December 2014 Edition
Dear beloved,

It is with much gratitude in my heart that I write this 2014 December Newsletter. The Lord has done over and above all that we could ever have dreamed or imagined and we are speechless as we contemplate His goodness to us. So many have a similar testimony and I join in praising God on your behalf.

For some, the year has been most challenging. I have walked alongside some in the depths of despair. To those who can identify with this, I say the enemy tried but did not succeed. Papa God won the day because you are still standing, so we give Him thanks. He will make perfect all that concerns you, as we enter into the Year 2015.

In His Presence
I would like to commend all those who have faithfully read our monthly newsletter and received what the Holy Spirit has been revealing. To those who have encouraged us (including writing to us) and those who have prayed for us through the year, we say thank you. We are grateful to God who has helped us stay focused in His Presence inspite of all the competing distractions.

As we enter into the Year 2015, I want to borrow a leaf from the example of John, the writer of the fourth Gospel. He was the one that leaned... (on the bosom of Jesus) at the last supper and I want to lean completely on Jesus. John was the only disciple at the cross with Jesus such that Jesus could entrust the care of His mother Mary to Him. John must have gotten great insights from Mary while she was in his care. What a privilege it is to carry responsibility given to us by Jesus. I want to be available to carry whatever the Lord entrusts to me.

While John was exiled on the Island of Patmos, he received revelation of Jesus, which he gave to the world in The Book of Revelation. He got to understand Jesus' love for His bride, The Church. I would like to better understand the concept of receiving God's love, responding to it and loving others as commanded in John 13:34. The Church gained much from his time in exile.

This is why the Lord is calling us deeper and deeper into the place of intimacy, where knowing whose we are and whom we are, in other word, knowing our identity in Christ, He will then manifest Himself to us and through us to the world, as the world cannot see Him.

Lets look at the word 'manifest';

Manifest means 'to cause to shine', 'to appear', 'to come to view', 'to reveal', 'to exhibit', 'to make visible', 'to present oneself to the sight of another'. Here in John 14:21 it means 'emphanidzo' which is the self-revelation of Jesus to believers. So dear Church, Isaiah 60:1 calls us to arise and shine, for our light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon us.

Jesus told us that He only does what He sees the Father doing (John 8:28b). In John 14:12 &16, Jesus gives us an amazing promise; That we would do all that He did and more, as He was going back to God the Father and the Father would send the Holy Spirit to empower us. In John 14:15, He says that our love for Him will enable us obey His commandments.  

The reason we can accomplish this is because Jesus has asked the Father to send us the Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth, Our Helper, so we can lean and rely completely on Him. We will thus have the Person and the Power of the Holy Spirit in us as believers. If everything in life were easy, we would not need the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised to manifest Himself to the disciples and all believers through the ages, because, He would be in God and we would be in Him through the Holy Spirit. Jesus thus wants to manifest Himself to the world through you and me who love Him.  

Going into the year 2015, my greatest desire is to be empowered and overtaken by the Holy Spirit. God's Spirit of Truth (The Holy Spirit). We all require truth about our life situation, businesses, challenges and all the above.

Manifest ('em-fan-id-zoe' in Greek) means a combination of 'in' (em') and 'to cause to shine' ('phaino').
Jesus is saying here that as we go into 2015, He is looking for people to inhabit, for people to want Him to come and dwell in them. As He manifests Himself to His Bride, the Church, she will arise in the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Glory of God will shine forth unto the ends of the earth. The Church will thus accomplish Jesus' promise to do all and more than He did.

Ephesians 4:12 reminds us that the church is responsible for equipping, empowering, enabling and enlightening believers.

Arise therefore Church; arise Bride of Christ as we enter 2015 together! We are God's plan A, there is no plan B!

God bless you.


Conference at New Life Fellowship International, Mumbai - November 2014.
Mina Bajomo went to minister in New Life Fellowship International Church, Mumbai pastored by Shekhar and Lavina Kallianpur, with a ministry team from Holy Trinity Swiss Cottage. The Lord came to satisfy the hunger and expectations of His people.
He poured out His love, and it was an amazing time in His Presence. Photos below;
L-R: Mina, Sharon, Lavina, Trish, Jeanie & Sue
Upcoming Event
The date for the Randy Clark's Kingdom Harvest Conference is;
26 - 28, March, 2015. Some information on the event is already available on the Global Awakening Website. Click Here to Check.

Please, save the date in your diary and spread the word throughout our nation. We are expecting much more from The Lord for 2015 conference.

The conference is free, however participants will need to register to control numbers. Full programme details will be available mid-January, and registration will begin then. Please mobilize your congregations to register on time.

Also, pray for the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the upcoming conference.
May the Lord continue to uphold and preserve you all.

God's blessings,  


Femi and Mina Bajomo
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