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December 2016

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A Few Words from Mary Ellen
Knowing that you are probably getting an earful of Christmas about now, for the purpose of today's communication let's skip right to the New Year.  (BTW - this year Hanukah begins on Christmas Eve so we will skip that as well).

I thought we could spend some time analyzing resolutions.  We all make them.  We all break them.  But, what exactly are they?
To start the analysis I checked my dictionary app on my smart phone.  (Indeed it is not me, but my phone, that is smart.)  Before you can define resolution you need to define resolve.  Resolve: to convert or transform by any process.  Leading us to Resolution: the resulting state.

Clearly then a resolution is the result of a conversion of sorts.  The typical resolution is to lose weight but as you can see by the definition we have the resolve to lose weight and until the process is complete there is no resolution.  I really like this way of looking at it.  Because in reality the ultimate goal may not be the actual outcome so, in that context, we more often reposition our goals than actually attain them.  It's all about the process...not the result.

Caregivers are determined people.  They make commitments and they intend to fulfill them.  They make promises and choices that at the time are true intentions.  A dear friend and caregiver for his wife with MS said to me the other day, "I promised I would keep her at home.  I just don't believe I can give her the care she needs but I made a promise."  Things change in the course of our lives.  We are never sure what the future holds for us.  These changes make it hard to maintain our resolve because we didn't know then what we know now.

I asked my friend if he understood what his and wife's future held when he made the promise. He said he could never have imagined the reality that they are living today.  The process has changed the likely result.  If he makes a different choice it will be based on factors that were unforeseen and out of his control. 

This has been the long way of saying go ahead and make a few resolutions for the New Year.  We can all stand for a little improvement.  But, remember that the end result will likely change as does the process of our lives.  It's not breaking a resolution it is adjusting our resolve!

On that note I'm going to resolve that I will lose weight.  Let the transformation begin!

  Mary Ellen  
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We need your support!
2017 Caregiver Cabinet
January 25, 2017

Join us for a one day trip to our State Capital. This is your chance to voice your opinion about caregiving-related issues and to help educate and encourage our State Legislature to maintain Alzheimer's/Caregiver Respite Funds. This event is free but there is a suggested donation of $25 each person to help cover the transportation and food costs.
You may also download the registration form at 

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Adult Day Care Center Updates
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Caregiver Cabinet
Adult Day Care Center Updates

We wish your family a happy and healthy holiday season. 

Share the Care Adult Day Centers and Administrative Office will be closed the week of December 26th. 
Giving Thanks to Family Caregivers Day
A celebration of #GivingTuesday
Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On November 29, Share the Care participated in Giving Tuesday, a worldwide day dedicated to charitable giving. We hope you enjoyed the pictures we posted on social media.

We celebrated Giving Tuesday by delivering poinsettias to some local businesses. 

STC Board President Mark Abramson sent poinsettias to his co-workers. His donation went toward Share the Care services.

Our Adult Day Centers also celebrated by having poinsettia-themed crafts and events. Caregivers were able to make a donation for a paper poinsettia to hang at the centers with a message to their loved-one.

Clients at STC Winter Springs

Thank you Partners in Healthcare for your assistance on #GivingTuesday!
Caregiver Support Group
Join us for our monthly caregiver support group on the second Friday of each month, from 1:30 - 3:00 pm. The group meets at the College Park center at 1524 Formosa Avenue, Winter Park. Contact us for more details.
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