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We are collecting feedback and ideas from the industry regarding how to improve in-person conferences.

We want to know more about what draws you to a particular conference, and anything else related to your experience at podiatric conferences.

By collecting your feedback, we are better equipped to share ideas and solutions with meeting planners so they can organize events with you in mind.

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Making Your "A-Ha Moments" Come to Life
Article by Sarah Breymeier
Looking back at the last several conferences you've attended, I'm sure there have been some unique moments where you think, "Wow! That's brilliant... I am going to start implementing this in my practice right away!"

And then it sits... and sits... and sits...

We're all familiar with the concept of, "a great idea means nothing if you don't act on it." It's so easy to get swallowed up by the day-to-day activities and responsibilities that we often don't ever get to the new and exciting ideas that are presented to us during the conferences and events we attend. It's dreadfully common to have grand plans that never come to fruition.

What can we say? Honestly... it just takes some pure and simple discipline. If you REALLY want to make those changes and enhancements to your practice - you're gonna have to do some uncomfortable things for the short term. Like what?

Second - carve out some time to get this done; time is something you tell yourself you don't have - but you do. You just have to adjust something else that's standing in the way of your time. Or it could be getting to the office an hour earlier for a temporary amount of time to knock this out... or staying an hour later. I know. It's uncomfortable. All change is. This is why they're called GROWING PAINS.

Third - put the plan to work! And guess what? The hard part is over. You got through the discomfort and now it's just a part of your process.

Listen to this PodCast that inspired this blog. It has lit a fire under my booty... and I'm confident it will impact your thought process as well!
Impact Theory with Mel Robbins
Stop holding yourself back and get inspired to go after what you want. CLICK TO LISTEN
Save the Date - January 11th

Join us for a special webinar presented by Podiatry Content Connection on Tuesday, January 11th. The folks at PCC are our go-to experts for improving your online presence and attracting new patients.

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Speak Up, DPMs!
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TRICKS OF THE TRADE - Tips for Exhibitors
How to Reach Young Physicians
Article by Ann Dosen
Scroll down to read this month’s tip for meeting planners. I have the same tip for podiatry suppliers this month. Go read the tip for meeting planners. We must stand out if we want to have any hope of catching – and keeping – the attention of the younger physicians.

PS – it feels so weird for me to write about reaching a “younger” audience. Aren’t I still young? I feel like that old Grandma who starts every conversation with, “Back in my day, dearie…”
Speak Up, Exhibitors!
Formerly known as the Exhibitor Vote-N-Go
How many podiatry conferences do you plan on exhibiting at in person during 2022?
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90-Day Meeting Outlook
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Featured Meeting
SAM 2022 - January 26-30, 2022
Why should you attend or exhibit at SAM 2022?

The Florida Podiatric Medical Association's annual SAM (Science & Management) conference is always a good one. However, the past couple years we have noticed the FPMA leadership and staff is working over time to make changes based on feedback from attendees and exhibitors. They actually listen, care, and make improvements. Each year is better than the last. We will be there and you should too!
TRICKS OF THE TRADE- Ideas for Meeting Planners
Struggling to Reach Young Physicians? We hear you.
Article by Ann Dosen
Recently we scheduled several sessions with Young Physicians to discuss their thoughts on in-person meetings. Our goal is to find out what young physicians are looking for when selecting their meetings, including locations, content, cost, time of year, and more. Here’s the problem we ran into – only 10% of people that signed up for a session actually showed up! We did our best to schedule sessions on days and at time when we felt physicians would be able to attend and we even gave away prizes to get their attention.

This was frustrating, to say the least. I thought a lot about why this happened and how the problem is not unique to us – meeting planners probably deal with the same issue. So, what’s the answer? How do we grab the attention of young physicians AND keep them engaged? I won’t claim to have the perfect solution but here are a couple of tips:

Find a leader. You’ve heard of influencers, right? You need an influencer, or ambassador to reach young physicians for you. Find a group of motivated, connected young physicians to help spread your message to their colleagues. Consider incentivizing the group somehow. Young physicians are influenced by their peers – and that’s not a bad thing. They rely on suggestions from friends, online reviews, and other word of mouth feedback to make a decision.

I came across this article recently from Your Membership, “Five tips for working with influencers at your association”. Check it out for more tips.

Be in their faces – constantly. Most times when we (the collective “we”, meaning all of us) plan our email marketing or communication strategy, we are mindful to avoid over communication. We don’t want to bombard busy physicians with our emails. Right? Yes, that is true for many physicians. However, I have found it is not true for young physicians.

Think of it the way a retail company thinks of it. Take, for example, Bath & Body Works (relevant to me because they recently had their annual “Candle Day” and I’ve been reading their emails every day for weeks so I didn’t miss it). I received at least one, sometimes two emails from Bath & Body Works every single day for the past several weeks. Sure, I didn’t open every one but I at least saw the message in my inbox, read the headline, and sometimes scanned through the email. While I may not have read every word of every email, seeing it in my inbox served as a reminder to keep an eye out for Candle Day news.

I believe this method will work for busy young physicians as well. They are used to getting emails for everything, multiple emails, and they serve as a reminder of a commitment. They need the constant messaging so the reminder is kept “top of mind”. When you are promoting your event or communicating important details, schedule multiple emails about it. More than you think you should.

Try segmenting your email database so young physicians are in their own group. That way, you can schedule a bunch of emails for them, while only scheduling a few for the other segment of physicians. 
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