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Holiday Happiness Recipe

 December, 2011

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There is so much to do and so many wonderful holiday activities happening around us this time of year that I wanted to make this newsletter short and to the point.


Follow the recipe below and may it bring you warmth in your heart and peace in your mind.  Even if you, yourself, don't celebrate a holiday this time of year, learn about a holiday to which you have little knowledge in order to better connect with others around you who do.


If you are not near any family or friends, many local charity organizations welcome volunteers to join them in making this time of year special for those who have little.  Check your local town websites for more information.


If you are in need of my services during this holiday season, please give me a call.  Having a neutral party to talk with can be very healing in sorting out holiday challenges.


Please forward this email to someone you know who may benefit from its content.


Until next year.......




Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFTA

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From The Positive Perspective.......


Holiday Happiness Recipe


1       Afternoon of planning your priorities for the season


2-3   All Time Favorite holiday movies or TV Shows

            (my favorites are Rudolph The Red-Nosed

             Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town)


1-3   Hours Calling relatives/friends you won't see for

         the holidays to catch up


1       Gift for yourself


2       Holiday events around town


2       Opportunities to Give Time/Talent to others 

         in need  


Time with Family and Friends "to Taste"



Start this recipe with deciding what your priorities are for the season and write them down.  Create a holiday spirit by mixing in 2-3 holiday movies or TV shows along with connecting to those you know you won't see to wish them well.  Slowly add in a meaningful reward or gift for yourself for being the best you could be this year.  While all that is cooking, prepare the "topper" of planning to take part in 2 holiday events around town to remind you of why this time of year is special.  Finish it all off with giving of your time and talent to at least 2 individuals/organizations in need and adding in local family and friends to taste.


There you have it. 


Enjoy a safe, healthy and happy month of December.  It helps to look at the holiday season From The Positive Perspective.......


I welcome feedback regarding the newsletter or questions about my practice.  I can be reached at  I cannot, however, give advice through email. For more information on my practice please visit my website:

I wish you well...