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LMF: Moving Lifestyle Medicine Forward
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Roberto Almeida, MD,

Paran�, Brazil


Ana Carolina Barbosa, MD, Private Practice

S�o Paulo, Brazil


Amit Batra, MD, 

Crossover Health

Fremont, CA


Stacey Bell, DrSC, Nutrient Foods

Boston, MA


Amy Bidwell, PhD, 

State University of New York at Oswego

Oswego, NY


Shelly Bhowmik, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Baltimore, MD


Suzannah Bozzone, MD, Sonoma Valley Hospital

Sonoma, CA


Edsel Regin Cabaluna, MD, Adventist Medical 

Loma Linda, CA


Michelle Canning, BS, East Bay Physicians Medical Group

Richmond, CA


Dori Coetzee, MS, RDN, Optimal Lifestyle and Health        

Huntington Beach, CA


Sylvia Cramer, DrPH, 

Beaver Medical Clinic

Redlands, CA


Robert Darling, MD, 

Patronus Medical

Ashburn, VA


Nick Delgado, PhD, Delgado Protocol

Costa Mesa, CA


Carl DePaula, MD,

Indian Health SERVICE

Tahlequah, OK


Lorie Eber, JD, Lorie Eber Wellness Coaching

Tustin, CA


Vincent Fonseca, MD, 

Intellica Corporation

San Antonio, TX


Stacey Funt, MD, Physician

Huntington, NY


Joi Gleason, MS, RD, 

Boston Heart Diagnostics

Beverly, MA


Peggy Gurrad, MD,

NW Permanente

Anacortes, WA


Timothy Guthrie, MD,

Private Practice

Sequim, WA


Kelley Hagerich, MD, MPH, VA San Diego Healthcare System

San Diego, CA


Michelle Hauser, MD, MPA, Stanford University

Redwood City, CA


Bobbie Hudson, MSN, FNP-C, FNP, Adventist Health

Oroville, CA


Joseph Ingemi, MPE, BPE, FitChoice

Malden, MA


Charise Ivy, MD, Ivy Medical Associates

Sierra Madre, CA


Scott Krishel, MD, Physician

San Diego, CA           


Katy Kropf, DO, Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Athens, OH


Mark Kurzman, MD,


Los Angeles, CA


John La Puma, MD,

Chef Clinic

Santa Barbara, CA


David Lowe, MD,

Adcare Plus

Somis, CA


Michael Mercado, MD,

United States Navy

Laguna Niguel, CA


Rachele Pojednic, EdM, PhD, ILM & Harvard Medical School

Boston, MA


Wendy Rheault, PhD,

Rosalind Franklin University

Glencoe, IL


Beth Ann Riley, BSN,

Golden SDA Church

Lakewood, CO


Lisa Schmidt, MS, 

The Mindful Nutritionist

Scottsdale, AZ


Diane Schuh, BS, MS,


Kaukauna, WI


Werner Spangehl, BSc, MD, George Street Family Practice

British Columbia, Canada


Maryellen Stamos, BSN, Cardiac Therapy Foundation

Saratoga, CA


Janet Teixeira, MSS,

Cancer Care Connection

Newark, DE


Sara Wilson, MPAS, PA-C, Infinity Internal Medicine

Gilbert, AZ 


Paiyuam Asnaashari,

Western University of Health Sciences

Claremont, CA

Vashron Chapple, MPH, Take Care Health

Gilbert, AZ

Princess Robemae Donasco, BSNtr,


Bi�an, Philippines

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute

Cleveland, OH

Janine Gilarde, BSN,

Coaching for Healthy Living

Waltham, MA

Paula Gustafson, MD, MBA, Major Hospital

Columbus, IN

Alshafie Hassan, MD,

Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group

Bonita, CA

Felkak House, MS,

Seventh-day Adventist

Antioch, CA

Lo Gina House, RN, BSN, Kaiser Permanente

Antioch, CA

Angeline Huang, MD,

Kaiser Permanente

Fairfax, VA

Barbara Hughes, MSN, APRN-RX, VA

Kailua Kona, HI

John Kasawa, MD, MPH, CMSS

La Mesa, CA

Rachel Knox, MD, MBA, Carolinas Medical Center

Charlotte, NC

Scott Morcott, MD, FAAFP, PathFinder Health

Lake Forest, IL

Gunadhar Panigrahi, MD, Sentara Cardiology Specialists

Virginia Beach, VA

Francois Prizinski, DPT, PhysioGreen, LLC

Charlotte, NC

Vuk Sekicki, MD, 

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Silver Spring, MD

Jay Seymour, MD, MPH, Cadence Physicians Group

Wheaton, IL

Clifton Thomas, MD,

Private Practice

Nacogdoches, TX

Jennifer Ward, MD,

Griggs Orthopedics

Crested Butte, CO

Lorri Zenoni, DrPH,

Fuel Trainer

Sandy, UT
Upcoming Events Calendar


CHIP Facilitator Training Workshop

Jan. 26-27, 2015

Fort Myers, FL


Preventive Medicine 2015

Feb. 25-28, 2015

Atlanta, GA


Healthy People in Healthy Communities 2015

March 9-11, 2015

Loma Linda, CA

Lifestyle Medicine in Action
    December 2014
The President's Report 

David L. Katz, MD, MPH


More Than a GLiMMER of Hope

This is not your garden-variety newsletter column. This is an audience participation exercise.  Folks, ACLM needs $244,000* - and your voice- to change the world. Well, $244,129 to be exact, if you happen to have the cash.

That's the final budget for a fully fleshed out version of the GLiMMER project proof-of-principle pilot
I described at our (may I say: phenomenal!) meeting in San Diego. Many of you, I trust, were there. 

For those who were not, I shared that I, too, have a dream. Mine is quite simple in many ways. We have known- beyond doubt, debate, or dispute- for literal decades how to prevent fully 80% of all major chronic disease: heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, dementia, etc. My dream is, simply, this: let's use what we know. As you know if you were there, the audience in San Diego kindly indulged me as I dreamed, and they looked on.

But I am, in fact, no starry-eyed dreamer. I know that dreaming of a better future will not make it so. I know the best way to predict with confidence a future worthy of our dreams- is to create it.

Make no mistake: we could create a future in which 80% of all chronic disease goes away. That, I suspect, is what draws us all to lifestyle medicine in the first place: its incredible, transformative potential to advance the human condition. We don't need new Nobel Prizes to realize that potential. We just have to devise a way to get past the noise and nonsense, the discord and distractions, the profiteering and politicking- and use what we know.

None of us has a monopoly on such fundamental truths, but none is required. There are variations on the theme of lifestyle as medicine.  But the theme is clear, compelling, and data-driven: eat food, not too much, mostly plants; be active; don't smoke; sleep enough; dissipate stress; cultivate strong social bonds. Feet, forks, fingers, sleep, stress, and love are the 6-cylinder engine of our enterprise.


*The first $100,000 pledge has been received toward this fundraising goal.

Read complete article at


ACLM - Beginnings, Challenges, Growth, and the Future  

Wayne Dysinger, MD, MPH        
Past President, ACLM


In March, 2004 John Kelly, MD, MPH conceptualized the need for a health care provider professional society whose members were dedicated to using lifestyle based interventions as the foundation of disease treatment and management.  Based on the initial response, both from professionals as well as the media, this was clearly an idea whose time had come.  Through Dr. Kelly's efforts ACLM moved beyond conception into a vigorous birth and on to an exciting infancy.  During his four years as ACLM President John developed a strong set of professional society bylaws, created membership and leadership systems, nurtured a strong advisory board, and worked hard to develop annual meetings and communication that brought and held us together.  Although it had a promising start, in some ways in those early days it felt as if ACLM was growing up in a foreign country where resources were scarce and infant mortality was high.  Although ACLM continued to grow and expand into a national and even international professional society, there were still times it seemed the organization wouldn't survive.


But the concept was clear, the need was real, and the foundation was strong.  ACLM did survive.  In February, 2008 Marc Braman, MD, MPH took over ACLM leadership.  Through his efforts ACLM moved on to toddlerhood and the pre-school phase.  Membership and financial tracking systems were solidified, a monthly newsletter was developed, and the legal and organizational tools needed to grow and expand were put in place.  Dr. Braman's dedication to ACLM progressed to the point that in late 2009 he was hired as ACLM's first Executive Director.  He continued in this role through February, 2013.  During his ED tenure Dr. Braman was able to create a Lifestyle Medicine Foundation which allowed tax deductible donations, and finally established a successful format for a stand alone annual meeting as a professional home for LM practitioners. 


In early 2013 ACLM again faced significant financial challenges.  A team of ACLM board members including George Guthrie, MD, MPH, Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, Mark Berman, MD, MPH, Wayne Dysinger, MD, MPH and others stepped up to the plate and pulled the organization through to an extremely successful annual meeting in October, 2013.  Credit for this success also needs to go to Lisa Gregory and Grace Stillar, the ACLM meeting leadership and support team.  The successful 2013 meeting allowed ACLM to hire Susan Benigas as their second Executive Director in March, 2014, adding another important key for future development.

The Lifestyle Medicine Foundation (LMF):
"Moving Lifestyle Medicine Forward"

Building the Power Source
The Lifestyle Medicine Foundation is building a scientific reference database, bringing the wealth of scientific horsepower into one usable place. This is a crowd-sourcing project. While we have staff coordinating and managing the database, we need as many as possible to help us pull that data together and put it into the engine. Why shouldn't many others benefit from the work you have done or are doing with your areas of interest and expertise? 

Email Koua at to learn how to be part of making positive change happen. Limited on time but want to help fuel this project? Make positive change happen with a year-end donation to the foundation.



Lifestyle Medicine 2014 was a huge success all thanks to our speakers, sponsors, board members, volunteers, staff, and of course the 500+ attendees!

Check out the attendee quotes, a photo gallery, and Visual Translations of some of the talks from Lifestyle Medicine 2014 on our event website.

The American College of Preventive Medicine
Preventive Medicine 2015: Imagining the Future to Enhance Prevention Today

Date: February 25-28, 2015

Location: Hyatt Regency Atlanta - Atlanta, GA

Preventive Medicine 2015 is the premier event for professionals in disease prevention and health promotion. The meeting advances the science of preventive medicine through state-of-the-art educational programming and abundant networking opportunities.

The conference features five (5) meeting tracks including: Clinical Preventive & Lifestyle Medicine, Population Health, Medical Quality, Technology & Informatics, and Global Health.

Visit their website for more information and to register.
Loma Linda University Presents: 
Healthy People in Healthy Communities 2015

Date: March 9-11, 2015

Location: Loma Linda University - Loma Linda, CA


Held on the beautiful campuses of and Loma Linda University, the 2015 Healthy People in Healthy Communities Conference encourages participants to Live It Active & Live It Happy.


Join in on discovering the key differences in motivation, participation, and healthy outcomes for Active Men and Active Women, to help you reach your goals, have strong relationships and live longer. We will uncover solutions for change to create Active Workplace Happiness, and help you avoid the workplace inactivity crisis. Come and explore how Active Technology seamlessly integrates fitness into your daily life, and ways geospatial information systems (GIS) can connect you within your community.


Visit their website for additional information.


Company: Intermountain Healthcare - LiVe Well Center
Position: Integrative Medicine Medical Director

Location: Park City, Utah

To oversee the day to day clinical operations of the LiVe Well Center (LWC) in Park City, lead Park City Medical Center's wellness efforts locally and be a recognized leader in prevention, optimizing health and wellness, and an integrative approach to medicine. Collaborate with Park City Medical Center's and Intermountain Healthcare's leadership to establish strategic direction and program development of the LWC and promote healthy lifestyles.

  • Competitive salary range ($175,000 to $220,000 per year depending on specialty and experience)
  • Full benefits package that include defined pension, 401k match, & CME.
  • All-purpose leave of up to 25 days per year.
  • Relocation provided, up to 15k.
For more information, or to apply:
Dallas Aste: - +1 (800) 888-3134

Research Summaries


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Behavioral Tx for Weight Loss Works in Primary Care Setting 


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Is Milk Your Friend or Foe?

FDA Announces New Calorie Rules for Restaurants

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How Hiking Is Good for Body and Mind 


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Exercising on a budget



ACPM Headlines 

Here are some of the stories found in the recent issue of ACPM's newsletter:  


Lifestyle Medicine in Action  

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Contributing Editors: Susan Benigas, Lisa Gregory, Lindsey Christensen 

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