December 2013
Issue: #14

The full moon of December marks Datta Jayanti, a celebration of the universal trinity.


Kaliji's trip to India began with the 11th Annual Global GIta Conference held at SGS Ashrama in Mysore.

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On December 8th, Kaliji gave a trinity of LIVE programs through the Kriya site: Jnana yoga, YogaFlow, and a Nada yoga program.

Upcoming programs in Europe
Kaliji will travel to Europe twice in the next few months: 
February 1-2 at the Inside Yoga Conference in Wels, Austria
March 28- April 2 in Munich, Germany
 April 4-5 in Vienna, Austria
April 7-9 in Moscow, Russia

December 1st, Kaljii inaugurated HAMSA, the music and visual center in Georgetown, KY, with the first TriYoga program.  All enjoyed the expansive energy in the rolling hills.

Upcoming programs in USA
January 3-5 TY 34 Celebrations in Malibu
January 17-19 TY 34 Celebrations in Santa Cruz
March 7-9 at TriYoga Boston
April 25-27 Level 4 in Santa Cruz
 Message from Yogini Kaliji

D A T T A   J A Y A N T I


The holy day of Datta Jayanti has been celebrated for eons of time in India. There are a myriad of examples to illustrate

the ever-pervading universal trinity that

 manifests throughout creation. 

Perhaps on this day we can re-examine our 3 bodies ~ physical, subtle and causal to see how we can bring them more into balance. 


Become more disciplined in taking care of the physical body with a healthy plant-based diet, regular yoga practice, 

fresh air and proper sleep.

For a healthy mind, implement more positive thoughts and qualities.   Allow the mind to bask in inner calm.

The causal sheath is called the bliss body, ānandamaya kośa.    As we follow dharma, universal and personal duties, we feel the blissful energy flow from our heart.

Ananda, pure happiness, is our natural state of being.     

Daily immerse in meditation to feel inner peace 

pervade into bliss.


As the 3 bodies vibrate in higher frequency,  the universal trinity, sat cit ananda, emerges from within...

with the realization that our soul is eternal, imbued with 

higher knowledge, and resides in absolute bliss.  

Strive to make each day a day to celebrate the energy of Dattatreya residing within you.

As the clouds dissolve, the sun appears.    

Through the control of the mind, the Divine awakens within.


This day is often said to be the birthday of Sri Dattatreya.   

Yet the real meaning of Dattatreya goes beyond birth & death.

The great yogi of yogis, Dattatreya, was the original guru.  Thus, we celebrate the first appearance on Earth as the birth day. The 3-headed deity represents the Divine Self

 as the creator, sustainer, transformer.    

The essence of Dattatreya jnana is to realize the Divine Self residing within in the form of the universal trinity.  


Jai Sat Cit Ananda !   Happy Datta Jayanti.

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TY teacher and Physiotherapist Angelika G�rber from Graz gave 

a 3 day Workshop in Cologne on the therapeutic effect of TriYoga Asanas and Flows from Basic - Level 3.  Over 20 participants enjoyed the TY Flows, during which she shared anatomical 

and therapeutic information, combining practice and theory almost simultaneously.

Nandi traveled to TYC Shenzhen (China) for a 9-day "Anatomy 
in the Flow" immersion.
Kiki traveled to Beijing and 
was interviewed on a popular 
radio show. The host was so 
impressed that she changed 
her day's schedule so she 
could attend the workshop!

John and Stef began a new 
Basics Teacher Training 
in Guangzhou, China, then traveled to India to meet Kaliji.
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Cranberry Orange Smoothie
▪ 1 orange (frozen for a colder smoothie)
▪ 1 cup cranberries
▪ 2 tablespoons tahini
▪ 1 cup non-dairy milk
▪ 1/2 cup water
▪  1/2 - 1 " fresh ginger

▪ 1 tablespoon sweetener (I used maple syrup; you can also add more orange or orange juice to sweeten)  

Blend all of the ingredients together and enjoy!


Join Kelli for an Introduction to Plant-based Diet, a 4 week online program beginning January 6th.  Click here for more information or to register. 


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3 new movies from Senior teachers John & Stef answering your questions.

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