December 2021
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Xcel's Electric Resource Plan Heads to Public Utilities Commission

After months of judicial proceedings involving thousands of pages of testimony, Xcel Energy's proposed Electric Resource Plan (Proceeding 21A-0141E) is coming to a head, with Colorado's response to climate change playing a key role.
In November, the utility filed a proposed settlement that has the support of Denver, Boulder, the Colorado Solar and Storage Association, labor groups and others. But conservation groups including the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Colorado Renewable Energy Society do not endorse the settlement. Nor do some independent power producers and large power consumers.
Key disagreements are over issues such as how much longer Xcel should be permitted to burn coal, which is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas pollution, and whether to build new natural gas plants, or work harder to use renewables when the most power is needed. Some are also concerned that the commission does not have adequate information to assure that emissions reductions that are promised will actually happen under the new proposals.
At a hearing December 2, dozens of members of the public questioned whether the proposal is in the public interest. Many argued that Xcel should bear some of the cost of past poor decisions such as building the ill-performing Pueblo Unit 3 coal plant, rather than expect ratepayers to bear all the costs. Another major issue is how to ramp down the Pueblo Unit 3 plant before retirement.
The three members of the Public Utilities Commission will make a final determination after a hearing that is scheduled from December 8 until 17, if necessary.
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Upcoming Events

Jan. 31- Feb 2
Solar Power and Energy Storage Mountain West
Solar Power and Energy Storage Mountain West is the region's premiere solar and storage event. Hundreds of industry professionals will gather together at the Hilton Denver City Center from January 31st to February 2nd, 2022, to learn from leading industry professionals and network with decision makers from across the country. 
This three-day retreat will advance your understanding of new policy and its effects and will equip your business with the skills necessary to compete in the ever-developing industry. The conference will feature a plethora of networking opportunities throughout the event, from the VIP Opening Reception, networking lunch events, to the engaging Expo Hall.

Jan. 25 -- 7-9 pm
How and Why Air Source Heat Pumps are well suited for Colorado 

Northern Colorado CRES will host a discussion on how Air Source Heat Pumps are an excellent option for Coloradans to decarbonize residential space heating, including important considerations to take into account to ensure they're the right solution for your home. Stay tuned for additional event details over the coming weeks.

New Denver Solar Co-op launching
The City and County of Denver and the nonprofit organization Solar United Neighbors have partnered to launch the next Denver Solar Co-op. Residents and business owners who want to enjoy a simple process for going solar and save extra money can go together as a group. Income-qualifying members can also receive a $3,000 rebate off the cost of going solar! Learn more and sign-up:

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With heating bills expected to rise this winter, paying attention to your heat can help you cut costs.
CHEAP: Whether you have a programmable thermostat or not, you can cut costs by turning down the heat when you sleep and when you leave your home. Getting used to wearing a sweater indoors is an easy habit to adopt as well. Changing your furnace filter each month also can save energy.
STEEP: Before your furnace wears out is a good time to start reviewing options to get a more efficient system. Cold weather air source heat pumps are worth researching if you want to stop burning methane (a potent greenhouse gas) in your home. They are growing ever more available and rebates and other incentives are expected to grow.