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Solos, Certificates,  
and Ratings

Colton Thelen
Commercial Pilot
CFI Mike Nance

Brian Holland
First Solo
CFI James Williams and Madi Wolf

Daniel Magill
First Solo Flight
CFI Brandon Ramberg

David Washechek
First Solo
CFI Scott Larson

Emilia Barr 
Commercial Pilot
CFI Scott Larson

Eric McKinney
First Solo
CFI Kiley Lynch

Jenny LeCuyer
Certified Flight Instructor
CFI Cameron Hallock

Melanie Miller
First Solo 
CFI Brandon Ramberg

Michael Garner
Commercial Pilot
CFI Scott Larson

Mike Slattery
Private with Multi Add-on
CFI Ben Barash

Toby Gonzales
First Solo
CFI Daniel Quadrochi

Chris Morrison
Certified Flight Instructor
CFI Brandon Hackaday

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December 2018                                   Issue No. 12, Volume 36
Club News
Welcome Our Newest Addition to the Fleet!

Piper PA32R-301 Saratoga at APA
Your new favorite trip plane is almost here!

N84KL is a beautiful six-seat Piper Saratoga, well-equipped with a 300 horsepower engine, Garmin 430WAAS with GMX200 MFD,
 Bendix/King autopilot, and XM Weather and Radio. 

Add in the comfortable seats, ample baggage room, useful load of over 1100 pounds, and over an 800nm estimated range. It is the ideal aircraft to get away with your friends and family!

N84KL is currently receiving a Lynx ADS-B Transponder and interior upgrades, so keep an eye on our website for the grand reveal!

Click here to view the rest of our fleet of high quality, low cost aircraft.
Now Enrolling 2019 Ground Schools!
Taking a Ground School class gives you a solid understanding of the material you need to be a great pilot. Check out these upcoming classes so you can pass the FAA Knowledge Test - all in a casual, friendly environment.
Classes below are for the first half of 2019. More classes can be found on our public calendar
Private and Sport Pilot Ground School 
Centennial Airport (KAPA)
Saturdays & Tuesdays,  2:00-5:00pm & 6:00-9:00pm,  7-Week, Part 61 Course
Centennial Airport (KAPA)
Sundays & Thursdays,  2:00  -5:00pm & 6:00-9:00pm
7-Week, Part 61 Course
Rocky Mtn Metro Airport (KBJC)
Mondays & Thursdays,  6:00-9:00pm 
8.5-Week, Part 61 and 141 Course

Instrument Ground School
Centennial Airport (KAPA)
Mondays & Wednesdays,  6:00-9:00pm 
6-Week, Part 61 Course 
Rocky Mtn Metro Airport (KBJC)
8-Week, Part 61 and 141 Course
Mondays & Thursdays,  6:00-9:00pm 
Holiday Gifting Guide
It's that time of year when we think
about the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives!

We've got lots of options to share the joy of aviation with the pilots, copilots, and future pilots in your life.
  • Gift Certificate for a Discovery Flight 
  • Aspen logo apparel for men and women: hoodies, polos, 1/2-zip pullovers, jackets and more
  • Pilot necessities like kneeboards, foggles, books and charts
  • Logo mugs and keytags
Call or stop by any location to purchase a gift that is sure to put a smile on the face of your favorite aviator!

Gift certificates of any amount may be purchased online at any time.

Rusty Pilot Seminar at APA
Saturday, December 15th, 9:00am
Been out of the cockpit for a 
while? Think you've lost too much  and forgotten everything? Afraid it'll be like starting over? No worries,
 Rusty Pilots will get you back in the left seat fast! 

Here's how to get back in!

AOPA has put together a fun, interactive program that gives you all the information you need to get current again. We will bring you up to speed on hot-button issues like medical reforms, weather briefings, preflight planning, FARs, and airspace. You'll leave the seminar with a logbook endorsement attesting that you've completed three hours of ground training toward your Flight Review. While you're here, connect with flight instructors so you can take the next step and quickly get back to active flying status. 

Follow this link  to register!

A Club Social will follow this event. Stay for the food and chat with club members and CFIs to get excited about regaining currency!
Hot Chocolate Social at APA
hot chocolate_ leaves

With 2019 almost upon us, now is the time to start planing next year's Grand Adventures! So join us on Saturday, December 15th for a Club Social at Centennial Airport.  

There will be a not-to-miss gourmet hot chocolate bar, along with chips, chili, and holiday cheer! Meet old and new friends, learn about what's been happening at Aspen, and find a companion to flight-share up to Leadville with us for the New Year's Eve Luncheon!

This month's Social also follows a great event: the Rusty Pilots presentation by AOPA. Make sure to share some inspiration with some fellow pilots!

RSVP today!
New Year's Eve Leadville Lunch Flyout at LXV

Winter is the perfect time to fly to Leadville! The cold creates a
 higher chance for smooth air and a lower chance of convective activity. So bundle up and join us!

We'll meet at the Leadville Airport at 11:30am, enjoy lunch together in town, then head back home in time for the evening's festivities.

No mountain checkout? No problem! Just call us to get paired up with a mountain-qualified instructor to start your checkout or to join the fun as a dual flight.

Click here for complete details and reserve your plane today! 
From the Chief Flight Instructor

The military, and for a time the airlines, used to require nearly perfect vision in a pilot. Those standards have relaxed somewhat, but clear vision (corrected or otherwise) is still essential for pilots whether they be military, professional or private/recreational.

Our minds drift to the obvious; eye exams, glasses and corrective surgeries such as Lasik, but clear vision for a pilot encompasses much more. A clear windscreen, free of dirt, dust, bugs, and streaks goes a long way toward good vision, or visibility if you wish.

A few minutes spent with plexiglas cleaner and a clean microfiber towel can eliminate what will seem like hours of regret when you taxi into the sun or, worse yet, when you make that first crosswind turn only to discover the streaks on your windscreen make clear vision difficult to impossible. The same is true, although to a much lesser extent, of the side windows. If you have a passenger, a clean window for them to look out of can make a world of difference in their enjoyment of the flight.

We think of vision as what we see, but we can expand on that to include how we see as well. When we look out the windscreen, do we see what is there, or what we expect to see? The difference between the two may be the difference between a near miss, or worse, and an easy avoidance maneuver. Looking for the unexpected is a good collision avoidance technique and a mindset that takes practice and a conscious effort.

Vision also includes how we see the flight, in its parts and in its totality. Here, we are talking about the thought process of being a pilot. Do you get a good look at 'all available information concerning that flight'? (Sound familiar?) Do you look around at the airport and in-flight to make sure the weather briefing you received is holding up accurately? Do you regularly look for alternatives to your plan? Have you visualized what you have to do to ensure a successful outcome to the flight, before you need to do it? By the way, that tactic also works for each maneuver along the way.

I can see the end of the year approaching. The Leadville Fly-out Luncheon is December 31st, weather permitting. Hope my vision holds up and I see you there.

See you around the airport.
Steve Green
Chief Flight Instructor
Aspen Flying Club at KAPA

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