"I couldn't think of anyone better."

The impressive Honor 200 list includes veteran attorney Ed Farmer, who writes the informational content used by attorneys on IL-AFLAN 's hotline. He also runs a law office for veterans.

Lucas Park said Ed is extremely deserving of this honor. "I met him around 2012 when I was starting to build a series of veterans projects and went to him for advice. In 2015, I lost funding for one of my projects and Ed sat me down and said, 'here's how you get funding.' He has spent the last seven or eight years that I've known him fighting for people. I couldn't think of anyone better."

"It's a great honor," said Ed. "Some prominent veterans are getting the award as well. Alan Lynch, who is a Medal of Honor winner, and Jennifer Pritzker are receiving it. I was shocked. I was nominated by a friend of mine who sent in a packet."

Ed said while he is excited to be receiving this honor, we need to promote IL-AFLAN more.

"I would like to see the number of callers increase. I know there are veterans out there that need our help, but they just don’t know about us yet.

My plan going forward is to create a legal blog that has some self-help articles on it for vets. I want them to be able to read legal resources, VA claims, establishing a veteran-owned business, or whatever it may be."