternoon I’m sitting by the pool with huge waves crashing on the rocks..... I have fallen in love with Hawaii and the beautiful sacred energy that flows so abundantly.  
A few days ago my family and I went on a snorkeling adventure with some other tourists.  It required us to kayak along the shore line before we would begin snorkeling and cliff jumping.  One family consisted of a father and two children.  They all were wearing life jackets.  The father, who did not know how to swim, flipped his kayak.  He was in the water terrified and attempting to get to his boat.  The guides were yelling, “relax, just relax!"  The more they instructed him to relax, the more panicked he became.  It struck a nerve in me to see the raw emotions of someone so scared.  Eventually they got him on his back and safe to shore. These raw emotions happen throughout life and frequently become mile markers of growth. 

In the situation, I observed the man was tremendously brave to go out on the water, when he was obviously terrified of it. Perhaps there was a failing in communication of his skill level with the guides.   Second of all, we have all been in the place of this man, terrified while others tell us to relax.  A million people can tell us to relax, but it takes making a connection with something or someone, that allows you to surrender, relax and trust. Eventually a bond was formed between the guides and the man. Everybody involved in this circle of trust had to be open to it. 
  Throughout life, hopefully we will all experience the kindness
of someone that helps you relax, trust and have faith.  
Just as importantly, we will be that someone for others.
My Personal Realizations while in Hawaii
I also realized on this trip, how close I am to achieving my dream life. Seriously, I can almost touch it.  I’ll have a winter residence in Hawaii or California.  I am sharing my understanding of our spiritual world.  I am able to travel and each person in my family is safely on their personal life journey.  I really feel like it’s all being crafted right before my eyes.  This realization came to me so strongly on this trip.  Part of this awareness came while swimming in the healing water.  In hind sight, I have been through many lessons that allowed me to figure out what I want and what I don’t want.  I am also aware that a simple change in my perception has allowed me to work with the universal energy instead of against it.  
I also believe that the ability to work with this energy increases without many of us being aware of it.
So don’t wait for it.. Call in the life you are dreaming of!
 Contact me
if you are ready to start calling in your dreams!
Messages from the Universe
 Please read the message below as though it is
coming from a higher source.....these are not Polly's words. 
An additional note about channeled words....
When I receive messages to share in my newsletters, it comes out really fast.  The words almost flow on top of each other.  I go back and edit
and try to clarify it so others can understand the message I receive.  
I believe it’s more important to connect with the way you feel
with the words, and then try to understand them.  
Although these are challenging concepts to understand!  
  A Channeled Message for You!
Imagine the waves of gratitude that you share with the world expanding and creating openings for more blissful divine experiences. These spirals of energy are available to all.  Just allow yourself to be present in the moment, to listen and to hear the sounds that others don’t hear....allow yourself to be swept forward into a new understanding that allows compassion and awareness to be brushed aside into something so much greater, into something that is all that is, universally can escape the drudgery, the part of you that is life and limb by holding close to your heart the eternal whisper of life....the life that is so much greater and so much more of your true expression....imagine a moment of silence that surrenders you to complete awe....the whispers you hear within that come from deep within, are your true calling your true nature, share your joy with others, share your escape to bliss with will find that as others increase their sensitivity, they too will believe, and share this bliss with others and so the world begins to twist and turn in a new radius of pleasure....this too will peak and flow.  

You will experience ebbs in, or hollows of time, when you discover like-minded souls are no where to be found.  This allows you to go deeper into yourself, your personal journey.  You are on your path now with support from all sources. Celebrate your discoveries!  It is the moment of self-discovery that causes the unique energy to free your soul.  This allows you to live freely, never hindered by fear.  Let your words come out to motivate others.  To heal the world. You can explore the concept of no more grief, no more loss, no more confusion.  Clarity on your life’s purpose is right before you.  Collective sacred healing words allow shifts to occur deep inside....  A tranquil moment in understanding the shift the spiral of energy that is so alive in each of us this shift that heals and is quite playful, this change of conscious which is nothing more than listening to the energy within your core....these spirals of light that are here to guide you from this moment forward....there is no need for confusion, despair or seeking other alternatives to living
in accordance to the law of light.  

This law of light can pull you forward into a state of harmony with all.  A state of harmony that seeks you, as you seek it.  Surrender to the harmonic state of love.  The ability of these spirals of energy increase as you become aware of them....   Believe and seek....
A Second Channeled Message for You! 

Most humans, at some point, suffer from a lack of trust or faith in your lives.  When this occurs, sit back and allow us (angel energy) to take over and steer you clear of what you fear.  We see no boundaries in the way we work, but we feel your fear and trepidation.  

Boundaries, timelines and such, are complications
of a current perception of life on Earth.

We intervene as you ask.  As you slowly become charged with (aware of the concept of divine energy and divine intervention) People awaken at different times for different reasons.  We offer assistance with self- discovery....  
Help one another and help the planet.
  Healing universal energy is on the rise.
We will always help you progress as you are ready.   
You are in charge of determining how you communicate
with us and the universal energies.

Blessings of brilliance,
I will be in LA area at the end of January or beginning of February.
I plan on having a small gathering with channeled messages and reading for attendees. More information will be in my next newsletter and on my website. 
If you have global questions let me know.
I’ll see if I can get something.

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by what’s going on, you can contact me directly.    
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