Volume 12 | December 2020
Mobile Workstation Upgrades, Machine Vision AI Application, Reflecting on 2020, and More...
This year will certainly be one for the history books, but as we close this year out we choose to focus on the positive. We are very grateful for the trust you have placed in us as a company to continue to serve you in these difficult times. We wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful start to the New Year!
A Time for Reflection
What a crazy year! There is not enough space here to dive into all the adversities and yes, the blessings that 2020 has brought us. You cannot fully enjoy summer without going through winter. You cannot fully enjoy the tranquil times without some difficult times, and 2020 was definitely a difficult time.

But being a “glass half full” group, we will focus on the blessings...
Selling the Best Product, Not the Best Margin
When you are in our position, you get offers to resell product from manufacturers all the time. As a company, the EMP Tech Group has had an iron clad rule that we will only sell the best products that are available in the marketplace. For the most part, choosing the best product is easy, they are the ones that our customers use the most and are the happiest with, Zebra, Honeywell, etc. Check out the article below to learn more!
Deep Learning Parts Inspection System
We have worked on many vision projects in the past, but this was our first using the Vidi Deep Learning software from Cognex. This software from Cognex opens to the door to many difficult vision applications that couldn't be solved with traditional machine vision tools. In this application, we used the Vidi toolset to identify missing gaskets components in a sealed package. Check out the solution below!
Adding New Licenses to Bartender
Adding new licenses to an existing Bartender install used to be somewhat straight forward, but with the release of BarTender 2021 that process got a little more tricky. Particularly if you need to downgrade this new license to an older version to keep them all the same. Our service manager, George Hopper, who fields many of these calls, explains the process in the video to the right. We hope this helps you accomplish the license add on quickly and easily. As always, we are here to help, contact us today to see the EMP Tech Group difference!
Mobile Power Keeps Rolling Along
Earlier this year in this newsletter, we asked the question, “Is Mobile Power Now Self Evident”? Meaning that using mobile power carts is becoming so common place in the warehouse and even on the manufacturing floor that it may no longer be necessary to convince the customer that it is needed. Well, the product continues to improve and support the argument for it's necessity in the workplace. Check out Newcastle's latest product upgrade!
Happy Holidays from EMP!