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December 2014


This will be our last newsletter of 2014!  As our Facebook newsfeed indicates, people are already gearing up for the 2015 run season and getting signed up for their goal races.  Some are still focused on some recovery, strength and technique work! And others are working hard at rebuilding with some rehab and treatment!  

Whatever your goals are for 2105 we wish you a safe and happy holiday season and hope to see you in the New Year!

The Runner's Academy
Not just legs!
You've maybe heard the term "runner's posture" before, or perhaps you have observed it from your car or from watching others on the trails.  Perhaps you have witnessed the infamous runner who doesn't seem to move their arms at all.
Both of these issues can contribute to poor mechanics and can be slightly detrimental to your overall run technique. 
As we have mentioned numerous times, posture is a key issue with running (not to mention life in general) and can inhibit important factors like breathing, power, speed and stability during running. 
Key points to assess for upper body:
Thoracic Spine/Chest mobility:  Do you have enough mobility in your upper back and ribcage to maintain proper breathing and alignment?  Or are you slumped over when you run or does your ribcage stick out and hinder your stability and breathing?
Shoulder Mobility:  Do you have enough mobility in your shoulders to maintain proper arm swing and allow the chest to stay open?
Core Stability:  Do you have enough stability in the core to keep you upright and keep your energy from leaking everywhere?  Do you have enough stiffness in the core to maintain a neutral spine while running? 
These are some of the points that every runner (and human) should address and maintain!  These points are also addressed in our Building Better Runners program!
 Stay healthy!
Feel Stronger, Run Stronger
Our 6 week Run Stronger classes will start again in the New Year.  We will likely offer two class options/week.  Stay tuned for more info!

Note: These classes address only strength, mobility and power for runners.  There is no running or run analysis involved in these classes.
Don't Forget The Holiday Season
Remember that next month is the season of giving.  Most of our services at The Runner's Academy can be purchased as gifts for a family member or friend!
Help someone become stronger, faster, healthier!
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Meet our Naturopath
 Dr. Ashley James is a board certified naturopathic doctor who specializes in sport nutrition and sport medicine. Dr. James has been employed as the team naturopathic doctor and nutritionist for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Marlies since 2010. In addition, Dr. James consults and provides sport nutrition advice and individualized meal planning for AHL, NCAA, CHL, OHL, CIS and minor hockey teams across North America.
Call us or email to find out more about an appointment!
Benefits of Massage Therapy
 Check out this great read on the benefits of Registered Massage Therapy.
Exercise of the Month   
  Good ole' Push Ups   
Push ups are a great exercise for core and upper body!  If you have never seen yourself from a side view when doing push ups, get a friend to video or take a photo.  You want to be able to maintain a neutral spine and pelvis throughout the entire movement!  This includes the neck! 
The elbows should come backwards on a slight angle when doing push ups. 
Keep that core strong!
Build up from the knees or on an incline to help!
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