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Happy Holidays from the IWL Team! 
What is the IWL Brand You Leadership Series?
In collaboration with our corporate and community partners IWL is now offering a continued training and development series. Each program focuses on key areas of leadership identified from the feedback we have received over the past four years from our clients and attendees of the annual IWL Women's Leadership Conference.
We are thrilled to announce the launch of this program in 2014. Registration opens January 6 and seats are limited.

Download our informational brochure HERE for more detailed information.

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Butler University Corporate & Executive Education 
Advancing Women In Leadership 
Advancing Women_Butler
Women continue to blaze the trail to advance to the top of organizations, currently holding about half of the country's managerial and professional jobs. While this is a dramatic increase from 20 years ago, women are still vastly underrepresented in the senior executive ranks.


As women navigate the path to higher management positions, they are challenged to define and develop their unique leadership style to enhance their effectiveness and impact in their organizations. Women must proactively manage their growth and development to prepare for the leadership roles they desire.


Through an action learning approach, Advancing Women in Leadership will help you uncover and integrate your unique strengths and qualities that will help you thrive and succeed in your current and future leadership roles.


Advancing Women in Leadership will be based in part on the Emotional Intelligence leadership methodology. To enhance real life learning, participants will participate in a variety of learning methodologies, including self-assessments, lecture, case study discussion, reflection, experiential and action-based role playing and peer coaching. Outcomes include 360-degree assessment, a personal leadership development plan and peer coaching skills.

Become a Conference Sponsor
Your chance to 
support the 2014 'Brand You' Women's Leadership Conference.
It is the support of our sponsors that make the annual IWL Women's Leadership Conference the success it has become. You or your organization has the opportunity to become a sponsor for this year's event. 


Benefits include: 

  • Complimentary conference registrations & parking
  • Ad space in the conference program
  • Day-long exposure to corporate leaders from over 120 leading Indiana Companies 
  • Exposure to individuals who represent corporate, non-profit and minority owned organizations and agencies
  • Recognition through email marketing, advertisements, social media and verbal announcements during the conference program
  • Participation in the post conference VIP Reception
Click HERE to download the 2014 IWL sponsorship prospectus and please contact Jennifer Holmes at jholmes@integratingwomanleaders.com to commit to becoming a sponsor today.  
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IWL 2014 Programs
We are proud to be partnering with Butler Corporate & Executive Education to offer the following year-long leadership development programs beginning in January 2014!
The Leader as Coach 
This program will explore
coaching roles in regard to individual roles and teams. We will explore coaching models and approaches and dive into examples and case studies that bring to life the week-to-week challenges that require our commitment to developing others, and necessarily draw on our effective coaching skills.
2014 Program Dates: January 30,  April 24, July 24, October 30
The Leader as Coach was a top-rated breakout session at the 2013 IWL 'Brand You' Women's Leadership Conference.

Leading Through Conflict 
This program will help you understand your own conflict style, sources of conflict in your life and prepare you to lead through conflict with increased confidence and competence. Topics include conflict triggers, understanding core needs in conflict, strategies for leading through conflict, building listening, inquiry and advocacy skills and conducting difficult conversations - all key elements to achieving conflict resolution.

2014 Program Dates: March 19, May 1, June 26

Attend all three sessions and receive a Certificate of Completion for Leadership Development from Butler University
Discounts are available to companies who send 2 or more employees 
Registration opens January 6, 2014
Seats are limited!

Download our informational brochure HERE for more detailed information including full program descriptions, dates, times, and prices.
Advancing Women_Butler

2014 "Brand You" IWL Women's Leadership Conference! 



Stay tuned to IWL news for information about conference speakers, theme and more exciting details! 


Five Actions Against Stereotypes

 By: Maggie Anderson, IWL Director of Marketing


Throughout any given day, others see you and automatically create a generalized belief about who you are. Researchers from NYU found that we have seven seconds to make a first impression.


The advantage is that we can react quickly based on our own past experience, however the downside is the rapid judgments we make. We automatically group people together based on their looks, body language, hair color and other factors. In doing so, we ignore the differences in others, the parts of their being that make them unique and we assume characteristics that may not be true.


Stereotypes are an element of culture that affects everyone. Regardless of your race, sexual orientation, religion or gender, you are in some way impacted by these generalizations.


In our daily interactions, we often allow stereotypes to affect much of how we perceive others, how we interact with our counterparts and how we speak about other people. Not only are we subject to stereotyping, each of us play a role in sustaining and aiding these stereotypes.



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