December, 2018
Message from Rick and Brian:

We are very pleased to issue our 2 H 201 8 EYP MCF newsletter! The reaction to our initial communication was extremely positive and we look forward to continuing to reach out to our client and partner community to share news on the firm’s accomplishments, new technical concepts and ideas, as well as important industry information beneficial to our ecosystem.
What's New
EYP MCF Webinar Series (Videos available)
A special invite for you, a series of 3 webinar recordings available on demand
Webinar 1
 Data Center Sourcing for enterprise organizations and institutions.

Date: November 9th, 2018
Webinar 2
Understanding the economic advantages of a hybrid cloud environment.
  Date: November 16th, 2018
Webinar 3
Operate your data center effectively
Date: November 30th, 2018
Data Center Management – Cleaning out the Stove Pipes
By Ian Levine

December is upon us and in the northern parts of the US it is the annual return to colder temperatures, hats and sweaters, snow tires, and cleaning out the stove pipes. Anyone familiar with burning wood is familiar with cleaning out the stove pipe so that waste can be efficiently carried away and there is much less risk of burning down the house.
Retro-Commissioning /Recommissioning in an active Data Center
We all know commissioning is the process of confirming that the completed building and systems meet the design criteria for function and capacity after construction, but what is retro-commissioning?
Technical Corner
Recording from the Fall 7x24 conference
Panel: Battery Technology
Hosted by Steve Shapiro

This panel discussion will present available UPS chemical battery technologies including the latest innovations in Lead Acid Valve Regulated and Flooded Cells as well as Lithium Ion and future battery technologies. Reuse of electric vehicle batteries, battery recycling technology and the future of battery ecology will be discussed. We will review the pros and cons of each technology, application of the tech as well as review total cost of ownership case studies for the various technologies. Panelists have extensive experience in the design, application and ongoing use of batteries for UPS support. Each panelist will provide a short presentation on the technology, case studies and TCOs will be reviewed and then the floor will be open to questions. 
zColo by Zayo

EYP MCF has been selected for the UPS design upgrade at two of the their locations. One in Denver, Colorado and the other in Oakbrook, IL.

EYP MCF is working with Databank to provide site due diligence and evaluations for a number of confidential properties across the United States.
 Confidential Automotive Client

EYP MCF has been selected to help assist with the implementation of their new data center as a Trusted Advisor.

Confidential Service Provider

EYP MCF has been selected for numerous commissioning engagements across multiple data center properties.
Confidential Federal Client

EYP MCF has been selected for the Construction Administration and Comm issioning documentation for their facility expansion.

 Confidential Pharmaceutical Client

EYP MCF has been selected to perform facilities and IT assessments at multiple locations around the world.

Confidential Aerospace Client

EYP MCF is designing the critical engineering infrastructure for a confidential, secure federal agency integrated by a Confidential Aerospace client.
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