Happy December Family and Friends,

On the morning of December 1st, I laid in bed and looked out my bedroom skylight to think and prepare for the busy Saturday ahead of me. All of a sudden I saw a shooting star beaming with light that illuminated all the walls of my bedroom. If I blinked I would have missed the remarkable sight. I paused at first to process it's undeniable beauty and then smiled. What an amazing way to commence the month.

For me, Christmas has always been a time of hope. My siblings and I were raised in an impoverished community in Trinidad and I've always reflected on how Christmas lights made such a positive impact and brought happiness and hope to the neighboring families.

Each year on Christmas day I was given a special red apple. It's been a memory that I've reflected on each Christmas season. The gift of an apple was such a treat for me and my siblings. The teachers at Sunday School taught us to remember and be thankful for the gifts we are given in this world. As many of you know that I am a Christian believer and Christmas, for me, represents the ultimate gift that God gave his people; his son, Jesus.

In many religions and spiritual beliefs there are so many stories that show how joy can be received when giving and sharing gifts. It has been an essential part of the Christmas season for me. Although, the best gifts are of the intangible kind: kindness, thoughtfulness, warmth, affection, care and even extra well-spent time with someone.

There are many individuals who are pained and who struggle during this holiday season. It can be difficult for those who may have just lost a loved one, taking care of a loved one who is sick, and those who serve our country and can't be home with their families. My mission each and every year in light of the holiday season is to be a positive presence and provide as many gifts to as many people as I can.

We look forward to seeing you in Allure Spa this month. Each year the Allure team makes it a priority to create special experiences for our clients during the holiday season!

Sandra Ishmael

Complimentary Wash & Style with Any Customized Facial

This month treat yourself to any customized facial and receive a complimentary wash & style with our newest hair stylist, Kalita.

(Limit one per customer. Please mentioned offer at the time of booking. Offer expires 12/31/18).

Complimentary Paraffin Wax
with any
Shellac Pedicure
(Limit one per customer. Offer expires 12/31/18).

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Gift Cards are Available as The Perfect Holiday Gift!

A gift that would be greatly appreciated by the most particular someone. With just a phone call, your Gift Certificate will be prepared immediately – gift wrapped of course! You may choose to pick it up, have it mailed to you, or sent directly to that special loved one. Or, order securely  online  to print or e-mail your gift certificate.

The All Day Inclusive $260 & up- 5.5 hours including spa lunch- Personalized Facial, Swedish Massage, Manicure and Pedicure and Hair Cut/Design Finish

The Ultimate Spa Day $310 & up 5.5 hours including spa lunch- Plantomer Facial, Seaweed Body Mask, French Foot Spa Treatment and Hair Style & Finish

Gentleman’s Retreat $160 & up- Deep Tissue Massage, French Foot Spa Treatment and Haircut

Moms-to-Be $225 & up- Maternity/Prenatal massage, French Foot Spa Treatment, Therapeutic Scalp Treatment and Hair Cut/Design Finish

Before the Day-Bridal Bouquet $290 & up- Personalized Facial, Aromatherapy Massage, Manicure, Pedicure, Makeup Application and Hair Style & Finish

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