The POA Office will be closed on the days of December 24th, 27th and 31st.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Our kick off for the Holiday Season will be at Quail Point Lodge (QPL) on December 6, at 4:30 pm for the Horseshoe Bay POA Members. Mary has a great event planned – don’t miss it! Remember that our final Board Meeting of the Year will be early this month on December 8, 9 am, at QPL.   
Our Safety Tip of the Month is once again – Please be careful while putting up your holiday lights! Be extra careful with ladders! On high ladders – have a watcher/holder. It would be best to hire a professional.  Now that we might have some cold weather, be careful with indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits. Indoors – make sure the chimney is clean and that your fire place has good ventilation; and for both indoor and outdoors, make sure the fire is completely out before you go to bed!  It’s a good time to check the batteries in your smoke, heat, and CO2 detectors. It also helps to open your flue if you don’t want smoke or fumes in the house. 
Our Good Neighbor Tip of the Month is – Its time to reduce your outdoor watering – turn your sprinklers way down or off. I put on hose bib covers. I do not recommend “dripping” outdoor water bibs – just wastes water, and if it gets that cold for that long – the hose bib will freeze up anyway.  Last year was the first time in my 45 years of experience here that we had an electrical problem - so I expect PEC has corrected our substation issue. If you are going to be gone for an extended period, make sure to keep your heat on, but at a lower setting. Ask a neighbor to watch your house, and remember you can call the police department for “house checks.”  One year I left a garage door open, and Chief Bill Lane had a great time every year reminding me! Don’t forget to weatherize the boat; and if you have a pool, and a serious freeze is forecasted, shut off the automatic fill and consider running the pool pump on low.  Keep 7 gallons per person of bottle water and some extra food. If the roads are icy and you do not have a four wheel or front wheel drive vehicle, snow tires, or chains – stay home! For all emergencies – dial 911! 
Now for December items: Welcome our new team members Kirstie Howard and Omar Webb. Kirstie is helping with our “Neighborly Assistance and Compliance Program” and Omar is helping with Public Relations & Communications. Check out our Webpage improvements!
1. December 1st – Brush clearing, trash and dead tree removal starts at the Mausoleum!  Thanks to Chuck Bard for getting this done! There should not be any work during the Holidays, but the contractor expects to be done by the end of January. 
2. Linda, Sandra and staff expect to get approval from the Board at the meeting on Dec 8th for our new “Neighborly Assistance and Compliance Program.” Thanks to Elizabeth Pitts and Dolly Morgan at the Resort, and Jeff Koska and the Code Compliance Officer Dan Ross at the City for coordinating with us and helping us put this program together.
3. In planning, we have moved our Trail and Pavilion project for Horseshoe Bay West up into our planning efforts for FY’22. This project will link the Nature Park with a trail to the vicinity of Wolf Creek Road.  
4. We will continue coordination meetings on yard lights, entrance improvements, new Mail Box Kiosks; Bay West Blvd improvement; as well as trails, parks, and the campground. 
Write us if we are missing anything at; Linda at; or Sandra at
Many thanks for your support over the last calendar year, and to our Staff for their hard and excellent work!     
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes,

Mike t
Meet Our New Team!
For the past couple of months, we here at the POA have been working day and night to provide you with the resources you need to feel at home. With the Board Of Directors approval, the POA office now is fully staffed with two brand new employees! They are ready to ensure that our members get the answers they need and solutions they want!

We are excited to introduce Omar Webb and Kirstie Howard to our team!
“Starting my Public Relations career at a place that provides me free range to expand my creative mind is a job that I am looking forward to working at!” 
 "With the return to this beautiful community, I'm excited and nervous about my journey here...but I know with this great team I am joining it's going to be a fantastic ride!"
Wood Carvers

The HSB Wood Carvers meet weekly on Tuesdays from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM at Quail Point in the Poker Room. They welcome all men and women, whether experienced or beginning, who are interested in continuing or learning the art of wood carving. All you need to bring is your carving tools, something to carve, and join them for fun and fellowship while you do your wood carving.
Veterans Day Event
Veterans Day is a nationally known holiday in which we celebrate and thank all Veterans that have served in every branch of the United States Armed Forces.
Former Marine and guest speaker Marquis Cantu gave a powerful speech about his time as a Veteran and his involvement not only as a Texas Ranger but also apart of Operation Desert Storm.
The Veterans Day Event was a very magical and wholesome moment. We got to experience the stories and moments with our fellow veterans throughout the day!
Major General Don Eckelbarger who
graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, joined us for this beautiful event! He participated in cutting the cake and took a photo with Sandra Moravtiz.
We would like to thank all the Veterans who came out to this special event at Quail Point Lodge on November 11th. We would also like to give a big shoutout to our very own Erin Welch, who served in the Air Force during her time in the military!
Mary Daniel presented Mike Thuss with a 5 Year Certificate of Appreciation on November 17th, 2021 at the monthly HSB POA Board Meeting.

Mary expressed her gratitude for Mike's dedication and hard work for the past 5 five years towards the betterment of the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners' Association.