SOWER Ministry Newsletter December 2021
Dear Friends,
Ah, December! A month of too many parties, too many cookies, too many lines and too many places to be. December is definitely a month that needs its own "pause" button! The Christmas season is often filled with family and fun and happy chaos. But sometimes it's overshadowed with stretched schedules and budgets, not-so-happy chaos, or the recent loss of a loved one. Wherever THIS Christmas finds you - busy packing for your January SOWER project or unpacking your snow shovels - may your Christmas indeed find that "pause button" as we remember that the God of all creation humbled Himself and took on flesh for US! 
Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant,
being born in the likeness of men. 
Philippians 2:5-7

O Come Let Us Adore Him!!

Celebrating the Joy of the Season - Jesus - with you!
Stephanie Conrad #2509
Do you have a testimony or 'God Story' of how you've seen God in action at our SOWER projects during these tumultuous days? We'd love to hear from you! Send your story ideas and photos to me at!
.....that by serving at a project located in central Texas you're "support staff" for a Global ministry? Mercy Ships (TX-366) has just launched the largest civilian hospital ship in the world! Soon the Global Mercy will begin fulfilling her purpose as she sails to Senegal, bringing life-changing hope and healing. Our work may be done in Texas, but the ripple effect of it is felt by the thousands of people impacted by this ministry!
Underserved Project Update
New Update List!
The office has put together an updated list of ministries that have received six (6) or fewer SOWER couples in the last 24 months. Click on the document to the right or the link below to download your copy - or check it out on the Members Webpage (coming soon)!

Time to Update your SOWER Gear?
Ladies Colors
Navy - Pink - Gray
V Neck
Mens' Colors
Maroon - Black - Gray
Crew Neck
Golf Shirts - Blue Only
Ladies - V Neck
Men's - Buttons
Back graphic on all Tee-Shirts. Golf shirt backs are blank.
Looking to get one of the new SOWER Tee-Shirts or Golf Shirts in 2022? Check out this updated order form with all of the colors available! Also available on this form (but not pictured above) are our popular long sleeved denim shirts. Simply print it out, make your selections and send it in with your check (US Funds please) to the SOWER Office.

Nelda Thompson # 3445
Don’t you love it when you find a new useful tool! One project had a paintbrush comb, very useful for cleaning paint brushes. Immediately we purchased one for our paintbrush toolbox. It worked fairly well but some of the tines broke and were susceptible to rust. So, when I spotted this tool had to have it! The tines are thicker and stainless steel. The curved side does a great job of stripping the paint from the roller. This handy tool available at all of your major home improvement stores.
Magic Erasers have come to the rescue on many projects for me. Recently on a project we painted walls a fresh new color. The trim was not on the to-do list but looked marred, scuffed and dirty in areas even after a good washdown. After cleaning the trim with the Magic Eraser, it looked just as fresh & clean as the new paint. The troublesome paint spatters & spots (in spite of painters' tape and drop cloths) removed easily. Those plastic folding tables we often clean look great after a good scrub with the Magic Erasers. When deep cleaning, I use them on accumulated kitchen grease and unknown spots in microwaves, showers, bathrooms, sinks, vinyl and tile floors. I buy them in bulk for projects and use in the rig. (PS - I don't find that the generic brands work as well!) Happy Scrubbing!
The SOWER board is considering the establishment of a new program somewhat like the SOA program but would be designed specifically to provide oversight for larger construction and remodeling projects such as cabins, staff housing, kitchen and dining facilities, etc. This program could be called “SOWER Project Manager” or SPM for short. The program would be intended to offer our Project Hosts individuals capable of the oversight of SOWERs working on larger projects to provide continuity from one SOWER group to the next. The SPM would work much like the current SOA program except that the SPM would have oversight responsibility for SOWER groups coming to work on project. Much like the SOA program, the SPM assignment would be for three to six months and possibly longer depending on the projects. Projects of longer duration could be split between two or more SPMs.
Before the program can be established the Board would need to know from our membership those members who have had project management experience, general contracting experience and/or sufficient construction experience to be capable of construction project management. A list would be compiled of interested and qualified members and then the program could be made available to Projects Hosts considering a larger construction project.
At this point, Trustee Roy Olson will be the contact person for those with questions or interest in the program. There is still time to contact Roy if you are willing to be considered for a SPM assignment should a Project Host request one.
Roy Olson  # 2964
Phone # 503 689 0799
Email :
A Project Sponsor is an active SOWER couple who will sign up for a few project months at this new project during the first couple of years to help the ministry get a better understanding of SOWERs and also to encourage others to sign up.
All new prospective projects must have a Sponsor before they can move forward in the application process. Please contact Dick Howard for more information!
La Canada, CA
Angeles Crest Christian Camp is a beautiful wooded campus located at the 6,000-foot peak of a crest of the San Gabriel Mountains, just an hour and a half outside of LA. We are dedicated to giving kids and adults alike a place to reconnect with nature, make new friends and worship in a Christian community.
Area Rep Needs
A SOWER Area Representative (AR) is a vital part of our ministry. The Project Committee (Vice President and two others) works with the ARs to stay connected to our various ministries. Essentially, the ARs are the 'boots on the ground' for the ministry, mainly checking on existing projects periodically and taking a look at prospective projects.
Currently there are only nine projects that need Area Reps! This final grouping could easily be split into two or three sections.

MD -18 Sandy Cove Ministries
NJ - 3 America's Keswick
NJ - 346 The Pilgrim Academy
NY - 220 Shoshanah Campus
NY - 251 High Braes Refuge
NY - 306 Odosagih Bible Conference
NY - 379 Lighthouse Christian Camp
NY - 284 Sacandaga Bible Conference
PA - 514 Miracle Mountain Ranch

Please contact Dick Howard for more information!
To all our current ARs - Thank you for your faithful service to SOWERs! Let's help each other out as we travel around the country serving our Lord at these various projects. If you are working at a project that is not one of your AR assignments, check to see if an AR visit is due and contact the assigned AR and see if it would be OK to do a visit.
Let us not forsake gathering together....
2023 National SOWER Rally
March 30 - April 4, 2023
ALERT Academy (TX-410)
Plans are moving forward with our 40th Anniversary National Rally scheduled for the weekend between the March and April 2023 projects! We know it's still a long way off, but the committee had its first meeting recently and the excitement is mounting! If you would like to join the committee or have suggestions for activities and speakers, please contact me! I'd love to hear from you!
Gary Conrad (#2509)
Get out your 2022 datebook......
2022 Florida SOWER Reunion
FL-143 Florida Baptist Youth Camp, Groveland, FL
 February 28 - March 2, 2022, Monday – Wednesday

Theme: No Matter What, Trust God!
CLICK HERE for the full brochure!

$15 Registration Fee/couple
$35/night camping fee (30 AMP)
$40/night camping fee (50 AMP)

2 lunches at $8/person/lunch
1 supper at $12/person

If not bringing your RV, call for lodging information.

For more information, or to register, contact Dwayne and Margaret Gearhart #3263

We need a pianist and music leader for the Rally. Can you help? Thanks!
March 27-30, 2022
ALERT Academy (TX-410)
Alert Academy (TX-410)
Big Sandy, TX

Northeast Texas is a natural stopover from winter projects to summer projects, so please plan to join us in March.

Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Brenda, for sharing about your time at Eagle Rock Boys Ranch (AL-507)! Looks like you all had a good month, and the ministry was blessed by your being there!
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Love sharing SOWERS with others?
Join the SOWER team at the upcoming 2022 Escapades Rally located in Lebanon, TN, dates June 19-24. We need several couples to man the SOWER booth and help answer questions at the seminar. Camping at the Rally is paid for by the ministry for couples working the booth. If interested e-mail Wayne & Gail Fieler #3187
2022 SOWER Work Dates
Click on the calendar to download a one page PDF calendar with all of our 2022 project start and end dates.

Group Picture this month - the November 2021 group serving at Center for International Training (CIT), NC-358. Lower Left: Steve & Mim Cook (3770), Lower Right: Kurt & Kay Kidwell (3091), Beverly Bernard (CIT). Top L-R: Dennis & Agnes Drain (3410), Art Reagle (CIT), Steve & Nancy Runyon (3642).
Header Photo - The Christmas Train at Victory Camp - TX-333
SOWER Blog Roll
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Ed & Patty Soltes #1864
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Terry & Alice Burnett #3071
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If you have any questions,
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Dear Sam and Sally,
Now that we have the new 2022 Roster, is it OK to just throw last year’s away? 

Dear Wondering,
Great question! Since the Roster (and even parts of the Sowergram) contains personal information about our members, just throwing these booklets in the trash could open the door to identity theft. While it’s unlikely, there is still that risk. We always recommend that you either shred your old rosters or perhaps throw them in your next campfire. We often keep the current one in our RV and last year’s in our drive-about vehicle. We also like to keep older Rosters to find info on old friends who might not be in the new Rosters. With the new online Roster (available on the Members Site), staying in touch with our fellow SOWERs can always be at your fingertips!

Have a Blessed Christmas Season!
Sam and Sally

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