SOWER Ministry Newsletter December 2019
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"....
Thanks to a late November snow storm, much of our country is looking a little bit TOO much like Christmas these days. But whether you’re living in a snow globe or are enjoying sunny days in the 70’s, the pressure is mounting! Is your shopping done? Is the tree decorated? Are the cookies baked? Are the stockings hung? So many questions - and so little time! With all the holiday hustle and bustle pressing in from all directions, let's just take a moment to hit the Pause button, take a deep breath, and really reflect on what Christmas is all about.
"For unto to us, a child is born."
Ah, yes – That’s the Reason for the Season! Wherever THIS Christmas finds you - busy packing for your January SOWER project or hunkered in somewhere cozy for the winter, may your Christmas indeed find that "pause button" as we remember that the God of all creation humbled Himself to become a human being-our Savior, Christ the Lord. Because Jesus was born He could bear our sins with His death, bringing about the abundance of life we enjoy through Him. May each of you rest in the security of the Babe whose birth we celebrate this day. 

Celebrating the Joy of the Season,
Stephanie Conrad, #2509   

Back in the saddle again....
by Steve and Louise Wilson, #2101

In 1999, my wife Louise and I first signed up with SOWERs after meeting a couple at an RV Park in Pasco, WA. We were new to RV’ing and wanted to do something beside JUST travel. This sounded ideal - travel and serve the Lord. Our first project, in 2001, was the Hopi Mission School in Kykotsomovi, AZ - 100 miles north of Flagstaff. What a great experience. We wound up doing basically 4 months there. We helped build a new church/Community Center, helped out at the Mission School and grew to love the Hopi people. In March of 2002, we were in Phoenix at a renovated luxury motel that was now a center for abused and neglected mothers with children. That was an eye opener! Then, on to Chico, CA, to the YWAM center (still a viable project today) working all over the campus there. Once again, what a blessed, fulfilling experience!
Louise’s health had been kind of “iffy” at times so, we decided to take a break from SOWERS and do some work-camping at RV parks and resorts close to Military bases so we could be close to medical assistance for her. We had to finally “...hang ‘em up...” in 2006. For the next 7 years Louise’s health went on a gradual, steady decline until, in Feb. 2013, she was violently ill. Finally, upon subsequent checking, probing and prodding, it was determined she had a 3cm. gallstone. Gall bladder removal surgery was scheduled. But - without going into endless detail here - there were “complications”. Four hours and 45 minutes later, that surgery finally revealed the root cause of her myriad health problems - an internal injury from a long ago biopsy. Following her recovery from that surgery, her health has been great. A-1 across the board! We felt led, earlier this year, to see if SOWERS was still active. It is - God called and has provided absolutely EVERYTHING needed to return. We are in awe of God’s moving and His impeccable timing in everything. We are so happy to be back to work for Him. We are looking forward to seeing and working with our SOWER brothers and sisters. Giving all praise, thanks and glory to God
Our God Story
by Grace Michael #2695
On our way home from our November SOWER project, our tow dolly came unhooked from our rig. But while it could've been a disaster, God orchestrated our protection. It happened when we got off the freeway to find diesel. A man noticed the car weaving behind our rig. The tow dolly was off the tow hitch. Praise God the new dolly chains my hubby had on the tow dolly held the car so it didn’t go down the road by itself. We stopped to fix things and God sent a kind couple to help us get things hooked up again (not easy!). Then they followed us to Camping World (not far away) where we got keeper pins (that had come out) to secure the tow dolly. The car and Will’s bike and our bike rack took some damage (most of which will be covered by insurance), but the rigged was spared any harm.🙂 God is so good! This is our 2nd tow dolly God story! Last time the ball of the hitch came off (near a town) and God sent a mobile RV repairman to help! To Him be all the Praise and Glory!
2019 Was a Very Good Year!
2019 was the year the SOWERs found Roseau River Bible Camp (RRBC). What a blessing to have that help - four couples PTL! Dwight & Carol Martin in May, Dale & Cheryl Curtis and Doug & Jan Nordell in July, and Cam & Betty Clarkson in October.  
There were the usual camp maintenance tasks, and then we also worked full force alongside some professionals, at the new Cyprus Lodge. The main floor of the lodge will be ready for occupancy any day now, however the basement will need much additional SOWER help next year.

RRBC operates on a tight budget, and supplies and materials are purchased only if there is money in the bank, and work proceeds only if there is volunteer help available, or money to hire professionals. We are often reminded by camp leadership and the board that the facilities are only a means to an end – that end being changed lives through a personal relationship with Jesus. The hospitality rule: We are a family and the mantra is, “If there is food on the table, come join us.”

Eleanor & I (project sponsors) live in a condo complex in Winnipeg and commute to camp for the week throughout the summer. Although we do not have parking for RV’s at our condo, we have accommodation for overnight company in our guest suite. Summer in southern Manitoba is very pleasant. Daytime temperatures will reach 30C (US 80’s), rain falls mainly at night, and the sun shines during the daytime. RRBC is 10 minutes north of the US border and one hour south of Winnipeg. 
We would love to see YOU next summer at Roseau River Bible Camp!
Jake & Eleanor Dueck #2441
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Rallies Ready and Open for Sign-ups!
Whether you're an Alumni, a Seasoned SOWER or New to the Family, there's nothing like a SOWER gathering to connect with friends old and new and get recharged about the ministry. If you live in close proximity to a SOWER project, let them know you're nearby! There are often impromptu gatherings of SOWERS happening all around the country all year long! Whether you're camping together or just meeting for a meal at a local restaurant, a SOWER Gathering is always a blessing!  
Mark Your Calendar and Sign up TODAY!
Register: Text or call Ruth Stoll at 727-967-0494 or email at

Looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion!

Bill & Ruth Stoll, Jon & Cathy Richmond, Jeff & Barb Kaiser
2020 Florida SOWER Reunion
Theme: Serve the Lord with Gladness
Florida Baptist Youth Camp (FL-143)
Groveland, FL
Feb 24-26, 2020
Cost: (Cash or check at registration) $70/rig W/E 30 amp; dump;       
Room Rent: $70/couple;  
Walk-ins: $15/couple for one day; $25/couple for multiple days      
Early arrivals: $15/night  
Meals included:
Supper on Monday, Tuesday (Potluck), Wednesday  
Breakfast : Tuesday and Wednesday
2020 Texas
ALERT Academy, TX-410
Big Sandy, Texas

Sunday through Wednesday
March 22 - March 25, 2020
( Date correction from the Sowergram)
54 Full Hook Ups with 30/50 amp
Large pull thru sites 
New for 2020 are 8 asphalt pads for heavy motor homes!

Fun, food, music and fellowship in the Piney woods of northeast Texas.

For more information, or to register, contact Dwayne and Margaret Gearhart #3263      Phone:970/214-4626
$25/night camping fee
If not bringing your RV
$70/night lodging with private bath
$60/night with shared bath

2 lunches at $7/person/lunch          
1 supper at $12/person

Instead of a registration fee, there will be a donation box to cover incidentals. 
Northeast Texas is a natural stopover from winter projects to summer projects, so please plan to join us in March.
June 21-26, 2020 SOWERS will be hosting a booth at the Escapades Rally located in Rock Springs, WY.
Spreading the Word
Any SOWER wanting to help manage the booth and the informational session is more than welcome to be a part of this fun event to help spread the word about our organization. You would be paired with other couples so you would not be running the booth by yourself. We are needing help even partial days/week if you are available. The cost to park your RV at the Rally is your own expense, and details of registration are on the Escapees website. If you need additional information contact Wayne or Gail Fieler at 704-853-2274 or 704-813-0015, or  
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New Project!
Glorieta Adventure Camp (NM-544) in Santa Fe, NM, has just joined our SOWER project family! Watch for more details in an upcoming newsletter, but for now you can check them out in the most recent PLS. They are asking for 6 SOWER couples for March, April, September, October and November. Project sponsors are Jim and Donna Dorrah (3385).
November 2019 AIM SOWER Group
This month's Group Picture is from the November 2019 project at AIM (FL-412) L-R - Lee & Mary VanOs (2392), Charlie & Diane Zaharako (2983), Ron & Jaci Klick (3335).
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Header Photo - Lights of Tejas, Camp Tejas (TX-240), Giddings, TX photo by John Bauer (#3521)
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New Sponsorship Opportunities
We continue to receive requests from ministries asking for SOWER help. Before a ministry can become a SOWER project, they need to have a sponsor. A sponsor is someone who will agree to sign up for a few project months for the first 2 years and promote the project to members. This is an effort to give the camp exposure to how SOWERS work. The following are a couple of the projects that are requesting SOWER assistance:

Psalms91 at the Potters Place - a Pastor and Ministry Worker Retreat Center located in Central, SC
Crossbar X Ranch - a camp with an emphasis on providing an affordable, life changing experience for children from socially and economically disadvantaged homes, located in Durango, CO

If you would be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact me.
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