December 2018                                                                                                          Issue: 27
Hepatitis Coordinators in Mongolia
FIRE and the Ulaanbaator Rotary Club worked with the Health Center of Saga University, Japan to organize a training for the nation's first "Hepatitis Coordinators" in Töv province. A visiting specialist from Saga University trained 108 participants including health care workers, social workers, and health insurance inspectors from across Töv province. This was a pilot training program aimed at creating awareness and increasing participation in the national "Healthy Liver" program.

The Government of Mongolia launched the national "Healthy Liver" program in May 2017. Since its launch, only 47% of those eligible for free testing have voluntarily participated. Of those who have been screened, less than 35% of those who tested positive for hepatitis C have followed through on getting treatment.

Participation in screening activities for viral hepatitis and follow-up examinations and anti-viral treatment need to be improved across Mongolia to stay on target for eliminating hepatitis C by 2020. The best way to accomplish this is to share basic information about viral hepatitis with the general population, encouraging people to get tested and treated. The hepatitis coordinators will work closely with local health care facilities to educate the community one-on-one, person-to-person directing them to be tested and assisting them with treatment.

The training of 108 professionals in Tov province to be Hepatitis Coordinations. Click the photo to view a photo album of the training.
Winter Food Distribution in Nepal
On October 29, 2,300 pounds of food were delivered to 6 of the most vulnerable elders, lacking family support, in Langtang. This was enough food to last through winter. Food included basics such as rice, buckwheat flour, cooking oil, tea, onion and powdered milk. This was the fourth distribution of food and supplies FIRE has done in Langtang since the 2015 earthquake. View the photo album.

Norsang with some of his food. Click the above photo to view a photo album of the food distribution.
$20,000 for 20 years of work!!
We're celebrating  20 years of work with  a $20,000 matching donation!!

This Giving Season, every donation up to $20,000 will be matched, giving FIRE  $40,000 to kick off our third decade of life changing and life saving programs in Mongolia and Nepal!

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$50 = Full course of viral hepatitis B vaccines for three people.
$200 = Comprehensive liver screening for eight rural, uninsured Mongolians.
Two Nepal Volunteer Trips in 2019
March 27 - April 14   &   June 7 - 23  

March 27 - April 14: This will be FIRE's first medical trip in Langtang, Nepal. A tea m from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) will join us to help establish the infrastructure for long-term medical programing. We will set up a patient tracking system, provide tuberculosis testing and pneumonia vacations. Medical and non-medical volunteers are needed for FIRE's pioneer medical program in Nepal!  Learn more....

June 7 - 23 This trip will have a medical focus of physical therapy and eyes as well as having opportunities or non-medical volunteers  Learn more....

  • March 27 - April 14, 2019
    Volunteer Trip, NEPAL
  • June 7 - 23, 2019
    Volunteer Trip, NEPAL
  • September, 6-17, 2019
    MONGOLIA Tour Trip
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Mongolia Eagle Festival Trip in 2019
Come with us to Mongolia in 2019!
September 6 - 18 

This FIRE-led tour trip covers many of the highlights of Western Mongolia including Tavan Bogd National Park, horse riding and hiking, archeological sites, private ger stays with eagle hunting families and culminates with the two-day Altai Eagle Festival. If you want more than just a taste of Western Mongolia, this is the trip.

For more information, please contact us at or 928-779-2288, or visit our Mongolia Tour Trip page.

Mongolian Gers (Yurts)
Rent got you down? Dreaming of life in a yurt? Now you can get your very own traditional Mongolian ger (yurt) and help FIRE's community development projects in Mongolia.

Contact us for details!

Own a unique and beautiful piece of nomadic heritage with a Mongolian ger !
PO Box 22187, Flagstaff, AZ 86002