News from American Greyhound recapping October and looking forward to November.

November by the Numbers
In November we had 5 adoptions and 4 new lurchers were put into the prison programs

That makes our year-to-date totals 53 adoptions and 43 brought in.
Fall Virtual Auction

Thank you to everyone who donated items and participated in the American Greyhound Fall Auction.  We had 17 people donate 145 items that were placed up for bid.  In the closing minutes of the auction, under a flurry of last second bidding those items raised $6142.22!  Another $795 was graciously donated to American Greyhound during the auction.  In all, proceeds of $6937.22 were raised in the Fall Auction!!  Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to come together in person to raise money for the long-nosed dogs we all love.  Save the date for the Winning Hearts benefit auction currently scheduled for March 27, 2021.  In the meantime, the three online auctions we held this year have enabled American Greyhound to continue to operate and bring in the hounds that need us most.  Thank you to all for your continued support of American Greyhound!!
Freezin' for a Reason

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to start thinking about making that New year's Morning trek to Lake Michigan and taking part in one of our oldest fundraisers. This year marks our 14th annual Polar Plunge and while COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions may have an impact on how we operate this year, it certainly won't stop us from holding the event (and watch for updates on what the actual plans for the event will be. Very likely, the final plans won't become solid until the week of New Years Day).

With the cancelation of many of our fundraising events last year due to COVID-19, participation in this year's plunge means more than ever. The pandemic may have slowed or stopped many aspects of our lives, but it didn't stop the flow of dogs in need of our help.

You can make an impact in an unwanted greyhound's life by signing up for the plunge, raising funds, and joining us New Year's Morning in that icy water. It's the warmest feeling you'll ever experience in freezing cold water!

To join our merry band of Polar Bears, simply go to:

Sign up, create your own fund raising page, share it with friends and family, and before you know it you'll be on your way to making a difference in a dog's life.

Maybe you're not up to jumping in that cold water? You can make a difference as well. Just follow that same link and make a tax deductible pledge to one of our brave Polar Bears. Either way, you'll make 2021 better for a lot of deserving hounds.
Do You Shop at Kroger?

Every year Kroger gives back 2 million dollars to charity. American Greyhound is now a recognized charity and just by signing up on and shopping at Kroger, they will donate a percentage of your grocery bill to American Greyhound. To enroll go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Kroger Community Rewards listed under Community. Click on view details under I'm a Customer. Want to enroll in Community Rewards? Select American Greyhound, Organization Number DT083. When you shop, American Greyhound wins and further enables us to help those dogs in need.
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