Happy Holidays!

There is a chill in the morning air that truly feels like Winter. Make sure that children are dressing in layers for warmth and comfort throughout the day. Encourage hand-washing in this cold and flu season to help keep everyone healthy and well. 

The school has been enjoying several seasonal celebrations, from The Spiral of Lights to St. Nicholas' visit and we still have more to look forward to with our upcoming St. Lucia Day, the beloved Shepherd's Play put on by our teachers, and of course, our Winter Faire!

     St Nicholas and Rupert
On 12/6 St Nicholas and Rupert paid a visit to the grades children, a seasonal visit which is always anticipated and enjoyed greatly by the children. From St. Nicholas' Golden Book, he shared verses  written for each child and naughty Rupert made mischief and played silly tricks as usual. Special thanks to our volunteers John and Robert who made this come to life!
advent candle
    Upcoming Events:
During Main Lesson
Santa Lucia Day: Class 2 will visit the other students with songs, homemade buns, and good cheer

9 AM Crafting

11:15 Early Childhood Dismissal
11:30 Shepherd's Play
All  Families welcome
1:00 Dismissal (no aftercare provided unless you are a volunteer setting up Winter Faire)

1-5 PM Winter Faire

ENJOY 50% OFF select items
  Sycamore Hollow Holiday Sale
Monday 12/12- Saturday 12/17
Come check out our wonderful selection of toys, craft items, and handmade treasures.

Hours:  Mon. and Wed. 3-3:45

             Tues. and Thurs. 2:30-3:15

              Fri. closed  

Looking for those last few perfect holiday items? Some children have even created wish lists. See Kira to learn more!

Winter Faire Crafting

12/14 9AM

After drop off, come make items for Winter Faire.

Build community while you earn your volunteer hours!

Beginners and experienced crafters welcome! There is always something to do to help!

All materials and instructions provided.  

Winter Assembly 
12/16th, 11:30
Join us for the assembly with a special presentation by the faculty at 11:30 on Friday, December 16th

Please pack a snack and lunch as usual. The teachers will be providing a small treat following the assembly. 

Kindergarten and pre-K children will be dismissed at 11:15. Grades children will be dismissed  at 1:00. Please note that aftercare will be available only for those children whose parents are setting up for the Winter Faire. 

    Winter Faire 12/17, 1-5 PM
Be sure to check the community board for your Winter Faire assignment. Email Maggie Stec with any questions about your tasks

I nvite friends to come to the festival. It is a magical event for the children and a great way for people to get to know our school.
Lost and Found
 Dear Parents,
The lost and found will be emptied and cleaned out over Winter Break.  Please check if your child has any belongings there.  All leftover items will be donated.  The lost and found is located in front of the office, across from the door.

Thank you.
Martinmas Clothing Drive 
As part of our Martinmas celebration, The City School hosted a coat and clothing drive. The second grade has been busily gathering, counting, and sorting all items and are so proud that they have so much clothing. Our most successful clothing drive yet, with 50 full boxes donated so far!
Thank you so much for your generosity!

  Annual Giving Packets are on their way! You can expect your class annual giving representative to be contacting you soon. Additionally, we are always looking to expand our circle of donors.  Please consider if you have any extended family or local business connections who might also be interested in making a contribution to our beautiful school.
  Community Forum    
1/10/17, 3 PM (if requested)

The College of Teachers are eager, ready and interested to entertain questions and receive comments from the parents of our school community, and have scheduled the first Tuesday of every month at 3 PM in the Assembly Hall for this purpose.   Kayti Henry (College Chair) needs to receive an RSVP at  mskayti@valleywaldorf.org or a call the school office at (818) 776-0011 with agenda items no later than the Friday preceding the first Tuesday of the month.  
The deadline for submitting agenda items for the January meeting is 1/6/17.   
                                 The City School                          
  (818) 764-1847
I hope you are enjoying the new mobile-friendly format of our newsletter. If you are interested in contributing to the school newsletter or know anyone who is not currently on our mailing list and would enjoy receiving it, please email Sarah Northrip  in the school office.