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December 2022 | Holiday Issue
Artist featured in header photo is Company Dancer Kylie Corrigan. Photo by Quinn Wharton.
Ballet Idaho's The Nutcracker Opens on December 9th!
It's the most wonderful time of the year. Why? It is Nutcracker Season! Ballet Idaho's The Nutcracker runs from December 9-18th and delights with a stunningly vivid confectionary version of the story so many know and love. Ballet Idaho's new and highly anticipated The Nutcracker opened to rave reviews in 2019, was closed during the pandemic, and then brought back to life last year.

Former Artistic Director Peter Anastos approached the Ballet Idaho Board of Directors in 2017 with the heavy realization that the decade-old production was in dire need of a refresh. The costumes were deteriorating and the set disintegrating. The Board acted quickly, endeavoring to produce a million-dollar capital campaign to fund the new production and have it ready within two years.

Anastos hired costume designer Margaret Mitchell, a 30-year industry juggernaut, whose designs typically fell more on the moody spectrum of period plays. Yet, when approached for this project, she "ran enthusiastically toward the enchanting and magical world of ballet." Delving into what a 7-year-old version of herself would want to see in The Nutcracker, Mitchell came up with a luminous and magical concept that included old-world textiles and fabrics, layers of color and dramatic silhouettes that reflected the Romantic Period, topped off with a light dusting of Idaho history and culture. After putting pen to paper for 200+ costumes, they needed to come to life. After weeks of perusing New York's garment district and procuring fabric and trim from all over the world, the costumes were then made in four different cities by over 40 costume makers. The result was astounding. The entrancing costumes are so saturated with color, texture, and magic that it's difficult to know whether to hold your breath or burst into applause.

Ballet Idaho is so grateful to Margaret Mitchell for her timeless and truly magnificent costume designs.

For a visual of how costumes can, quite literally, leap off the paper, keep scrolling.
Costume rendering and design by Margaret Mitchell
Drosselmeyer, danced by Company Member John Frazer, presents the Nutcracker doll, Company Member Cyrus Bridwell, at the party.
Set Design by Christopher McCollum. Costumes by Margaret Mitchell.
Photo by Mike Reid.
Costume rendering and design by Margaret Mitchell
Lead Artist Elizabeth Barreto dances the Sugarplum Fairy.
Set Design by Christopher McCollum. Costumes by Margaret Mitchell.
Photo by Mike Reid.
Costume rendering and design by Margaret Mitchell
Set Design by Christopher McCollum. Costumes by Margaret Mitchell.
 Photo by Mike Reid.
*A very special thank you to all of the donors who make Ballet Idaho's The Nutcracker possible and who continue to invest in the future of Ballet Idaho.
Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!
An interview with Ballet Idaho Costume Director, Keri Fitch,
during her busiest time of the year

CM: Keri, hello! This is your 5th Season with Ballet Idaho and your 4th full Nutcracker with Ballet Idaho. Can you tell us about your first Nutcracker ever?

KF: I previously designed a Nutcracker for a small local company in California for 2 years after graduating college. But I grew up watching the Nutcracker on tv, and in person, if there happened to be ballet company where we were living. The music and the costumes were magical and I was just enthralled with how the dancers made everything look so effortless.
CM: What is the biggest challenge for you in November and December of each Ballet Idaho Season? 

KF: Making the costumes fit multiple dancers in the performance casting. Some dancers repeat characters, others are completely new to parts. And then the Academy performers change every year.
CM: You’ve designed many shows for many companies. What is the biggest difference between costumes for dancers and costumes for actors?

KF: Costumes for dance need to allow the dancer freedom of movement and support the Choreographer's artistic vision. While costumes for actors start with the script and the Director's concept.

 CM: What is a hidden or unknown fact about your position as Costume Director?

KF: How much of the job is paperwork. Budgeting, purchasing, creating dressing lists, hair and makeup calls, and wardrobe tracking sheets so that every outfit and its accessories are documented and accounted for. That way the correct costume is with the appropriate dancer for each performance.
CM: What is the first thing you do after The Nutcracker is over and everything is cleaned and put away?

KF: Try very hard not to think about it over the holidays.

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