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Mauck & Baker, located in downtown Chicago is nationally known for representing churches, religious institutions, businesses and individuals in religious liberties cases. Our monthly newsletter covers topics relating to religious news and legal information relevant to our practice. Please forward our newsletter on to others interested in religious freedom and visit our website for more information about our work. 
A tale of Christmas past        
December, 2014

With Christmas approaching, the thoughts of many are consumed with last minute shopping, holiday events, family gatherings, and perhaps even the birth of Messiah. Yet, for many Eastern Europeans, this time of the year is significant for still another reason. December 16, 2014, marks the 25th anniversary of the Romanian Revolution. Read more from Sorin Leahu, Mauck & Baker's new associate. 
The influence of Jhan Moscowitz on Mauck & Baker's Bible study  
December, 2014

Mauck & Baker's Bible study is a varied assembly of followers of Jesus who work in downtown Chicago and love to study the Bible. The Bible study has existed for nearly 36 years teaching through the Bible, mostly trying to share the truth of the Messiah with attorneys in downtown Chicago. Read more from John Mauck to learn about Jhan Moscowitz's work in leading Mauck & Baker's study. 
Editor's Note
 December, 2014 



As the year comes to close and a new one begins, we encourage you to start out 2015 by asking serious questions about the direction of your organization and what you have put in place to make sure your mission endures through the currents that can cause other organizations to drift. Read more in the Editor's Note