Volume 14 | Issue 164 I December 2020
"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10
Your GIVING in Review...
2020 has been a year of challenges and miracles. Our ministry exists to serve others. So, when the pandemic hit in early spring, Strong Tower Ministries had to shift one of its major focuses from hosting thousands of volunteers seeking to serve over the upcoming months to addressing the needs of thousands of locals being hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis. However, what was a shock and an unexpected adjustment period for most of us this year did not catch our God by surprise. HE has continued working through hearts like yours to bring comfort to those that mourn losses, healing to the sick, hope to the hopeless, and the promise of better days to come.

Baja Survival Needs Project

A large portion of your donations during 2020 were directed towards our ongoing Baja Survival Needs project. This project is designed to meet the unexpected needs of individuals, families, and other ministries, along with community disaster relief. For more information please visit our website project page Baja Survival Needs. Below are some examples of how your donations benefited others:

  • Thousands of dollars in medical supplies have been procured and transported to help sustain our ministry partners as they continue to serve their communities during the pandemic.
  • Over 200,000 meals have been procured, provided, and distributed through local churches and partnering ministries. Meals have consisted of pre-packaged food, groceries purchased locally to help support the local economy, and donated food transported across the border.
  • Provided funding for a volunteer pilot to LIFE FLIGHT a teenage girl (who had been badly burned by hot water being thrown on her during a sexual assault), to seek follow-up treatment at a California hospital.
  • Provided financial support to an American missionary in Baja for a medical procedure.
  • Procured and transported donated vehicles into Baja to help families with transportation needs.
  • Provided funding to assist an American missionary family with an adoption/visa matter.
Operation Thanksgiving THANKFULNESS Report
With the craziness of 2020, it's no big surprise that our annual "Christmas" outreach this year ended up being a "Thanksgiving" outreach. This year we partnered with Calvary Chapel Rancho Libertad in La MisiĆ³n. AND WE WERE THANKFUL! Over 300 local people attended the government permitted event. All those in attendance heard a Thanksgiving message of hope, sang songs of worship, received prayer, received a Thanksgiving turkey meal with all the fixin's, enjoyed a day of crafts and games with the kids, and left with some groceries.

Thanks to the 40+ local volunteers and 20 additional volunteers that traveled from across the border to make the day a big blessing for all. We would also like to thank those that donated financially for the cooking stoves, blankets, and other essential items given to families in attendance. Finally, thank you to the 20 turkey makers, dozens of cookie bakers and goodie bag assemblers, and all those praying behind the scenes, making this such a memorable event.

Introducing Gabriela Olimpia Velazquez
Strong Tower Ministries would like to introduce you to one of our founding Mexican AC Board Members. Gaby was born in Mexicali B.C.and has lived in Ensenada since the age of 3. She credits her mom for being the role model she most admires. It's no secret her passion is working with children in every area conceivable; including defending and enforcing their rights. Gaby holds a graduate degree in Business Administration and a masters in International Children's Rights. She has also worked as an administrator with DIF (Mexico's governmental social services).

As hard as we have tried to get her exclusively, Gaby has been with our partnering ministry Genesis Diez for the past 20 years. She's currently serving as the Executive Director. She also sits on multiple ministry boards and serves at her home church.

If you have met Gaby, you know she has the ability to "light up a room" with her smile, positive attitude, and willingness to help others. We are privileged to be able to serve beside her in this ministry. When asked where her endless energy comes from, she replied, "I am convinced of the greatness of God and that He gives us talents and abilities in different ways and proportions. When we discover what comes from Him, work becomes service and joy is infinite."